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  1. gusmoney

    What are you drinking at the moment?

    What aren't I drinking tonight is the real question.
  2. gusmoney

    ***NEW DATE***Philly Area Meat Up @ Jim’s Game Gym 3/5/2023
  3. gusmoney

    SOTM March 2023 Vote -

    If one votes for a title that loses, is one obligated to play the winning title? We talked about this a bit in this month's SotM thread. Maybe I don't have access to the other games or they don't appeal to me. Sengoku Blade is a fairly different title than the others posted, maybe I prefer...
  4. gusmoney

    SotM February 2023: Dragon Blaze

    Did I disappoint you? I was disappointed when Dragon Breed wasn't chosen.
  5. gusmoney

    SOTM March 2023 Vote -

    I swore we played it recently too enough so that I looked at the history for the past few years that you created but it isn't there. So I voted for it and look forward to playing it.
  6. gusmoney

    Happy Birthday, Neodogg

    Many happy returns my dogg.
  7. gusmoney

    ***NEW DATE***Philly Area Meat Up @ Jim’s Game Gym 3/5/2023

    My body doesn't have room for that many games.
  8. gusmoney

    SotM February 2023: Dragon Blaze

    Dragon Blaze by Psikyo is our Shmup of the Month for February 2023. Twenty-eight short days to get your best score in. Name Stage Character (Quaid, Sonia, Ian, Rob) Platform (Arcade / PS2 / Switch / PC / PS4) Score 1) opt2not 1-5 Sonia Arcade (PCB) 432,500 2) mjmjr25 1-4 Quaid...
  9. gusmoney

    SOTM February 2023 Vote - DRAGON Month!

    February 2023 SotM voting is here and this month's theme is Dragons! Please vote for the one game that would you like to play that features these majestic and humble creatures of yore. 🐉 DRAGON Blaze - 2000 - Psikyo - Arcade / PS2 / Switch / PC / PS4 DRAGON Spirit - 1987 - Namco - Arcade /...
  10. gusmoney

    David Crosby kicked it.

    Sad news. Thankfully I had the opportunity to see CSNY a few decades ago and we can enjoy Cros' music in perpetuity.
  11. gusmoney

    Happy Birthday gusmoney

    Thank you, guys!
  12. gusmoney

    Greatest DJ Set of All Time

    Not the greatest, but a damn good one caught on video that spans a few musical eras and genres:
  13. gusmoney

    Little Drummer Boy challenge 2022

    Remember xRotx?
  14. gusmoney

    SotM 2023 Hosting Signup

    Please put me down for February.
  15. gusmoney

    December 2022 SOTM Game Tengoku (Saturn/Arcade/etc.)

    hopefully one you are not very good at
  16. gusmoney

    Philly Meet-Up Livestream

    No VT tonight, dogg. I did lose on Guruin, however
  17. gusmoney

    Philly Meet-Up Livestream

    stream is back after a dinner break
  18. gusmoney

    Southeast PA, November 12, 2022

    Live stream
  19. gusmoney

    Philly Meet-Up Livestream

    @Stefan is livestreaming from our annual Philly meet-up at @white castle ’s crib