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  1. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Knicks are one of the hottest team since the trade deadline. Brunson was out a few game and they held it down, now Brunson just return to the line up . Mavs are probably the worst after the trade ..
  2. racecar


    Sage’s wedding probably cost more just saying he has to paid for the bride and the wedding. Unless he married into her family then his parent will get a bundle of cash in return . a friend married a farm girl, her family paid for everything(65k wedding ), her family brought him a new truck and...
  3. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Getting tired of subsidized those big salaries in a hobby farm with his own money , besides MJ still get a big check from Nike for the Jordan brand .
  4. racecar

    Chat message

    Another bank bail out coming for the USA ??
  5. racecar

    Bear Stearns=Buying Opportunity

    Good deals on first republic ….oh wait
  6. racecar

    Board game suggestions

  7. racecar

    What anime are you watching?

    Netflix going to do a live action~one piece .Probably going to flopped, some anime are just ment to be animated only Like DBZ !
  8. racecar

    What are you drinking at the moment?

    Arizona Green tea .
  9. racecar

    Time to Spring Forward!

    Should just get rid of it . as stat show that car accident are up the day after . That 1 extra hour of sleep matters for some people .
  10. racecar

    Origins of covid

    They got the idea from that Matt Damon movie call contagion …:unsure:
  11. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Best time to cashed out after a championship .
  12. racecar


    Daytona and subs are hot commodity, they always hold and exceed their retail value. But I rather have the sub instead cause you can get a few for the price of a Daytona . A lot of price craze was driven by the crypto boom in the last few years as new buyer starting to buy up luxury item in...
  13. racecar


    Still the best value ! Saw a 2007 date complete set for $11k cad , the price are slowly coming down but they are still sell for more then what you paid before . Can’t really loose on a sub Also on the president it’s only good if you wear it for office work or playing golf not really a daily...
  14. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    JV is actually a better Value then OG anunoby , top notch defence and scrappy on the board , the trades the laker made are all in their favour seem like the GM in these trade are making some back room deals .
  15. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Dame dropped 71 on the rockets .
  16. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Well shit the clipper vs kings game was better then the all star game !!
  17. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Yeah it a brotherhood now they dribble the ball out and start shaking hands and hugging, there are like 1 minutes remaining WTF fanduel being a sponsor’s. I preferred the old rival on the 90’s bulls vs Detroit .
  18. racecar


    It’s got a lot more weight to the gold watch, it’s a dress watch and it’s 18k lot softer then the stainless steel .
  19. racecar

    NBA Season 22/23

    Seeing the way he play in the suns game , seem like to dance with the ball , lack court vision and mediocre performance, joker makes the game easy for everyone, hyland not going to work in Ty Lue’s system. Poor man’s Jordan pool ? Denver definitely upgrade with Reggie’s Jackson and he will...
  20. racecar

    offical wwe thread

    Vince wants 9billion dollars for wwe , damn can see one of the major network desperate enough for content to buy it .