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  1. Karou

    Can Americans and Canadians tell each other part by their accents?

    i am so close to the border, i bet their system would have an advocate for me right now (i say KNEE) rather than a company that asks me do you really think you need to know?ie have diagnose,MRI. eh?
  2. Karou

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    I had some slime:emb:
  3. Karou

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Sorry if it has already been asked but is that the slash turtle from ninja turtles displaying as Wolverine,Really?! What is it if not that then?*:emb: I guess his shirt needs tightening.oops
  4. Karou

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    M.U.S.C.L.E. terror dragon clawala Skelly
  5. Karou

    Any Subaru BRZ Owners Here - UPDATE GOT IT!

    WHY!???? :eek: Way to be! NICE!
  6. Karou

    Jacob Blake - I need facts and the NBA boycott

    Never put it %s over even 1... Actually almost 2 million people are can however see here that the official number still needs a week or so to hit the 'official official?' number again here again? Just like the last time they dropped off a huge chunk of the WITH covid deaths...any one...
  7. Karou

    Kamala Harris picked for VP.

    Another silly screengrab He chose some chick that believes he is a lecher and she accepted..seems legit like super integrity and honest like.
  8. Karou

    Nintendo Switch

    Now I need a switch.
  9. Karou

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Who cares what they look like they can alter the fabric of time/space! I bet I can control it better than a delivery driver not even wearing them too!
  10. Karou

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I am going to get some powerful least according to the tracking?
  11. Karou

    Video Game Related Tattoos

    Oh yeah??? Sadly it is not actually mine just one of those things of look at all the 'bad'tattoos this person does from bored panda or some junk. Would have just pmd but had to screen grab as they don't share nice and pm only allow url imagery
  12. Karou

    Boogaloo Boys

    Footpics revolution through unitu! I cut my toe pretty good before my ankle...I have a decent dent on my forehead on the right side too...not sure what it is from at all..but I think I remember banging my head against the wall in a facility. So it might not be from a saw.:p Like anything...
  13. Karou

    Jeff Grosso died

    Only 51 .. Love letters showed up in my YouTube recommendations like 2 months ago and of course they are worth watching to old 'ex' skaters.:crying:
  14. Karou

    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    Go fuck yourselves. Cuomo tried his best to keep the most vulnerablevsafe by putting recovering patients in nursing homes. Its pretty obvious this isn't for anyone "POORS" safety. Not allowed to go to the hospital where the Drs are laid off actually..I went and he couldn't even pull a sliver .
  15. Karou

    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    ??? Its the total for the States on the cdc site but not on the BIG ADVERTISEMENT page that has this thing you can click that says "about this info" That makes it 80k �� Go check for yourselves.