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  1. NexusX

    Pokemon Prices WTF

    A number of years ago I bought a complete copy of Pokemon Crystal on the Gameboy Color for my wife as a nostalgia gift. Her first pokemon game she played. It was something like $60 back then in a random game shop I found it in. Didn't really think that much of it. Found it in in a box today and...
  2. NexusX

    SamSho VP English Neo Cart Available Yet?

    Hey all. Just wondering something. I know the SamSho V Perfect Rom has been dumped and put on a cart. My question is has it been put onto a form with Full region support yet? With English text and JP text options?
  3. NexusX

    Gonna be in Northern Virginia this week.

    I plan on being in the Northern part of Virginia this week. Any good place to play some Neo Geo games in the area?
  4. NexusX

    2 Slot MVS Board Game Select Not Working.

    Hello all. So I have been having problems with this 2 slot cabinet for a while and can't seem to nail down why the game select function won't work. Hardware test shows both "Select Up" and "Select Down" working. Triple checked the harness and it is just fine as well. When I place 2 carts in...
  5. NexusX

    WTS: MVS Kits (pics added)

    Update: Added pics Hey all, Have a few MVS Kits for sale here that I am looking to get in a new home. 1. SVC Chaos kit $300 OBO (Sold) 2. Aero Fighters 2 English kit $210 OBO 3. KoF 98 English kit $160 OBO May add a few more once I verify what else I have. US shipping only. Sorry...
  6. NexusX

    Audiobook... What have I got myself into?

    Been listening to Lord of the Rings Audiobooks lately. I really do enjoy the world of Middle Earth. Although whenever I read (or this time listen) Tolkien's work... It is just always written like a textbook. I always think it will be better every few years I read Lord of the Rings. But it never...
  7. NexusX

    SOLD Art of Fighting 2 AES

    SOLD! I have an English copy of AES Art of Fighting 2 for sale. Complete and in decent shape. $130 Shipped OBO (US shipping only)
  8. NexusX

    "Neo Geo" to "NeoGeo"? When/Why the Switch?

    I have noticed that all the new Neo advertising and branding has been using the "NeoGeo" (with no space). Compared to the old "Neo Geo" (with the space). Any idea why and/or when they made this change? Close as I can tell is that the new one does have a Trademark Marking on it so I assume that...
  9. NexusX

    WTS (Eng AES) Art of Fighting 2 + other things

    Hey all. I have a copy of Art of Fighting 2 English version available. It is complete with Cart, Case, and Manual. Looking to sell it for $115 + shipping. I also don't mind some trades for some other AES and MVS games as well. AES games I am looking for * Ones I am more interested in Art of...
  10. NexusX

    New Distillery Sanitizer Smells Delicious!

    A few days ago I I grabbed one of those Hand Sanitizers made by Vodka distilleries. In a Liquor bottle and everything with just a different label... But DAMN does is smell like delicious booze! Made from 80% Alcohol by volume. Obviously it's a formula not ment for drinking... But it still makes...
  11. NexusX

    WTT AES Viewpoint for other AES games

    Hello all. Recently I aquired a US AES copy Viewpoint (Case and Cart). This one I enjoy but I would rather get some games I would play more often that cost less. I am looking to trade with someone a few lower costing AES games for my copy of Viewpoint. I will post more pictures if requested...
  12. NexusX

    Remakes/Reboots You Want

    Here in isolation I got to thinking about what older games I miss playing. I was thinking of some series that are effectively dead. One that I miss was The Legacy of Kain/ Soul Reaver. The story was surprisingly deep even with all of the crazy time traveling loops and stuff. And even the...
  13. NexusX

    SamSho II Dedicated Neo Cab? Ever Seen One?

    Has anyone ever seen the dedicated Samurai Shodown II "We're Not Worthy" cabinet? I have never seen any in person only the ad flyer.
  14. NexusX

    Anyone know what this PCB does?

    Bought this out of pure curiosity. Looks like it changes the P1 somehow. No idea what it actually does though. Anyone have any experience with this thing?
  15. NexusX

    Thinking of doing an AK47 build.

    I was thinking of buying a Romanian parts kit and building an ex-service AK in 7.62x39 (7.62 Soviet). Was gonna just pay the premium for the pre pressed and headspaced barrel. Just need to deal with a few rivets after that because I found a pre built receiver. Anyone know how how hard these last...
  16. NexusX

    WTB 2 slot MVS Board Shroud

    Hello all. I am looking for buy a metal shroud cover for a MVS 2 slot board. Doesn't have to be the best looking. Wouldn't mind just buying an entire 2 slot parts board if the price was right as well. Thanks for the read.
  17. NexusX

    Replacement CRT Chassis off Amazon?

    Anyone ever try these? Atomic Market Universal Replacement Arcade Monitor Chassis 25" 27" 29" CRT I have a few good tubes that just have completely bad boards. Was wondering if it is worth getting this as a replacement...
  18. NexusX

    Pac-Man Cocktail Cab Underclass Replacement Art

    Hello all. Just picked up a cab as a gift for my Father-in-law. The guy was looking for a cocktail Pac-Man cabinet. So I found this at a great price and had to pick it up. This one was the 20th anniversary version of Ms Pac-Man. Back to the question at hand though. Anyone know of a place(or...
  19. NexusX

    CPS2 Phoenix ROM Changes

    Just had a question about the CPS2 Phoenix process. I know they change ROM Chip data out on it. But my question is. How much of it? 1, 2, 3 Chips? Or the whole set is needed to be swapped?
  20. NexusX

    Finished 1B Board Top Loading Mod

    So a few months ago I found a PCB board that lets you wire up a 1B board for a top loader position. Tested it out on a board I had and it seems to work great. Thought it would be a fun mess around project. I removed the old connectors, took a solder pump to clean out the old connector holes...