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    bad taste and zero sensibilities exemplified
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    Couldn't agree more
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    dude has a vacancy in his mind
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    rural white slob materialism and nostalgia run rampant
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    imagine the odor of her laundry
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    her potentially even more obese husband probably runs a small chain of reseller shops or vends at flipper shows
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    I get physically sick watching those accumulator videos, the smash bros. autism shrine was tasteless overkill
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    Dinkins was logged in earlier this hour? Wow
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    Sounds like that icycalm guy from
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    Oliver, isn't he the german dude who flew out to Las Vegas to specifically meet Dion?
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    Neo Geo Collection at non eBay Auction

    I've never seen any merchandise like that before w/ Street Smart imagery. The illustration of both guys on that device, Crusher & Karateka, is taken from the 1989 JP arcade flyer. I would imagine that this was a standalone tech novelty or department store/toy catalog exclusive. Although I had...
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    The 1984 American G1 debut moniker for said character based on original JP Diaclone toy w/ Datsun 280ZX Turbo car mode was Bluestreak. Its name was temporarily substituted with the alternate "Silverstreak" in 2003, owing to some U.S. trademark expiration issue which got resolved by Hasbro later...
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Will this upload suffice?
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    Southeast PA, November 12, 2022
  16. Stefan

    Southeast PA, November 12, 2022

    Civic reminder: @Phoenix Down is the certified original True People's Champion™!!
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    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    Lagdash K scenario
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    How do you pronounce kernow

    Deuce's Waterloo