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  1. Niko

    What arcade stick do you own?

    Been eyeing a hitbox style controller for awhile and finally pulled the trigger on one of the more affordable ones. Definitely takes some getting used too. It makes some movements easier while others are a little more challenging like hyper hops in KoF. Overall I’m starting to get the hang of...
  2. Niko

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    Put your SNK and NeoGeo stickers on
  3. Niko

    New (Odd Ball) MVS "Slot" Consolizer.......that is styled like a first gen Neo Geo CD (WTF?)

    I see a few things that make this project stand out. 1.) it uses something other than a MV-1C 2.) it’s not in a project box 3.) it’s easy to assemble. It’s not really my style, but it adds variety to the market. My biggest complaint is that it uses a carrier to add/remove the game carts.
  4. Niko

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    That is debatable, the box of dead 1Cs I have from over the years begs to differ. Regardless, you’re buying a commercial product that’s over 20yrs old from China. Your mileage will vary.
  5. Niko

    Hey guys check my gamer collection

    The uniform spine argument is something that never crossed my mind. Imagine how the Japanese must feel!? Being the target audience yet getting inferior spines!
  6. Niko

    Neo Turf Masters MVS Serial Number Misprint

    Its a super rare misprint, I havent seen something like this since Rot was mod. Have you weighed the cartridge? Have you played the game? Do you own the rom?
  7. Niko

    Hey guys check my gamer collection

    I never understood US collectors. The US system censorship has already been mentioned. But what about the inserts? How do you pay 3x ~ 5x more for a US / Euro copy of a homecart when the only difference is shittier insert and a manual you’ll never use written in Engrish?
  8. Niko

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    Weird, this one is less than 400 € shipped. Still more expensive since it incldues "VAT" I guess. But less than your example.
  9. Niko

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    They’re nowhere near that cost. They’re $350 shipped… which is a pretty respectable considering everything you’re getting and how quickly you’re getting it.
  10. Niko

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    What seller did you buy your unit from? I got mine from TimeHarvest and the board was quite clean. Definitely not Yaton level.
  11. Niko

    FS: Wonderswan Color and Games

    Selling a Wonderswan Color bundle. System has some slight yellowing but otherwise in good working condition. Would be a great candidate for a reshell and IPS screen. All games tested and working. Shipping is free within the US. Games include: Buffers Evolution Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed One...
  12. Niko

    Nightmare in the Dark

    This is an issue even on actual hardware with an original cart.
  13. Niko

    Fix: Nightmare in the Dark crackling audio sample

    I fixed the crackling audio sample when jumping in Nightmare in the Dark. The fix is a single byte patch to the V-ROM 260-v1.v1: 0x50820: 6E -> 08 Enjoy 🧛‍♂️
  14. Niko

    KOF 95 intro BGM

    Dafuq, do y'all even KNOW good music? The 95 intro is "ok" but its no Krizalid theme from 2k2UM
  15. Niko

    Scan Neo Geo Aes Games?

    If you're buying expensive AES games, the only true test to tell if the cart is fake is to open it up. They're easy to open with a couple plastic spudgers and you can pickup a loose samurai spirits to practice on.
  16. Niko

    WTB/WTTF: 2 Slot MVS Motherboard

    Looking for a good working 2 slot motherboard. I can do cash or trade for other arcade boards/stuff.
  17. Niko

    FS: The Last Blade JPN AES

    I've decided to sell my Last Blade. Everything is 100% original / authentic and works great. The spine of the insert has some slight sun fade which seems to be common for this game. I'm asking $360 + shipping
  18. Niko

    WTB: A few MVS carts

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a few MVS carts, I prefer JPN label but open to whatever. Metal Slug Metal Slug X Bang Bead / Bang Progress King of Fighters 98 Blazing Star Just shoot me a PM if you have any of these you want to sale.
  19. Niko

    Piko Interactive acquired an unreleased Neo Geo game.

    Looks like Piko Interactive has acquired an unreleased Neo Geo game and is looking for someone to help finish it up.
  20. Niko

    WTB: Hyper SF2 Anniversary Edition

    Looking for a Hyper StreetFighter 2 Anniversary Edition. PM me if you have one for sale.