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  1. Teddy KGB

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo Old thread but seems that at least on xf2.0 or higher it may be possible with some nuance. Add-on with permission settings for the use animated gif...
  2. Teddy KGB

    Holy shit I missed you guys!
  3. Teddy KGB

    WTB: Famicom stick XE-pro FC or the ASCII (the metal one) preferred

    Title says it all. Thanks!
  4. Teddy KGB

    KGB's early Valentine bazaar -- homecarts for everyone!

    Letting few of my JP homecarts go. I think my prices should be close to spot on.. if not, I blame mjmjr -- kidding, thanks for the help with these, bud. US members only, don't have a lot of time to ship elswhere. I prefer to sell to established active members, first come is not necessarily...
  5. Teddy KGB

    SOLD: Dangun Feveron JP PCB -- Art / Poster / etc.

    SOLD - Thanks for looking, gents. Took a little longer than I thought it would but it found it's way into good hands. Dangun Feveron JP PCB. Super clean. Comes with art and Dangun poster. I'll throw in the padded PCB box too. $550 shipped to pals in the US. Pretty firm on that. Happy to do...
  6. Teddy KGB

    KGB's Bazaar of Love - Genny/MD/360/Arcade/Misc.

    Hiya… been getting rid of some carts locally due to the the ‘ol Everdrives and this is what I have left. I have a few other nuggets up for grabs as well. If pricing is off, let me know. Everything is priced under what I got it for but I could still be off. Prices do not include shipping as I’m...
  7. Teddy KGB

    Laserdisc Collecting

    Like Yohan, this thread may make me buy a player. I've owned this since it first came out on LD. Was and still is one of my favorite films. Sadly it has just sat for all these years. :
  8. Teddy KGB

    How long will this amiibo craze last?

    It's been said before but with this next wave coming up, be on the look out on places like Unlike, you can use your existing North American login credentials and have it shipped for free. It takes close to 3 weeks and other than a few distinct markings on the box, the...
  9. Teddy KGB

    How long will this amiibo craze last?

    This question came up before but if you plan on opening your Amiibos (you should!) the difference between JP and US models seems to only be the packaging. Even the bottom of the base seems to be about the same. US Peach left, JP Little Mac right
  10. Teddy KGB

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    For the kids (coughcough me too cough). God bless as I sure as hell wasn't going to find these two for retail price anywhere around here.
  11. Teddy KGB

    Egret 2 replacement light bulb

    300 and I bought a few from the SJ shop. This is one of them which fits perfectly in the stock ballast. Strange they said they couldn't order it for you. They seemed to all have the "if we don't have it, we'll find it" attitude the times I've been there. I'd show them this pic if you don't want...
  12. Teddy KGB

    I received today...

    I've been a homebody recently with the new baby and all and have picked up a few PCBs here and there. This latest one, a pal was able to snag for me in Japan for a decent price. Never thought I'd own this outside of the Saturn port (which is awesome too). Thanks Santa! ;)
  13. Teddy KGB

    Neo Geo Secret Santa 2014 pics start post 85

    Yeah man, that's what I've been doing now. ;) I've only seen bits and pieces of this before. Thanks for burning me a copy of it. 'Scuze me while I pour some more Faygo!
  14. Teddy KGB

    Neo Geo Secret Santa 2014 pics start post 85

    In addition to the Human Fund donation, the following showed up today... Some gaming fun and some food goodies that I've never seen over here on the west coast before, sans the fudge I guess. Oh, and this too. :keke: Thanks for the thoughtful gifts T!
  15. Teddy KGB

    Big's Fishing Derby - Mega Drive Cartridge

    Yup. Played it on my mega everdrive the other day.
  16. Teddy KGB

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Had a nice mini meet at my place today. Swung by the local comic shop and stumbled upon some Watchmen goodness. Got home and Hobo Army was waiting for me. Danke Shroomstein.
  17. Teddy KGB

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Tweeker with the big assist on this one. Was on the hunt for ages for one at a decent price. Thanks mang! ;)
  18. Teddy KGB

    Found: Robo Army JP Homecart

    Title says it all. Looking for a Hobo Army JP homecart, good condition, complete would be nice. That's all. Thanks dudes.;)
  19. Teddy KGB

    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Ha. Awesome! I may have spied a couple outside of LeBay so fingers crossed I can nab one. Other than that, had a little gtg at my place today. Taitsujin Oh, RaDe, Gekirindan, Batrider, Bakraid and a few others were in the mix. Made for a relaxing shooty Saturday with some good pals.
  20. Teddy KGB

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Haven't purchased anything console related in a while. Got a few quality items today.