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  1. city41

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Based on Autotrader listings it seems to be about 10 pdk cars for every manual car. That sadly means you almost always pay a premium for manual.
  2. city41

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Thanks! It's a 2014, had it just about a year. It's a manual. I've never driven a 996 but I'd like to someday, is it a .1 or .2? I don't really have any experience with the PDK, I really like manuals so they tend to win out for me. I do wish it was a 6 speed instead of 7 though. 6th and 7th...
  3. city41

    What's up with Korean SS4 AES?

    Is this an AES cart? My main question is, did they release Korean versions of games besides SS4? SS4 is the only Korean AES game I've ever seen. EDIT: ah missed your earlier comment. So it's an MVS cart. I just meant it's understood. Where as at least to me, the other aspects of Korean carts...
  4. city41

    What's up with Korean SS4 AES?

    The Korean SS4 AES version is pretty modified and censored, which is all well and good. But does anyone know why this particular Korean cart seems to be relatively common these days? I think for US AES shelf queens like myself, the Korean version is a decent stand in as the packaging is...
  5. city41

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    If it helps, here's my actual car :P I've order the pieces to make the model match, except mines a 991 so not sure I can pull off the tail light differences.
  6. city41

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Built a 992 out of the classic 911 set. I used Firas Lego Car's instructions. I raised the roof as I feel it's a bit squashed in Firas's design. I just think it's impressive they were able to pull this off. It's not perfect, but it's a pretty damn good 992 model.
  7. city41

    Selling SNK and capcom posters

    I've sadly never had a poster survive a cross ocean trip. But at those prices I am unlikely to bite anyway.
  8. city41

    AES with iffy sound

    Thanks all. Contact cleaner made no difference and also no sound improvement out of the headphone jack. Looks like I will need to open it up. I currently don't have the right setup for re-capping or socketing, but I will. I'm setting all that up. This is a non modded Japanese system. When it...
  9. city41

    AES with iffy sound

    I bought a "junk" AES off ebay which was stated to not power on. It is a 5v system and powers on and works just fine. With the exception of sound. I haven't opened it up yet, but if anyone has any ideas on what to check I'm all ears. Sound experience Fatal Fury -- Completely silent Crossed...
  10. city41

    Magical Drop VI (Nintendo Switch)

    It looks very similar to md3 (I've never played 4 or 5). Possibly the window to create chains is a bit longer?
  11. city41

    Getting back into collecting.

    Same thing happened to me. I lost a small fortune to arcade pcbs and crts dying over the years. It's why I do mister and lcds now. Yeah it's not the same but they just work and there's a lot to be said about that.
  12. city41 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Like the poor soul who bought this
  13. city41 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    I messaged the seller, not ebay. They are a pawn shop and the description said they knew nothing about it, but feel free to PM him to educate him. So I did. My guess is the seller took it down, which I commend them on.
  14. city41 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    The listing was taken down. I did message them and tell them it's likely a boot. So good on them if that is why. The seller is a pawn shop and said they know nothing about neo.
  15. city41 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    It also does not have the double wide pin in the center of the cart edge. Almost certain this is a boot.
  16. city41 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Seems like this is a boot. At least the case does not seem original as the mold is quite different
  17. city41

    Your 10 Favorite Shooters / Shmups

    Gate of thunder is just so chill. Great game.
  18. city41

    Your 10 Favorite Shooters / Shmups

    The CD version doesn't even have parallax, just a ho-hum game all in all. For me... DDP DOJ - After beating it I fire it right up again for another round. It's so intense and so hard, but still doable. When really working on a shooter, typically the first two stages get tiresome, but not with...
  19. city41

    Show Your Desktop Ultra Hyper 2023 Edition Plus Alpha

    Haha, nice. Since I use a tiling window manager I never see my desktop, so it's always empty. Didn't even bother with a background image.