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  1. NeoEsZ

    LF: Armored Core Games (PS2)

    As the title suggests, I’m looking for complete Armored Core titles on the ps2. Just finished project phantasma on ps1 and am looking to keep going. I don’t own any of the titles right now, so shoot me a DM with what you have, condition and how much $$$ you’d like. Thanks y’all!
  2. NeoEsZ

    My Gameboy Advance collection on eBay GameValueNow has all these loose carts right around $1,000. 40+ games in this lot, including Mario titles, RPGs, a couple import titles and even a couple complete games. Lots of nice cases as well.
  3. NeoEsZ


    Found! Thank you!
  4. NeoEsZ

    WTB: Japanese Dreamcast Fighting Games

    Hey all, I don’t collect much these days but I feel like I keep coming back to Dreamcast fighters and I’d like to have a few more on my shelf. I wanted to drop a line and see if anyone out there is looking to unload some import fighters on the Dreamcast on the cheap or a reasonable price. So...
  5. NeoEsZ

    Petition for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 & 3 HD Remaster

    Hey, I just saw this shared on another forum and signed the petition. As of right now over 22,000 people have signed. I'm just sharing this because I love both Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3. Probably won't make a difference, but why not try...
  6. NeoEsZ

    NVM got it

    Looking for a cart of Martial Masters! Let me know which region you have and your asking price. Thx! :multi_co:
  7. NeoEsZ

    Using video projectors for gaming

    Does anyone have any experience using a video projector for gaming? If so, can you share any tips you might have for getting low latency and a decent picture? I’ll be playing a combination of HD stuff like Nintendo Switch and older systems like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn via the...
  8. NeoEsZ

    FS: Everything but especially these video games (also art books and manga)

    Hey all. Unemployment and CARES check are both in limbo, but that's OK because I have all these games to sell you. :mr_t: I tried to price everything out using GameValueNow, PriceCharting and, in some cases, eBay (ew). If something seems a little high, let me know. Similarly, if you think I've...
  9. NeoEsZ

    All sold, nothing to see here

    Hello - Selling off a couple things that I've had for a while. Prices include shipping to continental USA. I prefer PayPal/Venmo. Not looking for trades at the moment. Let me know if my prices are way off as this stuff is pretty hard to find/gauge and eBay prices seem insane/impossibly high...
  10. NeoEsZ

    A free gift with every purchase... SALE

    :multi_co: Here's the deal - I'm looking to sell a lot and do it fast. I've held out for 2 years but it's time for a second car in the house - sharing one isn't cutting it. But don't worry, this isn't out of desperation. I've been meaning to make a new sales thread for months, I promise. I...
  11. NeoEsZ

    New MacBook Pro owner; what are your apps/tips for a first time user?

    Title says it all. Just copped a 13" MacBook Pro (2019 model) and not much else. I plan on getting a magic mouse asap, but wanted to know if any of you had pointers, useful accessories or worthwhile apps to recommend. Thanks! :multi_co:
  12. NeoEsZ

    Vending at a game convention for the first time tomorrow. Any tips?

    Hey all, selling a massive chunk of my collection at MoGameCon in Missouri tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips or pointers for someone who has never tabled before?
  13. NeoEsZ

    SOLD: PC Engine Core Grafx II with Super SD System 3

    Hey all, looking to sell the following as a bundle: PC Engine Core Grafx II Console with matching controller and 3rd party A/V cable and AC adapter (most likely Sega brand) Super SD System 3 comes with the original box and a 32 GB microSD card. I believe the board is the first revision (I got...
  14. NeoEsZ

    FS: Neo Geo MVS Carts with Shockboxes, mostly English labels

    ALL games come with shockboxes and inserts. Labels are original and English unless stated otherwise. Prices are before shipping. Priority given to lots. Paypal or Venmo is preferred – please add the % so I don't incur the fees. I'm happy to take more pics on request. Thanks everyone! Fatal...
  15. NeoEsZ

    FS: Stuff for most systems, imports, books, lots of games

    Selling a ton of stuff, some old, some new. Prices don't include shipping, but I'm ready to move this stuff out so let's make a deal. Looking for payment via Paypal or Venmo, send as gift or add a few bucks to cover fees please. I should have pictures for everything, but if you need any more...
  16. NeoEsZ

    WTB: GBI Gameboy Interface memory cards

    Can someone make me .gbi GameCube memory cards so I can play GBA either through the Zelda XPro GameCube HDMI adapter or through Framemeister using component cables? I don’t own a Wii and I’m don’t think you can make these GBI memory cards any other way. I’m using the 007 Agent Under...
  17. NeoEsZ

    FS: Stuff for most systems, N64, GC, PS1/2/3/4, PSP, GBA, Dreamcast, ETC

    Selling a ton of stuff, some old, some new. Prices don't include shipping, but I'm ready to move this stuff out so let's make a deal. Looking for payment via Paypal or Venmo, send as gift or add a few bucks to cover fees please. I should have pictures for everything, but if you need any more...
  18. NeoEsZ

    SOLD: New Neo Geo Mini International

    Got both the International one and the Japanese one and just going to keep the Japanese version. $100 SOLD!
  19. NeoEsZ

    WTB: Japanese PS1 console and J-PS1 games if you got 'em

    As the title says. Looking for a Japanese PS1 system - can be any model really. Looking for a clean unit. Don't need the cables or controllers but will take them if you've got them. Also, if you have some Japanese PS1 games that you're looking to shed, send me a list with prices. Complete is...
  20. NeoEsZ

    What are the best arcades and game shops in Japan / around Tokyo?

    Hey all, Some of you might know already, but I'm getting ready to go to Japan for the first time. For the first three days we're staying in Akihabara, then our band is going on tour for a week or so, we'll be in these areas: Aug. 25 in Sangenjaya Aug. 27 in Nakano Aug. 28 in Yokohama Aug. 29...