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  1. nork69

    FS : Neo XYX AES ***SOLD***

    Hi everyone ! here is for sale Neo XyX aes In my eyes it's in really good condition. Price is shipped to Canada and Usa. I'm open minded to ship anywhere, but I'll do a quote before. 975$usd shipped Payment via paypal Friends or + 3% If you are in Canada, etransfer would work well also.
  2. nork69

    WTB : Metal Slug aes 3 or/and 5 jp or us

    Hi everyone, as title says, if you have something in good shape, please pm me with price and pics. Have a nice week end !
  3. nork69


    Hi everyone ! Long timen no see ! I'm looking for a nice cart with holo label of Metal Slug 3. If you have one, please pm me ! Thanks
  4. nork69

    FS : MVS SS5 sn : 000141 Box and move list

    To the one who need this, or another person who want it. 60 $ Shipped
  5. nork69


    Hi everyone as title says all work flawlessly 375usd$ paypal+ freight
  6. nork69

    About super neo 29 cab sound adjustment

    Hi everyone, long time no see. Is there a knob somewhere to adjust sound on a superneo 29 cab ?. I used it with shmups and not with neogeo mobo. It's probably an easy question I'm asking, but there is maybe something my eyes dont catch. Thanks
  7. nork69

    WTB : atomiswave zd diode

    Hi everyone one, I'm looking for ZD diode on the aw mobo. Is there a place I could buy? I connected my jamma connector, not the good side, I test the board, everything is fine but zd7 is not ok.
  8. nork69

    WTB : Mushihime sama PCB

    Well everyone, as title says, I'm looking for this pcb. Thanks
  9. nork69

    Sega Naomi universal info needed

    Hi everyone I have a SNU cabs, I understand the faq about the monitor is VGA only. Is there a way to play other game thant atomiswave and naomi on this cab? I have tried other pcb with rgb to vga adapter and nothing on the screen. Am I missing something ?
  10. nork69

    WTB : Ketsui igs cart

    Hi everyone, as title says, if you have one, please pm me. Thanks
  11. nork69

    WTB : Dreamcast to Jamma

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a Dreamcast to Jamma box or adapter. I would like to play with the joystick of the arcade and not with the dreamcast controller. VGA output. Is someone have something for sale ? Or is ther a place I could buy this ? Thanks
  12. nork69

    FS : PC ENGINE DUO-R Bundle

    Hi everyone here is for sale PC-E Duo-r bundle it include what you see on the pics. Notes : Everything is working Both CD game are reproduction PCEWORKS Console has 2 upgrades : 1= switch JPN or USA hu card reading, 2= RGB or A\V output SOLD! Yes I can ship to usa and canada Sorry for the...
  13. nork69

    FS : DDP DOJ BL IGS PGM Cartridge (SOLD)

    Hi everyone, As title said, here is for sale my DDP DOJ BL pgm cart. It work flawlessly. 180$ Shipped. Usa and Canada, other please contact me. Paypal+4% Thanks
  14. nork69

    WTB : Tracking motor for Sega CDX

    hi everyone Like title says I have some problem with my CDx. After a good check with tech guy, we conclude that the tracking motor is dead. Is there a place I could find one? Is there a place it could be repaired ? Or should I stop now working on this ? Tell me what you are thinking about it...
  15. nork69

    FS : MVS Carts (GMOTW, Pulstar and others)

    Well, it's time for me to turn the page on some good things of the life So here is for sale my last mvs cart. Every cart got original PCB inside them. Blazing Star - SOLD Bust a Move 60$ Metal Slug 3 - SOLD Andro Dunos - SOLD Pulstar (replacement Shell/label) -SOLD Magical drop 3 - SOLD...
  16. nork69

    Close Thread

    Hi well it's time for this Here is for sale my NITD Oem board with nice shell and custom label Open to offers ! Paypal only Thanks for watching
  17. nork69

    Raiden 2 pcb, graphic problem (SQUARES !)

    hi everyone, Well to be honest with you, I don't really know where to throw myself with this problem. Like you all know, a picture = 1000 words so here: I'm not an expert, I start the game and after around 15 sec, ship, bullet and moving object become colored squares. I touch the 5...
  18. nork69

    Restoration REALLY useful tool

    Hi everyone, I would like to share with all of you this ''thing'' that really help me in the past This is a really easy welding kit, powder and liquid. YOU CANNOT IMAGINE HOW IT WORK WELL Not expensive and it weld close to everything I try it on a monitor bezel, my atv helmet and even the...
  19. nork69

    Arcade cab shipping

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure where to post my thread, but it'S related to the arcade. I ordered some cab in the past with bad experience at reception. (bad crating...) I just take some pics about how I ''crate'' the last cab I shipped. Buyer got it, flawlessly.
  20. nork69

    WTB : Sega Saturn Castlevania - Symphony of the Night

    Hi everyone, as title says I'm looking for that game. Pm me your offer Thanks