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    Neo X stick binding (extra bump) source identified.

    Decided to make my own thread after reading the other one. The issue is not the plate, nor the "ball joint", it's not the spring. All components are practically identical to the old style stick, the binding is due to this piece: There is a slight variation in the mold from the actual old...
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    CYBATTLER paperwork

    This game deserves more love. Play as a mech blowing up and slicing other mechs. Laser cannons, lock strafing shooting similar to Shocktroopers. The only scans I could find online were for the flyer, these scans were sitting on an old laptop. Not the highest resolution, but if some one has...
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    Anyone seen a Batrider PCB like this before? (HK special)

    I have had this for a few years now and never could find out a clear answer on whether this was a boot or not. First red flag is the Raizing/8ing isn't screened near the Jamma connector. However the board is pretty much identical, with things that make it appear like a very early revision...
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    W T F

    You Seattle guys better go get a uhaul and nab this thing before it's gone.
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    Sony PVM in a big red..

    Is possible. Forget an LCD or old computer monitor and one of those cheap CGA to VGA converters. Replace that old blurry K7000 with a super crispy trinitron RGB picture. This is a 2530 model. Tube size is the same as the original. Be warned however. This is quite labor intensive and will...
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    An engrossing half hour Neo Geo documentary
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    Neo Geo MVS-U#-## club

    For owners of the 25, 29, or 33 inch cabinets.
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    Any Japanese speakers that can translate a game screen?

    This is the 2 player screen from Magical Speed. Just wondering what the options are over each button. One seemed to turn lights off on cabinet. Would be greatly appreciated.
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    Neo 19 Digital Mini Marquee Mod

    So.. another. This one is very similar to the Neo 25 version, but a little different. Ideally I would have liked to sandwich the screens between the marquee bracket, and the front plastic cover like I did on the Neo 25. However this was not feasible on the Neo 19 without shaving a good amount...
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    Neo Geo Forums Initial Initiative

    As for simple relevance, the purpose would be to reallocate "NGF" as an abbreviation for "Neo Geo Forums" northernsoul demonstrated a usage of this by his china thread in unrelated. I think it's a good idea. If wanting to refer to those other guys, I don't think they should be afforded the...
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    My contribution to obscure SNK literature. Neo 33 candy manual.

    Cabs' obscure enough, let alone having a manual for the damn thing. Oh well, even if only 1 other person finds this useful... Covers all versions of 33" cabinet
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    Hosting cabinet/control panel artwork downloads.

    would shawn be up for this? files aren't usually that big. Would be nice if we could compile that stuff all in one place here.
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    Neo 25/29 Digital Mini Marquee Mod

    So.. continuing on. This mod is for the 4 slot Neo header used on the Neo 25/29. Again I used qty 2 HP df1010p1 frames. First step is to remove front cover, and remove plexi glass and key support plate: At this point you can open up the back and remove the light box, snip the wires etc...
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    MVU 4 COMPLETED! Digital Mini Marquee Project for MVS-U2-## Series Candy Cabinet

    (SEE POST #8 for MVU4 PROJECT So I guess this was originally norton's idea (cool idea, bro) Was put into effect by testicules and neotheranthrope (maybe some others?..). I decided to add a screen to my MVU2 33" (I assume this will fit all U2 series cabs, I think the marquee header is the...
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    found em :loco:
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    New Market Rule. Photos required for arcade cabinets.

    After reading through some of the recent cabs for sale CF's created by some lazy mouth breathers. This seems like a good idea. You could expand this for any high ticket item I guess, but definitely seems necessary for arcade cabs. If they're too lazy to post pics, then why should Shawn expend...
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    Back up power.

    I know most of you have probably wished you could fire up a cab or two during a power outage. I'm living in an area prone to heavy wind, and when power goes out it can be gone for days. I picked these up to run the basics, fridge, furnace, tv etc... but they have the added bonus of being safe...
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    Need help, sound problems with 6 slot board. No sound from speakers, but headphones work.

    Just picked up a 6 slot board for a good price. Having a problem with the sound however. I've tried the board in 2 cabs, no sound from speakers. However, upon plugging it up to a cab that has the little memory card board/headphone jacks (MV1A?) via the auxiliary 4 pin connector. I get...
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    You've now entered the Twilight Zone (Italian Justice system)

    yeah.... (apologies to bobak)
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    My current home arcade (another video thread...)

    Why not? Been about 2 years since I uploaded a video of the whole setup. Everything has changed since then. Not shown in the video is a Paragon pinball machine I've got in storage. Arcade Setup Part 1 Arcade Setup Part 2