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  1. Gabrius

    Difference between Japanese & Asian versions?

    So I'm about to place an order on Play Asia for Eschatos and Bullet Soul, and notice there are 2 versions Bullet Soul available: Asian Version Japanese Version Both are NTSC-J, so either will work on my Japanese 360.... I'm just wondering, besides being the Asian one being $25 cheaper, what...
  2. Gabrius

    Mushihimesama Futari 1.01 code - any way to obtain?

    I puchased the LE from Sofmap Akihabara, and didn't realize it was used until I got back stateside - it was in impeccable condition.... but missing the DLC card. Is there any way to obtain this anymore? What am I missing out on - is it even worrying about? :help:
  3. Gabrius

    Radiant Silvergun themed 360 stick

    When I found out RS was getting released on XBLA, I was so hyped that I needed to make a stick to play it on. This was my 1st stick mod, whatchya guys think? Aside from the cosmetics, I did a spring mod on the stick for more responsiveness. Learning how to do a stick mod helped...
  4. Gabrius

    New to the Neo Geo videogames high rollers elite club ^_^

    YES - I can finally make my own threads!! So, I finally did it a few weeks ago - I got my 1st arcade cab. What else but a MVS-2 would be as fitting? I have wanted a Neo-Geo FOREVER, I remember as a child just knowing that it was something unattainable. Sure, the console might have been a little...