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  1. Bar81

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Nice, only missing Halo Wars and the Halo 3 LE.
  2. Bar81

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    My favorite is the one day a week customer service. But again, as said above, given the buyers, they're already used to getting fucked so shitty customer service is on brand.
  3. Bar81

    Sega Master System US nearly complete collection

    So confused. How can the OP with a straight face say he has "all the rarest games" without having Buster Douglas, Golden Axe Warrior, Sonic and Strider? Those are literally the rarest games on US SMS.
  4. Bar81

    Sega Cd games

    Didn't see your post earlier. Sent you a PM.
  5. Bar81

    Sega Cd games

    If you split it, interested in Terminator depending on condition.
  6. Bar81

    WTB - Big Ticket Items for AES

    I guess everyone is free to smoke whatever they want, but if he was actually looking to sell, he screwed the pooch not accepting $30k. MS1 JP mint without sunfade is $20k. Even assuming a desperate buyer, not sure how he ends up at $60k. He sounds perfect for ebay.
  7. Bar81

    WTB - Big Ticket Items for AES

    Plus good luck with getting any money back if you buy a boot - BTG and MS1 are the two most counterfeited Neo games in existence.
  8. Bar81

    Sega Cd games

    Ok. Sent you a PM.
  9. Bar81

    Sega Cd games

    Interested if no sunfade. lmk.
  10. Bar81

    It’s been a while … where are all the US carts?

    The reason they've gotten more expensive is that they were cheap and sacrificed for conversions. At some point the supply of cheap carts ran out and prices went up.
  11. Bar81

    MVS Mini Marquees

    This has been claimed.
  12. Bar81

    MVS Mini Marquees

    A few mini marquees from from some project I started and stopped years ago. They should all be original (Magician Lord bottom left corner is missing). Anyway I'm going to throw them out unless somebody wants them. All you need to do is PM me with why I should give them to you/you need them...
  13. Bar81

    Panzer Fight Stick NG

    Still the GOAT:
  14. Bar81

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Definitely know that feeling. I'm suffering major withdrawal but there's only a handful that I'm still kind of on the lookout for but none are critical - for all intents I'm done with my collection. I have a bunch of other interests, so I pimped out the PC (still need to install an upgraded...
  15. Bar81

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just wanted to say (a long overdue) thanks to Xian Xi at JNX for all his help over the years on my PCB and MVS adventures. Most recently: Helped me fix what Irem broke on a few boards - super clean recap: Same with Konami - ridiculously clean - wouldn't know anything happened...
  16. Bar81

    WTB: Knights of the Round PCB

    Looking for a clean Knights of the Round PCB (US) (will also consider a desuicided board). Offering a generous price for this.
  17. Bar81

    Retrobrite Service

  18. Bar81

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got something pretty cool that I thought would be fun to share. Never seen one of these before - the auction claimed it came with some kind of LE of the MD encyclopedia: The chip is a Sega 315-6123 which appears to be an all-in-one MD from the Rev3 so I don't know if it's actually official...
  19. Bar81

    Identifying bootleg AES carts by weight?

    Don't be lazy bro: