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  1. bustedstr8

    Buster drops another load

    Tested Working Boards ————————————- $85 Blue CPS2 A-Board - Hold 8bit $85 Blue CPS2 A-Board-Hold BzJedi $100 12MHz Cps1- Sold ThcHardcore $100 12MHz Cps1-Hold Razo $390 Super C $475 Willow $330 Knights of the Round (suicide free Jpn and US regions) $300 Contra $180 Twin Cobra with manual-Sold...
  2. bustedstr8

    50+ HuCards Added-Full Console Bailout -Starting with Laseractive, PCE/Duo, SegaCD

    _______________________________________________ Pease include text# or email if you need pictures. Also please list game names in payment notesPease _________________________________________________ SegaCD $10 Sega Classics w/Echo (no manual) $25 Sonic CD w/manual (cardboard case) $70...
  3. bustedstr8

    All my games will belong to you

    -—————————————————————————————— Pease include text# or email if you need pictures. Also please list game names in payment notes —————————————————————————————— $35 Mint Art of Fighting and Marque, crappy kit box $130 Ninja Commando-Sold Razo $90 ASO2-Sold. Aurance $110 Captain Tomato -Sold...
  4. bustedstr8

    “All Meat no Filler” MVS Sale. 10% off now

    $85 8man Hold for kingau $75 Panic Bomber with Yaton case $75 Cyber Lip $95 MD3 Hold for kingau $135 Andro Dunos Hold for Bean $115 Zed Blade with Shockbox Hold for Bean $145 Ninja Commando $95 ASO2 $120 Captain Tomaday $110 Magician Lord Hold for Dino $375 Matching MS5 Kit $85 Sonic Wing 3...
  5. bustedstr8

    PCB cleanout- Working Konami added

    I will be going through all my pcbs iin the next few weeks and trimming the fat. First up will be any project pcbs. I don’t have the time nor the passion to spend hours fixing this old shit anmore. They will all be sold as is. I will try to give any history on them that I can remember, but it...
  6. bustedstr8


    Ironclad MVS $110+shipping
  7. bustedstr8

    FS: SEGA PAC, LaserActive and games.

    I would take offers for a lot sale on these items just to get it all gone. $14 Sega Classics w/Echo (no manual) $25 Sonic CD w/manual (cardboard case) $85 Robo Aleste (complete) $70 Android Assault (complete) $9 Pitfall (no manual,beat case) $10 Thunderstrike (complete) $12 Stellar Assualt...
  8. bustedstr8

    Mame site

    It seems as the years go by all the good sites with info are dropping off the face of the earth. Looks like Mamedb just went offline too. So...any good sites left that have the usual game info like, rom revisions, memory maps, driver info, yada yada and yada?
  9. bustedstr8

    WTB: Gamecube Twighlight Princess (Done Deal)

    Started playing the Wii version and can't stand the piece of shit. Looking for a gamers copy of the real deal. I'll buy or trade...don't really care either way. Trade bait: Guardian Storm pcb Samsho4 MVS
  10. bustedstr8

    FS: KOF 98, Samsho4, Samsho3, Blazing Star w/ Last Resort Booty

    Blazing Star is $110 shipped everything else is $40 shipped KOF98_SOLD KOF98_SOLD SS4 SS4 SS3 w/ MM -Sold Blazing Star w/ free Last Resort Booty-SOLD
  11. bustedstr8

    FS: MVS Proto Carts Ironclad, Ghostlop, Crossed Swords 2 and others

    I still have a small amount of carts left to build the titles listed below. The condition on most of the carts are fair to well used. I do have a few nice ones left and they will be offered on a first come basis. The prices are $85-$125 plus shipping and are dependant on a few factors like game...
  12. bustedstr8

    FS: Super Street Fighter II X Asia

    Original Battery $190 plus shipping.
  13. bustedstr8

    A Crossed Swords 2 run....

    I have a bunch of superb condition samsho's that nobody wants, so it's time for them to get repurposed. These will all be a clear shell cart only with the label from JNX. No arts, flyers, strips or boxes will be included with this. Some of these came as non matching kits, so if you want the...
  14. bustedstr8

    MVS Prog and Cha general info

    Neo Dev Wiki is somewhat lacking on different board revisions. As people work on different pcbs feel free to add info here and transfer to the wiki. Prog16 ProgTOP ProgGSC
  15. bustedstr8

    MVS Parts, Kits and Carts : The Rot Repost Edition

    $13 MV-LED, MV-LED2 $29 KOF 98(SOLD) (Shittay Cart/Label or no label) $36 KOF 98 (Nice Cart/Label) $9 KOF 99 (SOLD) Free with $50 buy $45 Samsho 2 Kit $35 Samsho Kit $29 Samsho 4 cart $39(SOLD) Metal Slug X (BK1 repair) I also have lots of mismatch Prog and Cha pcbs that I can use to repeair...
  16. bustedstr8

    CPS2 Grey A board converter ?

    I found this board with the extra 96 pin connector jammed in the hole. I'm not very familiar with all the region layouts for CPS2 and have no clue what this thing would "convert".
  17. bustedstr8

    WTB: Metroid Fusion //Found\\

    Looking for a gamer cart.
  18. bustedstr8

    FS: MVS Games ---The Protos--- Ironclad, Ghostlop, Bang2Busters, Diggerman, Zintrick

    $95 Ironclad $85 Ghostlop, Bang2Buster, Zintrick(No Music) $79 Diggerman Prices plus actual shipping. These will be made to order and should ship within a week. If you have a preference on cart shell color let me know and I will try to accommodate it.
  19. bustedstr8

    Question for the old timers.... you really give a shit about trader feedback anymore? I will usually toss a feedback to the newer guys getting started out, but if I'm trading with the old established members I could care less either way if I get or leave feedback.
  20. bustedstr8

    FS: A Hodge-Podge of negected console shiat

    A bunch of random stuffs after some organizing...I may add some odds and ends later. Prices + Shipping $39 NES Garage w/ 15 games (pic below and it's fooking heavy 7-8lbs) $HOLD$ $20 PCE 1943 Kai $SOLD$ $220 Coryoon (SOLD- No...