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  1. ggallegos1

    FS - Complete Front Loader NGCD + Stray PS5 + Taito X55 DataNet + more

    I'll tell you where you can shove it :devilish:
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    Weekly Roundup

    Is it good?
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    Weekly Roundup

    SNES Super Bomberman Final Fantasy V - no progress, just grinding out job points Switch Gunbird 2 - I suck at this game GBA Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - another playthrough of this one, haven't played it in 10+ years. Xbox One Halo CE - on mission "Keyes". Fuck the library.
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    What records are you listening to tonight?

    No pics, but before we left for the weekend i was playing the Dark Souls trilogy on vinyl, those themes sound phenomenal and remind me of the kickass battles in the games themselves. Just need Bloodborne on vinyl and I'll be set.
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    Happy Birthday skate323k137

    Happy birthday!
  6. ggallegos1


    Pre-ordered the PS4 version from NIS America , looks pretty good
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    What popped your gaming cherry?

    We had a hand me down NES from a cousin who had moved on to the SNES. I loved it and played it to death, even though my neighbor had a SNES and i couldn't imagine why my system couldn't have the same graphics. We moved straight from the NES to N64 when it released and i didn't get the SNES until...
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    SotM January 2023: Gunbird 2

    Probably the most frustrating part is when later levels get hectic, and medal chaining becomes the main cause of deaths. Its difficult for sure, and I'm not too sure if i should just focus on survival or rack as many bonuses as i can before the inevitable end.
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    Weekly Roundup

    PS5 Crisis Core - beat this one, many tears were shed by my wife Xbox One Halo MCC - Halo CE - co-op playthrough with the wife, we've only played reach together so it will be interesting for her to see the main series. SNES Final Fantasy V - just for Ifrit and a fire ship, going to crescent...
  10. ggallegos1

    SotM January 2023: Gunbird 2

    ggallegos1- 1-3 - Tavia- Switch - 271,400
  11. ggallegos1

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    This company is trash
  12. ggallegos1

    SotM January 2023: Gunbird 2

    I only marginally increased my score. I find that chasing the magical head and medal chaining are my most frequent causes of death. I'm definitely having fun with this one, Tavia is my go to for speed and power
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    Bitmap Bureau bringing Battle Axe to MVS/AES

    Didnt even know about this game until this thread, glad it's out and looks like a purchase for me for sure
  14. ggallegos1

    SotM January 2023: Gunbird 2

    ggallegos1- 1-3 - Tavia- Switch - 234000
  15. ggallegos1

    Inferior 16 bit HDMI console w/ teh piracy SOLD!

    I was really hoping for the Mega NT since my preorder isn't gonna ship for probably a year.
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    Happy Birthday, Atro

    Happy birthday!
  17. ggallegos1

    Happy Birthday JoeAwesome

    Happy birthday!
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    SotM January 2023: Gunbird 2

    Ditto, i have it on switch but may end up buying it for PS4 just to play on a cabinet without the lag
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    Happy Birthday gusmoney

    Happy birthday!
  20. ggallegos1

    Voultar MIA?

    I blew his spot up aggressively on one of his tweets, that got his attention pretty quick to the chagrin if some of his followers