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  1. DeadPixels

    WTB a couple of Atomiswave Boots

    Hey guys, I just recently snagged an Atomiswave mobo and I'm looking for a couple of games to break the hardware in with to see how I like it. I know AliBaba and AliExpress still offer boots for a pretty reasonable price, but waiting for EMS shipping is always a drag that I'd rather avoid...
  2. DeadPixels

    WTB Street Hoop MVS (Found, thanks.)

    Looking to buy Street Hoop for the MVS. US seller preferred. Got one you're looking to get rid of? Shoot me a PM!
  3. DeadPixels

    Anyone want a City of Steam beta key?

    My site has been partnering with Mechanist Games to promote their new Steampunk-themed browser based MMORPG, City of Steam. I have a ton of beta keys to give away for the closed beta which just went live today. If anyone wants a key or few to share with friends let me know and I'd be happy to...
  4. DeadPixels

    FS: Panzer Dragoon Saga (Price Reduced)

    I'm looking to sell my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Fantastic game but I haven't touched it in years. Time to send it off to a good home. Looking to get $280.00. Shipping is an additional $8.00. I always ship priority mail with insurance. Thanks for looking.
  5. DeadPixels

    FS: Strikers 1945

    I have a Strikers 1945 PCB for sale. Looking to get $100.00 for it. Shipping is $10.00, the game will be shipped USPS Priority with tracking. Thanks for looking.
  6. DeadPixels

    FS: Mark of the Wolves Japan AES (SOLD!)

    Hate to let this one go but I'm having some car troubles and could use the extra cash. The game is in very good condition with no sunfade. The game was gently used but has the expected insertion marks from regular use. I'm looking to get $500.00 USD + 4% for Paypal fees. Price does not...
  7. DeadPixels

    Blazing Star Score Thread

    I'm pretty rusty but this is my personal best. Made it to the stage 4 boss with Windina.
  8. DeadPixels

    Gaming Roundup 1/15

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted this week. Hyper 64 Samurai Shodown 64- Every time I pop this back in my cab I can't believe how much I enjoy it. I really want to track down Warriors Rage to see how it compares. JAMMA Strikers 1945- the high score thread got me to pop this back in the...
  9. DeadPixels

    Black Lodge: The Twin Peaks Game

    I know there are quite a few Twin Peaks fans on the boards who might get a kick out of this. Black Lodge, an Atari 2600 style game has been released as a free download for PC and Mac platforms. I haven't downloaded it yet, but having watched Fire Walk With Me the other night, I'm in the mood to...
  10. DeadPixels

    Bought my first lightgun cab last night (HOTD)

    A couple of weeks ago my buddy who is an arcade operator told me he had just bought another operator's route in town. Among the gems he got in the buy was this monster, which I had to take off his hands. The medium res monitor is nice and bright. Everything looks really sharp. The only issue...
  11. DeadPixels

    FS: Matrimelee US AES (SOLD)

    I'm looking to sell my copy of Matrimelee. The game was purchased new from the Neostore about four years ago. The game is in very good condition, with very few insertion marks. The only cosmetic issue on the case is a slight, thin, blemish on the bottom right of the case. Looking to get...
  12. DeadPixels

    FS: CPS2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Raiden DX PCBs

    Looking to get rid of a few PCBs I don't play much anymore to fund a new cabinet purchase. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US region, board only)- Bought this a couple of years ago from the user Scott. Game works great. Looking to get 140 shipped. Raiden DX- This is the 1996 revision that uses the...
  13. DeadPixels

    A friend of mine just released his debut album today (chiptune goodness inside)

    A friend of mine released his debut album digitally today and I thought I'd share it here. Ser Flash is a chiptune composer as well as the host of "Bullet Heaven", an online show focusing on shmups. The album's sound is definitely some quality music to blast aliens to bits with, and I think...
  14. DeadPixels

    IC: Naomi bundle, Project Justice, WWF Royal Rumble, Capcom I/O (not mine)

    A friend of mine is gutting his Naomi setup to make room so he's putting the guts up for sale. He has a Naomi 1 mobo, Project Justice, WWF Royal Rumble, Capcom I/O, and Capcom harnesses he is looking to get rid of. I'm not looking for the setup myself, but figured someone here might be...
  15. DeadPixels

    MV-1-25 glass and bezel measurements

    A friend of mine is looking to replace the monitor glass and bezel on his 1 slot and needs the measurements. Does anyone know the exact measurements he'll need for each of these? Thanks in advance.
  16. DeadPixels

    Inspired by Shawncarr20: Deadpixel's free forum site

    After reading Shawn's post I figured I may as well extend the invitation to anyone who was looking for another forum to frequent. Typical gaming forum with a love for the classics, everyone is welcome, retards included.
  17. DeadPixels

    IC: Neo Gold cab (DE/PA/MD area)

    A friend of mine who runs a local arcade shop is looking to sell off a Neo Gold cabinet for a pretty good price. If anyone is interested in picking this cab up locally he is willing to sell it for $320.00, the cabinet is located in Newark, Delaware, just over the Elkton Maryland line and a...
  18. DeadPixels

    CPS2 "C" screw removal question...

    Today I was talking to a friend of mine who is an arcade operator and he was telling me he wanted to get into CPS2 battery replacement. However, he was unsure what to use to remove the "C" stamped screw in his CPS2 boards. I had never noticed the screws myself until taking a look at my SFA3...
  19. DeadPixels

    WTS: IRobot Dirt Dog Robotic Shop Sweeper (Price Lowered)

    Recently I purchased a lot of 2 Roombas and have no use for one of the ones I received and decided to toss it up here in case anyone else wants it. Up for sale is one IRobot Dirt Dog, it's a shop vacuum that sweeps, can pick up wood debris, scews, nails, and whatever. It's heavy duty and good...
  20. DeadPixels

    Interest check: Garou: Mark of the Wolves JPN AES FS

    Well, it's about that time again to grab another cab. I'm thinking of parting with my Japanese Mark of the Wolves. The cart is in very good condition, with the usual insertion marks but overall looks great. Case, manual, and baggie are all in great shape. I can provide pictures in the morning...