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    Nintendo Switch

    They can color the shit all they want. I will still never buy one of these as Joycon drift is a thing and I don't want to ruin what's left of my eyesight looking at super tiny text on screen.
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    Looking to buy: Complete In Box Neo Geo CD Controller!

    That's the general idea. While finding something boxed is cool. I realize that at the end of the day I'm ok with a loose item like controllers and stuff as long as they aren't beat to shit. This market is not the place to look for in terms of boxed controllers or systems as you'll being paying a...
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    Looking to buy: Complete In Box Neo Geo CD Controller!

    Just curious. Why does it need to be complete? I like the Neo pad personally but my only gripe with it is how the D-pad can get fucked up over time. If you just want it to play with the box really shouldn't be a thing.
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    Streets of Rage 4 Reveal Trailer

    I'm in.
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    I'm only about 8 years late: ff14 is awesome

    Right now I'm doing this new Odyessy content with a static group. You really have to be well geared to kill in this content. The trust system alone makes the game easy as fuck to level up now with.
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    I'm only about 8 years late: ff14 is awesome

    I'm still playing FFXI to this day off and on. Amazingly the game is over 18 years old now and still getting updates every month. Crazy. @Sylvie, FFXI is not the same game you remember from back then. It's way easier to level up and is way more friendly to casual gamers then ever. There is hard...
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    Happy Birthday Keith.
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    I'd have to agree with most of this but I think Rick's moveset in RB2 was pretty damn good. He would obviously need some serious tweaks if he entered into KoF but I could see him being solid.
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    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    If I didn't have all these original PS1 game original discs I might be more upset. Tho I have feeling the market for these games are going to go up now that the store is going away. Seriously games like Suikoden II are fucking awesome but the physical disc price is outrageously fucking stupid...
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    Nah I wasn't interested. I honestly wanted to give my 3DS some love since the system is pretty much dead now.
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Yeah i saw him in a store yesterday and grabbed him along with the Banjo amiibo.
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    Andro Dunos II pre-orders are up for the 3DS and Dreamcast. I dipped on the 3DS Version.
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    They said entire catalog but where is the 1st Breakers game?
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    But did you finally stick your penis in it?
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    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    This never ever gets old.
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    FS: Various game stuffs

    I admit it, it's been years since I've sold stuff here but hey I've got some surprise bills that flew in my face so my loss is your gain. I've a lot of stuff that I've looked thru and honestly it's time to let go of some this. Anything I'm listing I bought myself mostly new years ago and...
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    WTB: PSone Controller.~

    Title says it all. Looking to get ahold of a PSone Dual Shock Controller. I only have one and realized that as time goes on it'll probably be more of a pain in the dick to get one of these in clean good shape. While they are usually cheap to get ahold of, The ones I've found have been beat...
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    Eric "ECM" Mylonas passed away...

    Just found out Eric "ECM" Mylonas passed away on January 13th. I've known this guy personally for years as a friend and editor from Gamefan Magazine. This fucking sucks so god damn hard. He was...
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    The Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.

    Well we all knew it was coming and while Nintendo hasn't announced the system yet, It looks like Nintendo leaked out a list of games from their UK site...
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    Octopath Traveler (Switch) Attn: Neo_moe!

    Badass Soundtrack, Amazing CG, Pixel Artstyle & being developed by producer of Bravely Default. After finishing the demo, This is a fucking day one purchase. It feels like playing a classic Square RPG before they got it into their heads to do CG movie cut scenes for all their games.