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    Betsy DeVos praises Jim Crow laws Betsy DeVos thinks black colleges were founded as a way to offer choice to black students during the Jim Crow era, rather than the reality that they were founded because segregation...
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    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    There's an even easier way to add the full library:
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    The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic

    In honor of two of our longtime members Ki Atsushi/LWK let's have a Trump Supporter topic in this section. If you are a Trump voter/supporter, are you currently happy with the job the President is doing early on? What challenges would you like him to meet? How do you envision the next four...
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    Are the reactions to Trump winning rational?

    I've never seen anything like it in my life. People threatening to kill themselves because Trump won. People telling me that anyone who voted for him is a misogynist, racist, and everything else. I know people who voted for him that are not those things, they just did not believe in Hillary...
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    DK's selling thread (things to be added over time)

    Ok let me just get the basic information out of the way first, I'm looking to downsize my collection overall. By how much, I have no idea, but I'm going through the individual systems slowly to see what I do or do not want at this time. More will be added over time. All prices listed are...
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    FS: Neo Geo CDZ SOLD

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    New Banner?

    Probably means the Slashchat thing which is viewed the way WCW viewed this back in the day... :tickled:
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    WTB Contra Hard Corps & Castlevania Bloodlines Genesis

    Looking for either...preferably complete. Thanks.
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    WTB: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and other Wii games

    No longer needed, thanks!
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    This week in Islam: 8 yr old bride dies on wedding night, if from sex

    Bok's Palestinian gathering had nothing to do with the children. I found the real poster.
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    12 years after 9/11

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    FS: Final Fantasy XIII & XIII X-2 sealed (Xbox 360)

    US buyers only. Both games are sealed. FFXIII is the platinum hits release, and XIII X-2 is the regular release. $18 shipped each, or take both for $32 shipped. If paying via PayPal, add 4% for the PayPal fee. Gift payment accepted if you do not want to pay the 4%.
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    WTB: Select PS1 titles

    Any title listed can be greatest hits or black label, but it needs to be complete, and in good condition. -Crash Bandicoot 1-3 -Dino Crisis 2 -GTA 1 -GTA 2 -Resident Evil 1-3 (looking for RE 1 Director's Cut) -Ridge Racer -Ridge Racer Revolution PM if you have and want to sell. I will add...
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    FS/FT: Grid 2 PS3

    Dealt in an offsite transaction. Nothing more to see here, keep moving.
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    Can't get into chat

    Not sure if anyone else is having problems. Chat was lagging quite a bit this evening. I closed out and went to go back in, and have not been able to get back into chat at all. It never loads. Can we get a fix?
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    Can the Kiwi be prosecuted?

    Serious question. I know all of his lame efforts are illegal according to law. And is he truly a Kiwi? Zeljko Aksentijevic sounds like he should have been hanging out with Slobodan Milosevic and the rest of the war criminals.
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    WTB Dreamcast games

    Looking for these 6 titles currently. US copies would be preferred but am open to the JP copy on any of them. -Tech Romancer -Dynamite Cop -Zombie Revenge -Crazy Taxi -Crazy Taxi 2 -18 Wheeler PM me with price/condition if you have any of these.
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    Wii U pricing announced ($300 or $350)

    Whose buying one? A Mario game is supposed to launch with the system. It feels too soon for another system to be released given how underwhelming the Wii was.
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    PS1 Cotton

    Are the Cotton titles released for the PS1 worth getting at all? I never played them, looked at a video of Cotton on YouTube...seemed to be standard horizontal fare. Not sure if these were must play.