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  1. Rori

    Japan trip, what should I look out for?

    It's from this movie called Outrage, it's got a young, Evil Shigeru Miyamoto in it
  2. Rori

    Japan trip, what should I look out for?

    Be wary of those Yakuza bars!
  3. Rori

    Samurai or Ninja

    Samurai How much weed were they smoking when they believed they had magic ninpou and shit. Samurais were gangster af, basically one of the ruling clase of Feudal Japan or something since the Emperor/Ruler was merely in name while the military mostly controlled everything else.
  4. Rori

    What you eat after you've been ill

    To feel pho-king better! The hot broth with the fat in it, the noodles, it's easy to chow down on while the warmth helps me breathe better which always is an issue when i'm sick.
  5. Rori

    Mysterious Holofoil Sticker on my KoF 98 AES

    Hey guys, something that's been bothering me on my KoF 98's AES snaplock box is this silver holofoil sticker that has two chinese characters with a P in between. I'm just really curious about the origins of this sticker. I'm sure it's just some Taiwanese/Chinese distributor of Neo Geo wares back...
  6. Rori

    CRT Fetish Thread

    I've received the last piece of the puzzle: a Bandridge scart switch that finally arrived yesterday! I still need to calibrate it (probably) but i'm just happy it works. My BVM-20F1U on my AES revision 3.5
  7. Rori

    General price of all things Neo Geo

    If i've got a tight income, does this mean i've got a tight AEShole? I hope that isn't some kinda summoning-spell for dvdxsploitr
  8. Rori

    Group Buy: Bandridge Scart switches and male to male scart cables - ROUND 2!

    p.s. so much drama over a $30 switch. is it that hard to to scrounge up that much dosh for a thing? even someone like me was able to find enough pennies for it! ya done messed up, skinny.
  9. Rori

    How do I hook up a BVM-20F1U to video game consoles?

    Hi there CRT techies, I have a really simple question; what is the way that I hook up a BVM-20F1U to video game consoles, such as the Neo Geo AES via SCART to get the best picture out of it? My current Sony T.V. has a 5x S-video switch so i'd like to have a SCART switch so I can have multiple...
  10. Rori

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    Trade secrets, no can do! I still need PCB shots, and to visit a laundromat and find a Big Red "in the wild" so to speak, along with get interviews. It's a slow process man... I don't even know how to do the intro I wanna do... Honestly I don't even like the footage I have, it looks so...
  11. Rori

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    Hiya guys, I'm looking for a copy of MegaMan 2 for the NES in good condition, hopefully for less than the $23-25 shipped prices that i'm seeing on feeBay. I'm just looking for a better deal on the game... anyway please let me know and send some pics so I can send some cash. I got a Mega itch...
  12. Rori

    Blue Tint MVS?

    Hiya again, What does it mean when an MVS is outputting color in a Blue Tint or tone, similar to this picture?
  13. Rori

    How to wire sound for MV1B?

    I'm doing research on what exactly i'll have to do to get my MV1B ready, i've decided to go with SuperGun'ing it but the thing I don't understand is sound. From what i've read, if it's hooked up direct to a T.V., it will more than likely blow out the speakers. I believe I read I have to solder...
  14. Rori

    FS: AES - NOS - JPN Samurai Spirits 2

    I won't be BS'ing you guys, but I am flipping some New Old Stock of the JPN ver of Samurai Spirits 2 for the AES. I know you guys aren't idiots so I'm pretty sure you can find out who I am on eBay pretty easily, but i've got 100% Feedback. They're brand new, sticker-sealed. I'm looking to get...
  15. Rori

    Neo Geo AES game housing swap?

    I'm sorry if i'm creating too many threads, but this is a question I've been wondering. I'm going to be receiving a game that isn't in the best condition, but is on what i'd consider the more expensive side of my fledgling collection. The game is a bit scuffed up and has a major gouge. The game...
  16. Rori

    Supergun Enclosures?

    Hiya, I've just bought a Neo Geo MVS MV1B and i'm piecing together all the stuff i'm going to need to be doing to consolize it. But instead, i've decided to make a Supergun to connect to it. I was wondering a lot of things like how do people find good enclosures for their Superguns, and...
  17. Rori

    WTB: King of Fighters 98 AES

    Hiyas, I'm looking for a copy of King of Fighters 98 for the AES, ideally, complete. I know that I haven't got an established trade history but I'm looking for a copy around the low $100-125~ area. I know its a bit of a long-shot since i'm offering less than whats being sold on eBay but if its...
  18. Rori

    WTB - AES Shockboxes

    I've just gotten into AES collecting and have started picking up cheap, loose cartridges on eBay, and am working up the food chain. I expect to hit a price ceiling pretty fast but anyway that's beside the point -- i'm looking for some AES Shockboxes to put some of the games i've picked up in...