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  1. MegaGraffin

    WTB: Original Arcade game marquees (plexiglass type)

    Just like the thread title says, I'd like to pick up some original arcade marquees-the thicker/plexiglass type. They don't have to be in perfect condition, but at least nice condition in their original size (no significant fading or major cosmetic problems). While I don't have a cab at the...
  2. MegaGraffin

    Nintendo Red Tent Questions

    I'm planning on checking out a local red tent this weekend. I'm not overly familiar with them. Is there anything special I should be looking for when I go to check this one out? Seller says the monitor has some slight burn, sound and power are good. Controls are fine. The outside looks...
  3. MegaGraffin

    Can't access the forums other than on my phone

    Everything was fine until Wednesday. Now ngf wont load on my pc. Anyone else having this problem? Switched to chrome.. Same problem
  4. MegaGraffin

    Aero Fighters 2 MVS cart w/shockbox & insert--EVERYTHING SOLD!!!!!

    I have other stuff listed in the ZDTF, but here's the Neo Geo MVS stuff. I only ship in the US and will only take Paypal gift. All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING!!!! See other thread for more info, but here's what's for sale. Link to other thread is here...
  5. MegaGraffin

    FS: Dreamcast, Saturn, and 360 games/console

    Well I'm getting out of the arcade scene for now. I need some money and I don't really find myself playing my games any more, it's just become a collection...So now is the time to sell some stuff to people who will play it and enjoy it as I have in the past...Or just hoard it away. Your...
  6. MegaGraffin


    Is anyone else playing this? It's out for the consoles and the PC. I'm playing on PC and this is a really fun game so far. I'd have to say I highly recommend it. Has a talent system, good questing system where multiple non-grouped people can work on the same quest at the same time, just fun...
  7. MegaGraffin

    The NEW SimCity on PC

    Is anyone else playing the new SimCity online? What are your thoughts? I've only played SimCity on SNES/Wii VC. Seems I've missed a lot in between then and now.. :lolz:So I'm not a pro or anything but the new release is pretty cool, but almost too much customization for a noob like myself...
  8. MegaGraffin

    SOLD!!!! Donpachi pcb!!!!SOLD!!

    **SOLD!!!*** I'm interested in performing a trade with my Donpachi pcb. I believe it's the International version I have (bought it from DrKitty on Ebay a few months ago). Works great. Shipping will be via USPS with delivery confirmation. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks. Here are...
  9. MegaGraffin

    FS: Sega Genesis-Thunderforce III & Sega Saturn-In the Hunt (JP version)

    For sale I have a bit of er'thang here. I can take more detailed pictures of any item if you like. Shipping is only in the US but is included in the noted prices. Everything works well and the details of each item are as described. I only accept paypal gift(unless I know you). All items...
  10. MegaGraffin

    ***FOUND****S-Video cable for Sega Saturn!!!!!!

    I need the S-Video cable for my Sega Saturn. If you have one, please let me know and I'll pay a high price!!
  11. MegaGraffin

    WTB: MVS Pulstar

    Looking to buy the above listed game in good condition, good original labels (serials intact if they are supposed to be there), and obviously only legit boards. Let me know what you have. Thanks!!! P.S..With shockboxes and inserts is a major bonus!!
  12. MegaGraffin

    What's wrong with my JammaGenesis??

    I bought a JammaGenesis around 2 years ago. At the time I had a NAC and it worked nearly perfectly...Got rid of that cab, and got a BC. On the BC the JammaGenesis worked, but the picture was really dark. I had someone else test it on their E2(in May of this year) and they said it worked just...
  13. MegaGraffin

    Art sets...Where to get them?

    I'm looking to add some basic art sets (1 Large regular sized marquee flyer and corresponding move strips) to my new cab. I know I've run across sites with high res scans that you can simply print at Kinkos and they look pretty good. I'd like high res scans of the art, not simply someone...
  14. MegaGraffin

    Focus Attack surpassed my expectations! Awesome**

    I had never really even heard of them until recently. I thought my only options in the US were Lizard Lick (lots of bad feedback about them and I don't they exist anymore), Amazon (where the prices are jacked up)or the Paradise Arcade shop in Hawaii (who I've emailed twice asking questions...
  15. MegaGraffin


    If anyone has one and is willing to sell it to me, that'd be great. Let me know!! ***FOUND ONE***Thanks for all the help everyone!!
  16. MegaGraffin

    SOLD!!!!!HRAP VX SA for Sale-Xbox 360***Basically unused***SOLD!!!!

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For sale I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro Vewlix Edition w/Sanwa controls. It has maybe 5 hours of play on it. I'm not even sure if it's that much. This is in as much "like new" condition as it can be. I basically used it maybe 3 times after opening it and it's sat on my...
  17. MegaGraffin

    ALL SOLD!!!

    :-JEverything is working well to the best of my knowledge. All games will be tested prior to shipping. Shipping is included in the price, and only in the US. Paypal gift payment is preferred. ******Potential games I'm interested in trading for:******* PCBS: Boogie Wings, some cool...
  18. MegaGraffin

    MVS Collection SELL OFF! EVERYTHING w/Shocks/inserts..EVERYTHING IS SOLD OUT!!!!

    :-J:cool:I love all of my MVS collection, but have a different purchase I'd like to fund, so I'm selling all of my arcade related goods until I reach my target amount then whatever is left is off the table. Until then, nothing is safe. Everything goes. I hope it goes fast..Fast like a GT-R...
  19. MegaGraffin

    Wanting to buy a new Candy Cab but not sure what's available (or really what I even want)

    Figured I'd post this in here. I live in the midwest (MN) and am just checking to see if anyone is considering selling one of their cabs and would be willing to ship. I don't really have the money to be buying one straight out at this time with shipping but am toying with the idea of just...
  20. MegaGraffin

    MegaGraffin's Collection

    Since this is a such a cool new edition to the site I couldn't help but participate. It feels like a brag thread, but fuck it. I don't care if people are bragging who have cool shit. Anyways, I haven't been in the arcade scene that long (first experience was buying a NAC from coinopstore on...