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  1. RevQuixo

    WTB Goldstar 3DO (GDO-101M)

    Hit me up if you got one to unload..looking to modify one with a 240p switch and RGB.
  2. RevQuixo

    SSDS3 V1 Replacement Program is up
  3. RevQuixo

    Audio Breakout RGB Cable - SSDS3

    If anyone is looking to keep their RGB mod functional and use the CD Audio through the SSDS3 I recommend this audio breakout cable from @Arithmaldor on twitter. It properly grabs the audio from the SSDS3 and the video from the console. Very professionally made with multi-core cabling and true...
  4. RevQuixo

    Terraonion Support Forum up!
  5. RevQuixo

    Terraonion Support Forum up!
  6. RevQuixo

    FS: THQ Nordic 15 dollar tier humble key for PS3/PS4

    for 10 bucks..forgot I already had it from last time. Probably US only.
  7. RevQuixo

    PSA: Multicarts and Everdrives may be destroying our hardware This is a major bummer. Not sure where the Neo SD stands, but it looks like most 161-in-1s are pretty well garbage. (and most of the ever drives out there could be problematic).
  8. RevQuixo

    Amiga CD32 w/ SX1 - Clueless as to what to do

    So I picked up an SX1 about a decade ago for my never used Amiga CD32 (NTSC version) and I do not have a keyboard and mouse so I don't know if the thing works at all and before I start spending money on it (buying a keyboard, mouse, scart cable, replacing the HD with a compact flash), I'd like...
  9. RevQuixo

    FS: Forza Horizon 3 VIP Pass

    Got burnt by Target with their base game misprice, but they still charged me for the VIP Pass. 15 bucks paypal and it is yours...delivered electronically.
  10. RevQuixo

    Component cables for SNES & Genesis Seems pretty cool. In stock now (after being sold out since June)
  11. RevQuixo

    Sold: Nvidia GTX 960 2GB GDDR5 (referencemodel - blower)

    Just replaced the video card in my alienware X51 with a 1060. Don't need the old card any longer...Less than a year old, not a whole lot of wear (didn't OC' it). Uses a 6 pin power connector. $100 shipped OBO.
  12. RevQuixo

    Annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday Pick-up Thread.

    Best Buy w/ Gamers Club Unlocked: PS4: Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition 15.99 Toy Soldiers War Chest: Hall of Fame Edition 15.99 Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin 15.99 Dishonored Definitive Edition 11.99 Batman Arkham Knight 19.99 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited 19.99...
  13. RevQuixo

    Free Stem Codes: Contagion (x3), Abyss Odyssey

    Contagion: 2MVKF-YWDCY-L02R7 L0G5E-QN03Z-822GI GB6TG-QN96Y-JI3RK Abyss Odyssey: J9805-BWBHD-G9B4T Insurgency: 02CT0-MZ27M-BITIE Men of war: Assault Squad: 96NHE-HWBDP-VCEWD Blackguards: RII3L-TGCEC-TGZEY Talisman: Digital Edition TJ459-4BFDH-Z85IN Talisman: Frostmarch Expansion...
  14. RevQuixo

    FS: Digital Sly Cooper Theieves in Time & Lego Movie Videogame Vita codes.

    5 bucks each, both for 8...Paypal only...will email codes.
  15. RevQuixo

    Retro City Rampage Limited release physical Vita game Probably won't last long. Snap it up collectors.
  16. RevQuixo

    PSN Flash Sale! Almost a hundred games, under a buck each (NA Only)!/en-us/flash-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-9_FLASHSALE15ALL Go forth! (Yes it is only 78 games, not almost a hundred...but who's counting?)
  17. RevQuixo

    Crazy cheap new Vita games at Best Buy (Amazon pricematching)

    Freedom Wars, The Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, God of War Collection, at 15 bucks. Many others too at blowout Cyber Monday prices Linky
  18. RevQuixo

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday / You're a horrible person shopping on Thanksgiving thread

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition PS4 15.99 (Best Buy with Gamers Club Unlocked) Infamous Second Son PS4 15.99 (Best Buy with Gamers Club Unlocked) LEGO Marvel Superheroes PS4 11.99 (Best Buy with Gamers Club Unlocked) Sunset Overdrive XBO 30.39 (Best Buy with Gamers Club Unlocked) Theatrhythm...
  19. RevQuixo

    Free Game: Insurgency (Steam) 3 copies *all claimed*
  20. RevQuixo

    Gamers Club Unlocked $30 bucks this week at Best Buy (with 39.99 game purchase)

    Normally it is is 120 bucks for two years of discounts. It gets you 20% off on game purchases and other discounts. I would usdually get my new stuff from Amazon, but I just picked up Shadow of Mordor on PS4 for 47.99 (58.03 on Amazon) at the same time as I picked up the gamer club...