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  1. neo_moe

    WTB / WTT Replicade Tempest + Centipede

    Long shot, I know. Anyone have these they want to sell or trade?
  2. neo_moe

    Where do you guys buy your sticks 'n buttons?

    SSIA. I'm pimping the shit out my A1Ups and gonna class up them bitches real nice.
  3. neo_moe

    WTB: Empty Xbox 360 cases

    Just want to get some clean blank cases for some disc only games I have. I'd prefer they be clean and original so I figured I'd ask here first, but worst case scenario I can go to ebay and roll the dice since I guess I don't really care that much. :D I think I need 8 cases.
  4. neo_moe

    For LoneSage - Autumn Pics

    @LoneSage - here you go. I figured I wouldn't put these in the pic thread since I am not in any of these pics - I figured the pretty scenery alone was enough natural beauty for ya' handsome mug would just be an overload.
  5. neo_moe

    SOLD: The Greatest Neo Geo Game Ever Made....

    Maybe the greatest game ever.... All gone! (for now...) Paypal friends + family (because I want to be your friend :eye::eye:) Sold Samurai Spirits 4 Japanese AES - $300 + shipping League Bowling Japanese AES -$175 + shipping Fire Suplex Japanese AES -$75 + shipping Pictures
  6. neo_moe

    Pokémon Cards

    So my kids want to get Pokémon cards...I never played with cards as a kid so I have no idea where to begin. I took a look on Amazon and there are like a million different sets. Any recommendations on where to start? All I know is they want cute cards like Pikachu and Squirtle.
  7. neo_moe

    Black Friday 2020

    Sooo...anyone looking to get some useless crap they don’t need? I know I am. Aside from some random toys for the kids, my wife wants an iPad Pro, pencil and keyboard. I don’t expect there will be material savings on anything Apple...but we’ll see I guess. For me personally the only thing I...
  8. neo_moe

    Somebody make DevilRedeemed a birthday thread ASAP...

    ...for I am not worthy of such a monumental task!
  9. neo_moe

    Wallet Recommendations

    Last wallet I bought was probably from Marshall’s for like $10...but after abusing and stuffing it like George Constanza for a couple of years I could use a new one. Someone at work suggested a Ridge. I took a look and seems too small to me...but what do I know? Anyone have one? Thoughts...
  10. neo_moe

    You are walking down an empty alley at night when a stranger grabs you from behind and...

    places a gun to your head. “Ninja Combat or Sengoku. Choose one now! Or die!” What do you do? And why?
  11. neo_moe

    Dollfuckers help me out - WTB NECA Ninja Turtle figures

    I know this is kind of a long shot but what the heck. Looking for all 4 turtles (the cartoon version ones) and maybe some other figures. The only ones I have so far are Rocksteady and Bebop. Thanks!
  12. neo_moe

    What is the point of Apple TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast etc.? Do I need one?

    Basically I just want a tv for my kids play room where they can watch stuff like Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max etc. I think pretty much all TVs now are smart couldn’t you just download those apps directly to the TV? I think the only one that might be problematic is HBO Max because I know...
  13. neo_moe

    Finally!!!!!! Hotshot Racing (Switch, PS4, Xbone, PC) 9/10/20

    This game looks awesome. Fooking 16 tracks. $20 but it’s 20% off on the eShop if you preorder for the Switch. Need to decide if I want to get this on Switch or Xbone. Normally i’d go Switch, but been thinking about getting a wheel for the Xbone - which could be awesome for this game!
  14. neo_moe

    Batman Gotham Knights (PS5, Xbox Series X, PC)

    I’m a sucker for these games. Looks rad.
  15. neo_moe

    N64 Wrestling Games

    Some of the most fun I had gaming was back in college with 4 player Mario Kart, Smash Bros and of course wrestling games. It’s been so long but I think we only played the WCW ones...I think World Tour and Revenge. Thinking of getting a wrestling game again. Probably will get Revenge. But I...
  16. neo_moe

    Guys - Rgt85 says now is the time to get into GameCube collecting!

    Sooo... Of all the all the gaming stuff I have i’d have to say my GameCube collection is my nicest. The GC was out just when I graduated college and got my first “good” job so I bought a ton of stuff as it came out and bought it all new. Pretty much everything I have (consoles, accessories...
  17. neo_moe

    What are your big time homecarts you still want that are somewhat attainable?

    So ya I’d like Metal Slug and Blazing Star but that won’t happen...even if I had the money. For me I have most games I want, but i’d say there are 3 “expensive” grail games that i’d like to (and could) buy: Last Blade 2 Real Bout Special Real Bout 2 I guess these aren’t super big tymer but...
  18. neo_moe

    In the market for a new iPad...too many choices...Pro any good?

    So right now I have a very first generation iPad that is basically being used to watch videos while feeding a baby. Time for an upgrade...definitely don’t want a mini but trying to decide between the standard, air or or pro. The price differential between the basic and air isn’t too much so...
  19. neo_moe

    The old non-folding 2DS

    So I have a 3DS XL that seems to be broken. The damn thing just won’t charge. I bought a charger off eBay and it worked literally once and now it won’t charge again. Now there is a chance it’s the charger, but I highly doubt it. I could go buy another one but honestly probably not worth...