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  1. Spike Spiegel

    God and YouTube have the same business model

    What have I done...
  2. Spike Spiegel

    God and YouTube have the same business model

    For me, most YouTube ads are talking about the YouTube ads themselves.
  3. Spike Spiegel

    God and YouTube have the same business model

    So, YouTube is like, "tired of seeing these ads? YouTube Premium will save you from seeing them." But... I mean... YouTube is the ones that are making us see the ads. They're sending YouTube Preium down to us as a savior. But it's saving us FROM YouTube's own policy. Like how God sent Jesus to...
  4. Spike Spiegel

    Aww, here it goes. Coolio dead at 59.

    Cardiac arrest. Is that code for cocaine?
  5. Spike Spiegel

    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    So what IS the story on this? I've always been curious about it.
  6. Spike Spiegel

    WTB: Neo Red Cab

    Looking for a 4 or 6 slot mvs red cab in nice condition. Near Chicago.
  7. Spike Spiegel

    Anyone here live in southern Michigan?

    So.... My job is offering me a job in Benton Harbor. But, I want to stay in touch with my family from Rockford IL, so I was hoping to find something near the border of Michigan and Indiana that isn't Gary (no offense to anyone from there). Anyone here from that area that could offer me some...
  8. Spike Spiegel

    You boys are smart: tell me why my vr refuses to turn on unless my tv is on

    So I built my pc. Love it. HOWEVER.... I use my LG oled tv as a monitor for gaming. I'm super happy with that set up. I got an oculus, and returned it for a Samsung odyssey. NEITHER of them turn on unless the tv is on. Wtf is going on??? I'm using a 1080ti and both are hooked into hdmi...
  9. Spike Spiegel

    Joining PC master race: help a console noob

    So I'm building my own gaming pc. I got all the info from a website that constantly updates info, so it was pretty fool proof to order all the correct hardware. So now, what does a noob like me do after I get it up and running? I'll be using Windows 10 (PS, must I purchase it, or can I just...
  10. Spike Spiegel

    Why do I need a PS4 Pro?

    Fuck that shit. It's not even sort of as good. And yes, I have a switch(xbone is downstairs).
  11. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Here are my two babies. I love both of these games. I used to trade a lot, but now I'm gonna try to just keep pins and never trade. Since this pic, I've added a color DMD to the Metallica. TOFy8VHxNg8
  12. Spike Spiegel

    So I saw Alien Covenant. I am pissed (spoiler free rant)

    So, my favorite movie franchise of all time is Alien. The first movie is an all time classic. I've seen it probably 50 or 60 times. Love Aliens. I even really enjoy Alien 3. Prometheus is also one of my favorite movies, too. Don't get me started on Resurrection or the AvsP films. Blech But then...
  13. Spike Spiegel

    Looking to buy metal slug X, 3, 4 or 5 AES. Any Region.

    AES only. Any language I will take.
  14. Spike Spiegel

    My 10 year old gives his opinion on Streets of Rage 2

    I haven't made videos in forever, but my son has been making videos himself and I thought I'd spruce them up a bit. This is his second one (first was Mario 64). Didn't think you guys would give a shit about Mario 64, but it's insightful to see what a kid thinks about a game that's over twice as...
  15. Spike Spiegel

    Tell me about Persona. 5 is coming out. I love turn based RPGs. Should I be excited?

    The game looks stylish as hell, and I'm loving the battle system from what I can see. But how is the rest? It looks very very dialogue driven. And maybe a bit TOO Japanese/high schoolish for my 40 year old ass. Anyone care to chime in?
  16. Spike Spiegel

    Overwatch: holy shit

    Okay, anyone that knows me from here knows I love fighting games. Always have. But I've gotten pretty tired of them as of late. So lately I've been playing lots of first person shooters, and having a good time. So, just for grins I bought Overwatch just because the reviews were so positive...
  17. Spike Spiegel

    Rant about women and loyalty

    So.... men. Men are pigs, aren't we? Gather around and listen to a tale of bullshit: So, I dated a very young girl. Too young. Lik 15 years younger than me. A few years ago, it seemed like a great idea. Sex was amazing, but we had 0.0 things in common. Like, every story I told I had to tell a...
  18. Spike Spiegel

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Someone at made this of me!
  19. Spike Spiegel

    PSVR thoughts. Anyone have experience with VR?

    I'm currently brain washed into wanting one of these things. Anyone play one or experience VR in general? I'd like to hear some of your thoughts as if it's worthwhile or a waste of time and money.
  20. Spike Spiegel

    Anyone here read H.P. Lovecraft?

    I bought a book of his stories, and so far he's pretty wordy. It's funny how large the words are back during the 20s and so on. The line, "incongruous in its diminutiveness" would be said as, "smaller than the rest" today. When I read Moby Dick I noticed something similar (again, about same...