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  1. majors

    Southeast PA, November 12, 2022

    Yes, thank you WC for hosting another banging gathering. The weather was rather good for most of the night. I was able to catch my 6:30am flight and back home by 9am to grab a nap...after getting up at 4am the day earlier. A 29 hour day for me but well worth it! I hope everyone else had safe...
  2. majors

    Southeast PA, November 12, 2022

    This I can agree to. You'all take the whiskey, I'll be on my 15th by the time you start sipping.
  3. majors

    #Winterbrawl11 Feb. 17 - 19, Essington, PA

    Damn fgc drank my beers last night, I an't no giving tree. We got two neos, garou and 'jammers. We running a windjammers tourney at 5p...I think.
  4. majors

    PCBs -Lost World, Relief Pitcher, Bass Fishing, Deer Hunting USA

    All price include shipping anywhere in the US. Open for trades, just doing end of year cleaning. Lost World, has graphic corruption - $50 Board runs but there was video issues when I got it. It seemed like it was superimposing 2 video signals, sort of like 3D w/o glasses. If you want more...
  5. majors

    NOS Metal Slug X, loose AoF2, CP overlay

    All price includes shipping anywhere in the US. Open for trades, just doing end of year cleaning. NOS Metal Slug X - $150[SOLD] closeup of cart and box. This is from a NOS conversion kit, never used! All you see in the pic is included. I'll throw in the conversion kit CP overlay as bonus, if...
  6. majors

    FS: Mr. Driller 2, Twin Eagle, Twin Eagle 2

    Cleaning up the garage, have some loose PCB's that I no longer need. No manuals, pop/inst or marquees. What you see it what you get, save the antistatic bag that I will ship with. All tested, working. Loose, JP Mr. Driller 2 - [pending] Loose, US Twin Eagle - [sold] Loose, US Twin Eagle 2...
  7. majors

    FS: MVS Puzzled, Stakes Winner 2, World Heroes 2 Jet

    Cleaning up the place, have some carts I just don't need/want. All carts have been tested, working. No mini-marquees, what you see is what you get. Loose, US Puzzled - $40 Loose, JP Stakes Winner 2 - [sold] Loose, JP World Heroes 2 Jet - $15 All prices include shipping to US. PayPal or...
  8. majors

    FS: Misc. PC Engine system cards, Battle Ace, Lodoss

    Have some extra PCE stuffs from recent purchase. All prices include shipping anywhere in US. [SOLD]JP Super System Card 3.0, complete - $20 shipped pic1 pic2 [SOLD] JP System Card 1.0, loose & rough - $5 shipped pic1 pic2 JP SGX Battle Ace, loose - $10 shipped front back JP CD-ROM Record...