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  1. Phoenix Down

    DS Lite now available at Walmart and Target?

    It looks like from a few reports online that Walmart and Target have broken the June 11 street date for selling the DS Lite...
  2. Phoenix Down

    First Review of New Super Mario Brothers is out I'd say they liked it. :)
  3. Phoenix Down

    WPA Encryption and DS Lite/WiFi Adapter?

    In all the DS Lite news I haven't seen whether or not it will support WPA encryption? Or does the WiFi Adapter support it? I live in the middle of a city so I really don't want to turn off encryption or switch to WEP if I can help it.
  4. Phoenix Down

    Review for Megaman Maverick Hunter X for PSP 8.1 from Gamespot. You know, I probably shouldn't buy this since it's another Capcom rehash, but the Megaman whore in me will probably end up getting it. At least this way I can clean all the dust off my PSP. :p Capcom could...
  5. Phoenix Down

    Has Megaman Anniversary Collection for the GBA been Cancelled?

    Neither Gamestop nor EB is even listing it anymore. Last time I checked it said it was coming out February 15th. Capcom doesn't have it on their site either... :crying:
  6. Phoenix Down

    Pre-Registration for Otakon 2005 (Baltimore, MD) now open

    Just FYI to anyone who wants to go. The dates this year are August 19-21, and they're limiting the number of people to 22,000. Pre-registration has only been open since Friday and they've already had over 3,000 people register. :eek:
  7. Phoenix Down

    Xbox LIVE Gamertag

    Hey all, I've finally gone to the dark side and picked up Xbox LIVE, even though the two games I want to play most with it aren't out yet (SF 3rd Strike and KoF 02/03). My Xbox LIVE Gamertag is OrochiMaster. Mostly right now I'm playing OutRun 2 and Burnout 3 but I've also got NFL2K5, Crimson...
  8. Phoenix Down

    Weekly Gaming check for week of 7/18

    Didn't see anyone post this so here goes: PC Planetside Unreal Tournament 2004 PLAYSTATION 2 Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Betatest XBOX ESPN NFL2K5 GAME BOY ADVANCE River City Ransom EX
  9. Phoenix Down

    Weekly Gaming check (week of 6/6)

    Didn't see anyone post this yet, and I'm always curious as to what everyone here is playing, so... PC Planetside GAME BOY ADVANCE Mario vs. Donkey Kong XBOX Rallisport Challenge 2 GAMECUBE Metroid Prime
  10. Phoenix Down

    MS5 MVS doesn't work with Unibios in a 4-slot?

    Hi all, I just picked up Metal Slug 5 MVS and every time I try to play the game it just keeps resetting back to the unibios splash screen. No matter what I do I can't even get to a Playmore/Neo Geo logo screen. I'm using Unibios version 1.1 in a 4-slot USA cab. I realize that MS 5 came out...
  11. Phoenix Down

    SvC Chaos AES no sound???

    Well, I finally took the plunge and picked up the homecart. Unfortunately I've tried reinserting the cart about 50 times and still either can get no sound or usually garbled sound. The graphics appear to be perfect however, as I've played several matches and had no other problems with the...
  12. Phoenix Down

    Gamecube Soul Calibur 2 Joystick issues...

    Well, I've tried 2 different PS2 to Gamecube adapters for my Hori PS2 SC2 stick and I can't get either one to work with the joystick no matter what I do. I've tried the Gamestop one <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> and the Cube Joybox...
  13. Phoenix Down

    Drawing new sprites --> huge cost issue?

    This is something I've been curious about for a while now. I've heard numerous people state that SNK/Playmore cannot redraw sprites every year for game series (KoF, FF, AoF, SvC) because it would be too costly. Basically my question is does drawing new sprites REALLY cost that much? You'd...
  14. Phoenix Down

    How to beat '95 Rugal and Saisyu?

    Well for some reason KoF '95 is the last KoF I've finally gotten around to. Anyway I think I've figured out patterns with Saisyu, but how the hell do you beat Omega Rugal? Any tips? I've heard a lot of people here state that they feel he's the hardest boss of all the KoFs, but after searching...
  15. Phoenix Down

    Looking for member Helly...

    Does anyone know what's going on with him? The last post he made here was on April 17. I sent him payment for some items a while back and haven't heard anything since. Does anyone know another address/email I can reach him at??? Helly/Adri, if you're reading this PLEASE respond to my...
  16. Phoenix Down

    Constant Test Mode on 4-slot?

    Recently I've begun having problems with my 4-slot cab, namely that it keeps going into Test mode on boot and I have to reinsert the carts. I've just spent a half hour with numerous different carts and configurations of them, including having as few as one cart plugged in and as many as 4, all...
  17. Phoenix Down

    Looking for MVS carts

    I'm looking for any or all of the following on MVS...I don't need full kits, loose carts are perfectly fine (US or JP), as long as: 1) the games WORK 2) the games are NOT boots Crossed Swords Ninja Masters Super Dodgeball If anyone has some of these they'd be willing to part with let me know...
  18. Phoenix Down

    Anyone ordered from

    It appears that they've got a number of MVS carts I'm looking for, but I really haven't heard anything about them. Also, some of their prices seem a little high as well. Any thoughts? There's a bunch of MVS games I'm looking for but the only group I've ever bought MVS carts from is...
  19. Phoenix Down

    MVS Cab keeps going into Checkered Screen

    Ok, I've got a 4-slot upright cab that I switched some carts out, and now I can't get the system to boot no matter what carts I put in. I've pulled carts in and out about 20 times and the only thing I get each time I turn it on is the checkered screen for the test mode. Any ideas??? I'm...
  20. Phoenix Down

    Overrated or well damn deserving: Devil May Cry (The original)

    Well I FINALLY got around to playing this game. I really wanted to like this game, I really did. This game could have been one of the greatest games ever IMO except for 1 small problem, 1 medium problem and 1 big-ass problem: SMALL Capcom always seems to have a hard-on for recycling stuff...