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  1. mjmjr25

    What's the deal with fighting game prices?

    The simplest answer is supply and demand. The demand is such that people are paying those prices, etc. Fighting games are a niche genre, as are RPG, SHMUP, Puzzle, etc. As such they are produced in more limited numbers. They also typically do not have an update / revision, IE are standalone...
  2. mjmjr25

    I demand a new custom title

    Post your schwanz once and everyone remembers you
  3. mjmjr25

    I demand a new custom title

    The Real Surfer of Carewaves Nah, too controversial. How 'bout: went home to be a family man
  4. mjmjr25

    I demand a new custom title

    Moe been here 16 years and on everyday...hasn't made it yet. What hope do any of us (with lives) have?
  5. mjmjr25

    Do something about the awbacon spam

    Makes sense to me. Forum is small enough; no reason it can't be voted on. (what are we voting on, exactly?)
  6. mjmjr25

    Yagamikun's Game Room and AES Collection

    Everything looks fantastic. Very cool.
  7. mjmjr25

    Board game suggestions

    I feel like the Clue and Monopoly suggestions are a joke, but maybe not. Board games have evolved at faster/better pace than tech the last 20 years. Think on that. If you play Clue or Monopoly or Yahtzee then you must also get your milk in a glass bottle on your stoop. Easy to learn, 4-6p...
  8. mjmjr25

    FS: stuff I need gone: Paprium + big thread of other sales stuff (now with more N64 and sealed PS2 games)

    Where are you seeing SSX Tricky for $400-600? I see someone ASKING that, but no sales. Highest sold price was on black label gamecube, sealed, for $200. GCN is much more on sealed than PS2 in almost all cases. I think yours is probably in the $100-125 range.
  9. mjmjr25

    FS/FT: PGM Games - List updated, most remaining prices dropped

    OP updated with sold / shipped items. Prices dropped on remaining games. Will move unsold items off-site on MONDAY.
  10. mjmjr25

    FS/FT: PGM Games - List updated, most remaining prices dropped

    All 1st-2nd day pm's responded to. All packages labeled and go out tomorrow. OP is updated with what's left.
  11. mjmjr25

    FS/FT: PGM Games - List updated, most remaining prices dropped

    They are all good imo. Fun to play for score (we played once upon a time in BUMP of the Month). KoV 2 Plus: 9 Dragons is probably the best original game. Some of them are unsanctioned mods which just make more characters playable, etc. Some are straight up hacks adding charas from other...
  12. mjmjr25

    FS/FT: PGM Games - List updated, most remaining prices dropped

    Thanks for the PM's. Going to resolve all the current interest PM's before responding to any others as quite a few things are pending region checks and/or trades.
  13. mjmjr25

    FS/FT: PGM Games - List updated, most remaining prices dropped

    Greetings, Looking to sell or trade the following PGM games. Details: Items listed as game / cart condition / label condition USA Shipping is free over $150 For any purchase UNDER $150 shipping will be at cost International shipping is crazy now, but if you want a quote, i'm happy to do that...
  14. mjmjr25

    SotM February 2023: Dragon Blaze

    No more improvement for me, but Tag had a slight increase. 413,800 - Tagan - 1-4 - Quaid - Switch
  15. mjmjr25

    Should The Marketplace Be Opened Up for Everyone?

    Voted yes. This forum is a shell and market is on life support; has been for 2-3 years. If potentially getting some new members can happen by opening market; let's do it. Agree with others, make unreputable members ship first as SOP. I've done almost 1,000 forum buys/sells/trades since 2009...
  16. mjmjr25

    Your 10 Favorite Shooters / Shmups

    I like the Eco Fighters pick. That is a game I liked hard but it's been at least 8-9 years since i've played it now and i'd effectively forgotten about it. I like your list, Sage, save Gunbird over Gunbird 2 (or any of the Strikers game released around same time). Not as visually impressive...
  17. mjmjr25

    Happy Birthday, Neodogg

    A good day to a good man!
  18. mjmjr25

    Greetings from Los Angeles

    Welcome. Take nothing serious and you'll enjoy the place.
  19. mjmjr25

    What are you drinking at the moment?

    Cold Coffee; 60% columbian roast, 30% Cinnabon creamer, 10% milk.