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  1. dspoonrt

    NBA Season 22/23

    The Warriors were already a Finals team without KD, though. You're right he should have stayed there if he wanted to win championships, but these guys always have something to prove. He couldn't get there with Russ in his prime or with Harden/Irving and a bunch of talented vets backing him up...
  2. dspoonrt

    NBA Season 22/23

    The Kyrie trade is merely the opening act in the KD trade main event. This week is gonna be a media frenzy no matter the outcome. I can't wait to see how much teams are willing to give up for a guy that's admittedly super talented but who's never been able to carry a team on his own.
  3. dspoonrt

    R.I.P. Terry Hall

    RIP to a great singer from an underrated band. I enjoyed seeing them live close to 10 years ago, but seeing them in the early 80s would have been something else.
  4. dspoonrt

    Lithy, can you make decent beer at home?

    Cost varies by location/distributor, beer style, and level of commitment to the process. All grain and partial mash ingredients are going to cost a lot more than your standard beer in a can kit or even brew kits put together by a local homebrew shop, but you get what you pay for -- just like at...
  5. dspoonrt

    Lithy, can you make decent beer at home?

    I've homebrewed on and off for 15 years. As with anything, you catch the bug and it's fun for a while until you find a new use for that time and money. Like Lithy says, it's not cost-effective compared to buying beer at the grocery store. Time is the big factor for me, though. It's hard to...
  6. dspoonrt

    What records are you listening to tonight?

    Listened to the new Mingus I picked up on Black Friday RSD, which sounds just okay (pretty noisy), as well as an older favorite of his, which is a joy to listen to.
  7. dspoonrt

    Midterm election 2022

    Since none of these elderly politicians are truly fit for office, they're all ripe for criticism and speculation. If they ever remove a sitting president for health reasons, it's going to be because he's on life support or something. Just doesn't happen, as much as the other side wishes it would...
  8. dspoonrt

    Your Three Most-Played NES Games

    Super Mario Bros. 2 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! R.B.I. Baseball With a lot of Kirby's Adventure, TMNT 2&3, Dr. Mario, and the other SMBs mixed in.
  9. dspoonrt

    NBA Season 22/23

    Ime Udoka to the Nets is perfect. Maybe they can sign Josh Primo, too.
  10. dspoonrt

    All MVS moved offsite, sold prices left up.

    Agreed. Marty's stuff is immaculate, and he packs/ships with care. Great seller!
  11. dspoonrt

    What records are you listening to tonight?

    I've got the mono release headed my way from Plaid Room. I didn't think I needed the extra disc of material - how is it? Can't wait to give it a listen when it gets here early next week.
  12. dspoonrt

    What vinyl records have you picked up recently?

    Lots of 90s stuff as usual. Got some more Beatnik Termites on the way, too. Love those guys.
  13. dspoonrt

    WTB Some MVS Fighters (Art of Fighting 3, Last Blade 2, Real Bout Special)

    For some reason, after half a decade of buying/playing MVS games, I've never had the pleasure of properly playing the arcade versions of these three games: Art of Fighting 3 - $40 Last Blade 2 - $140 Real Bout Special - $40 If you have an English label cart that's not completely trashed and...
  14. dspoonrt

    FS: MVS games, artwork, and shock boxes (Just shock boxes left)

    I've got the following MVS gear that I don't need anymore. Prices do not include shipping, unless noted. I prefer to ship to the US and deal with contributing forum members. MVS Red Shock Boxes & a Few Inserts - $8 Shock boxes have a few cracks along the spine from use and are in "gamer"/fair...
  15. dspoonrt

    2014 Halloween Horror Movie Season

    So it's finally October. I know many people that watch horror movies to get into the spirit of Halloween. This year, I started watching horror films (somewhat more regularly than usual) around the beginning of September. I'm going to try and watch 62 horror movies in the two months (61 days)...
  16. dspoonrt

    Selling/Shipping Question

    So I got a letter on Monday from the USPS stating that a package I sent to Canada was destroyed in transit when the truck crashed and caught on fire (R.I.P. KOF 95 and KOF 2003 MVS carts). I sent First Class International which does not come with insurance (the buyer did not request insurance)...
  17. dspoonrt

    MVS carts / art for sale (KOF 95/98, MSX, NTM, etc.)

    I have a few extra MVS carts, many from a recent purchase from forum member BigTinz as well as a couple randoms I've collected over the last few months. All games are cleaned up, tested and working. I also have some extra MVS artwork. All prices not including shipping (unless marked). Games...
  18. dspoonrt

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    For reference:
  19. dspoonrt

    FS: MVS carts (Baseball Stars, Metal Slug, etc.) and miscellaneous artwork

    I have a few extras that I'd like to sell. Prices do not include shipping, but I won't make any money off shipping. Standard USPS (parcel or Priority) rates. I prefer to sell/ship to the U.S., but I'll work with foreign buyers to see if it's viable to sell/ship an item to a given country...
  20. dspoonrt

    Must-see sights/beer stops for European vacation (Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic)

    My wife and I are embarking on a 16-day European vacation this Saturday. We're visiting - in order - Dresden, Prague, Salzburg, Northern Italy (Trento, Bolzano, Venice, and maybe a few more cities), and finally Munich. We're really into beer, so we'd like to experience as much German, Austrian...