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  1. MidnightMonkey

    PS2 Bullshit

    Want to get rid of these. $100 shipped.
  2. MidnightMonkey

    PS-IO - Playstation Development Tool

    I haven't seen talk of this on here, so I figured I'd post about it. I've been following this device for the past year and some change. Pretty nifty. Plugs into the Playstation expansion port (like Gameshark or PAR), accepts SD cards, and loads disc images/ homebrew code in particular formats...
  3. MidnightMonkey

    Analyzing MVS Cabinet Audio for Upgrade

    So I've been getting into audio engineering pretty heavily the past few months. Built a new system for my car, budgeting out materials for building some new towers and a center for the livigroom, and now I want to figure out how to modify my Big Red for better audio. I'm sure that someone here...
  4. MidnightMonkey

    What's Your Favorite Platformer?

    I've always been exceptionally fond of good platformers, especially of the 2D variety. I grew up on the NES so I guess maybe nostalgia has a lot to do with it. I have to say some of my all time favorites are: Kirby's Adventure Tomba! Joe & Mac Braid Klonoa DKC
  5. MidnightMonkey

    MidnightMonkey's Spring Cleaning Sale

    NOW ENTERTAINING PRETTY MUCH ANY OFFER (EXCEPT FROM MUPPET). I NEED THIS STUFF GONE! Prices are shipped CONUS. You know the deal. PayPal gift or +%4. Info sent upon request. SOLD:
  6. MidnightMonkey

    Sega Saturn Rhea Comprehensive Guide

    You guys get it here first. At the other end of the link is a slapped together mess of a Word document with all the info I could find on the Saturn Rhea install and setup. I had a little difficulty finding what I needed on, so out of frustration I figured I'd...
  7. MidnightMonkey

    WTB 4-Slot Cab Side Art Stencils

    Or if you have a set I can borrow. Jasen decided to ride on a boat with a bunch of men and I can't find quality ones anywhere. I won't settle for decals on my personal cab, but I have a second one that I'm working on so they would be good for that ;) PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY...
  8. MidnightMonkey

    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future Appreciation Thread

    Hey look, we can all do random 80's Shit Appreciation Threads I might have been the only one that watched this but it was so badass.
  9. MidnightMonkey

    Sega handheld tech/sourcing questions

    Número Uno: I have a Nomad that I recently recapped and replaced the LCD. It works great, but I'm having an issue with the A/C jack. When it's wiggled even slightly the damn thing powers off. Does anyone have a DigiKey part number for these? Or a source? I've never been good at identifying...
  10. MidnightMonkey

    An Apology?

    I wanna start of by saying I suck. I came here earlier this year headstrong on becoming a solid member of the community. I started some work on art for MVS stuff, two cab restorations, and caused a couple arguments. Since then I kinda drifted away. I started working a new position at work which...
  11. MidnightMonkey

    A New Style of Shockbox Inserts

    As some of you know, I have somewhat decent Photoshop skills. When I'm not working all through the night for the man, I'm usually creating things. I love just how massive the canvas is for Shockboxes. Makes designing for them MUCH easier since you don't have to worry too much about scaling...
  12. MidnightMonkey

    Fargo Season 1

    Didn't see a thread on the search so... We're my wife and I the only ones watching?? I thought the whole season was nicely done. The finale seemed almost perfectly 'Coen Bros.' Thoughts??
  13. MidnightMonkey

    Need opinions on a purchase

    So here's the deal. I'm about to go pick up another 4 slot next week that needs a lot more work than the one I already have. It'll either go to a friend when I'm done fixing it up or it'll be used in a local retro gaming store. That's not the issue. The issue is the guy also has a Battle Shark...
  14. MidnightMonkey

    Another Big Red Resto Thread!

    Here's the skinny: I got my sexy Big Red 2 weeks ago. I was, admittedly, a little torn as to whether or not I should even go through with a restoration as there wasn't a whole lot 'wrong' with it. After playing a few rounds of SSIII though, I started to get nit picky. I'm a little [k, a lot]...
  15. MidnightMonkey

    WTB/Borrow Paint Masks

    So, Jasen is out of MVS paint masks. If anyone has a set they could sell/loan me, that would be amazing. If we go the loan route, I'll pay for shipping both ways fo sho.
  16. MidnightMonkey

    MVS Cabinet Paint (A Discussion)

    So, I took the advice of many of the members here (and elsewhere) and purchased the Bher Grenadine paint in eggshell enamel from Home Depot for my resto project. I probably should have taken a piece of the original vinyl with me, because when I returned home and checked the color against the...
  17. MidnightMonkey

    WTB: MV-IC and Port Plate

    So that sums it up. I'm in pretty dire need (ok, WANT) of a functional MV-IC [the headphone/ memory card board] and the plate that goes with it for a MVS-4-25 Ver. 3. I'm trying to go all original on the inside and these would definitely help!
  18. MidnightMonkey

    WTB Joe & Mac Arcade PCB

    I don't know if anyone even remembers this little gem from Data East, but if anyone ever comes across the board (or has it), I'm willing to buy it ASAP. It'll probably never happen because I've never seen it for sale ANYWHERE, but I can dream!!! They had it at the arcade connected to the skating...
  19. MidnightMonkey

    Hello Miss Lady

    So, I got off to a pretty rough start round these parts. Now that I've been granted perms by the all mighty forum gods, I guess it's time to introduce myself and this fine redhead I picked up yesterday. She's a little rough around the edges, but we all are. I've waited the better part of the...