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    Unique Arcade Only Titles / or can't be emulated at an enjoyable level

    Sonic Arcade is emulated about as well as any other System32 game... That is to say with minor grafix glitches and screen studders. I used a Suzo/Happ USB trackball to play it, tripple buffering must be disabled and the analog control/mouse options must be enabled for it to work properly.
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    Blast City Club

    I would buy one too, but it states it 220v input only... So a step up WOULD be required in USA. Its not that steps ups/downs are expensive (Amazon has one listed right now for 25$) but the idea... People are buying this to simplify/remove a box/psu, only to add another (this time more ugly...
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    Interesting Article on PowerPC (Wii/Gamecube) and Delayering PCBS for hacking...

    I worked for IBM (BTV fab) for 9 years, spanning early 2004 to mid 2013. In that time I made more PPC's (Wii/Apple) then I can count/remember. A few of the goodies I have remaining from my days with big blue... This shit was only given to the team/group manufacturing the Hollywood/Broadway...
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    The mother of all boots, Puzzle Bobble 2

    I liked 2X best, but its basically the same thing as 2 with minor changes (and only on Taito F3 system)... So disregarding X revision, I 100% echo awbacon's opinion of 2/4/3/1! BTW, I got a real (blue) cart with intacted serial number/holo label and mini marquee from Ebay... 110$ including...
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    Massive Taito Vewlix Order

    So with out revealing too many details... I was reciently approched by someone looking to import a large number of Vewlix-L machines. I only presonally know of two places to get them... Coinop Express and Guangzhou dayibai Animation Technology. Now I know to beware of Coinop under normal...
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    Blast City Club

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    New England

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    Two 20" Sony PVM (20M4U) monitors in CT I've been sitting on this for a while, but I finally decided its.. A) Too far to drive. B) I've already got too many CRTs in this apt. I've emailed with the seller, he was willing to go 25$ less than the listing if I took both FYI.
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    WTB: PS1/SNES Games/MVS Mini's

    *Found* In the Hunt (USA PS1) Thanks Splitt442! Castlevania Chronicles (USA PS1) complete Kirby's Dreamland 3 (USA SNES) loose cart *Found*Samurai Shodown 2 (English) Mini Marque Thanks wyo_vr4! Blazing Star (English) Mini Marque Metal Slug 3 (English) Mini Marque PM me with condition...
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    I received today...

    Stone Age Gamer recently started selling something called a BitBox for NES/SNES. I was curious, but couldn't find any reviews online... After debating with myself for sometime, I figured what the hell and ordered 3. Here are the results with a ShockBox (Bust-a-Move Again) included for size...
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    Why is ReplicaX such a dick to me?

    On a lighter note... Check out the chew toy I just picked up for my dog. P.S. I also just noticed this thread is currently at over 16,000 views. For all of you who claimed this thread was too drama free for the War Room, you sure can't stop reading it.
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    Why is ReplicaX such a dick to me?

    Meh, say what you will... But thos were some good times. This was from "The Great Went" Aug 16&17th 1997. I'm in this sea of people somewhere, it was epic. "The Great Went was the sequel to The Clifford Ball, taking place on August 16 and 17, 1997, close to the Canadian border at the Loring...
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    Why is ReplicaX such a dick to me?

    Shroomy buddy... When you've blazed 24/7 (enuf to require that consoles be labeled) it gets dirty awful fast. BTW, thats a real RooR imported from Germany (note the diameter of the stem). Not the made under license version that came out of CA later.
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    Why is ReplicaX such a dick to me?

    Yea I can see your point... Boy don't I feel like a jackass for printing these...
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    WTT: Blast City shell/cab for xRGB Mini

    I will be moving early next year into a smaller place/apt. Unfortunately this cab is going to cut into very limited available space. So, I would like to trade it for a mini (I need HDMI for my LCD). Any potential trader should be aware that the only original parts in this cab are the body and...
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    Why is ReplicaX such a dick to me?

    NeoTurf better update the image... That MvC CPS2 is doomed! Also the SNES has been returned to a normal/stock case after reaching the conclusion that scaler board blows hard. If the project had been a visual sucess a custom case would have been created. The wooden mounted PCB was a test...
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    Help building a supergun

    I decided the time had come for me to build my own. Jasen made (I've mentioned before I do not do powertools) the case, and thats it (btw it was also the single most expensive part in that build coming in at 2x the price of the Jrok). It was not pre assembled in the slightest... Have you seen...
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    Help building a supergun

    Suzo-Happ 130watt PSU Jrok video converter Jasenhicks custom case RGBs passthrew (PVM direct support) via 220 resistors+lm1881 sync stripper+low pass noise filter. Because I posted it... Prepare for incoming messages of hate/squirrel pictures/etc.
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    From left to right: Black with motion plus/condom, White with motion plus/condom, White classic/condom, White classic/condom, White classic. I'm interested in trades not cash, PM me and maybe we can work out a deal.