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  1. smokehouse

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    That one was solid. So was the one with the factory that survives a nuclear war. The episode with bryan cranston is a solid 7.5/10, the only other one I've watched was the one with greg kinnear and it was unoriginal crap...
  2. smokehouse

    Car Buying

    I despise buying cars. The auto industry is still one of those old-school "sucker born every minute" kind of businesses. I have no clue why it is still that way. Like you said, list price is BS, listed incentives and rebates are BS, online listed trade value for your car is BS, estimated...
  3. smokehouse

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    Randomly started watching PK Dick's Electric Dreams on Amazon...with each episode being a separate story they vary in quality. Watched 4 so far...they range from pretty decent to completely stupid. High production quality, though.
  4. smokehouse

    How was your Easter?

    Amazing weather...which is not something you can normally say for Easter 'round these parts. Mid 70's, no wind. Went to the range early AM, came home and smoked a ham, did some work around the house, sat on the patio and had some drinks with my wife and neighbor. I cannot complain one bit.
  5. smokehouse

    What was your first car?

    I'm pretty sure this one has been posted before, but it's been a really long time and there's new members here. Title says it all, what was your first car, tell a story is you have one to share. It's better than bitching about politics or COVID... Mine was a 1977 Dodge Charger SE. A giant...
  6. smokehouse

    Not sure where else to put this. Video on the similarities of groups

    Much of this is what I've been talking about for some time now. k2UeAjbiGc0 It's a pretty quick watch, if you have 15 min to spare. It's interesting to hear this man's observations on BLM, The Proud Boys, and the amalgam of groups that is ANTIFA. All have their bad sides, but there's so much...
  7. smokehouse

    Have any of you ever tore a ligament? If so, let me know how it came out.

    At this point, I'm pretty sure I tore a ligament in my R tricep ligament. I was lifting weights back early Nov when I noticed that the area around the base of my elbow was really sore. I figured it might just be overuse, so I iced it, then heat and gave it rest. As the days went on, the pain...
  8. smokehouse

    How long do you think old gaming systems will last?

    I've been purging a bunch of my old life as of late, and I've managed to sell the lion's share of what I had to get rid off. I've decided to hold on to a very few things as they carry large sentimental value for me...but I'm beginning to wonder if that's a dumb idea with VG systems. I'm mostly...
  9. smokehouse

    Boxed systems, NES, Playstation/2, Handhleds, etc items added 8-11-20

    Second try for some of this stuff. Ive been meaning to shed some of the systems and I'm finally getting around to it. I've done my best to price these fairly...please PM me with any reasonable offers and we'll talk. Shipping is from the US and NOT included in the price. I'm not saying I won't...
  10. smokehouse

    Hello Chief, wife got me an electric smoker. Let's talk, why not? wife gave this fella here to me for my upcoming b-day. We've both wanted one of these guys for a very long time, so we are excited to get using it. I know they're not actual chips, but she also bought a bag of Traeger Applewood pellets...
  11. smokehouse

    Is it sad that I'm envious of my brother's carpal tunnel surgery?

    ...because of his 6-weeks off afterwards? He was over on Sat and we were talking about it. I jokingly said I was envious of his having 6 weeks off paid after his surgery this morning. I haven't had two consecutive weeks off in well over a decade. If my memory serves me correctly, I'm pretty...
  12. smokehouse

    Talk me in/out of a PS4 Pro

    I've been kicking around getting a PS4 and I'm hung up on which model to get. I'm going to wait until black Fri to see what kind of deal I can get but I still do not know if the Pro is what I want. I will say that I'm not too pleased that it doesn't play 4K HDR disks... Any advice?
  13. smokehouse

    home CPU conundrum, need some advice

    Here's the long story short, I have a very aged 2011 iMac that honestly does not see much use. We have used it for mostly our pictures/home movies and music as well as syncing devices like our iPhones, iPad, and Garmin devices. The thing is seriously old, I did put a new HDD in it last year and...
  14. smokehouse

    "Ope" and other midwestern sayings...

    Somehow I stumbled on this dumb article of "midwest" saying and things we do. A few of them I already knew, a couple, like "ope" is one that completely caught me off guard. One that came up years ago is "whole-nuther" "We're talking about televisions, sounds systems are a whole nuther...
  15. smokehouse

    Who else is caught up in the silly cold weather?

    Polar vortex...huh... I guess we had the coldest weather that I've experienced in my lifetime (born in 1977)...I guess we hit -22F last night. It wasn't without some issues, we have two rooms above our attached garage, all the cold water and tub/sink drains froze solid overnight despite our...
  16. smokehouse

    Games consoles for sale

    Ok here goes...I'll admit that I've been out of the collecting game for some time now. Ive been meaning to shed some of the systems and I'm finally getting around to it. I've done my best to price these fairly...please PM me with any reasonable offers and we'll talk. Shipping is from the US...
  17. smokehouse

    The effects of moving on my 10 year old daughter

    *que madman comments* When we bought our house back in 2004, we never planned on living there much more than 10 years. It's in a nice, small neighborhood in a an area of about 150,000 people. The grade/Jr High school is a great one, it's very small (my daughter's grade is currently 17...
  18. smokehouse

    Home clothes washer testimony's?

    Kind of an "adulting" question...but I'm really struggling on this one. We need to get a new washer...but I am not having much luck in finding one that doesn't have a large amount of scathing reviews on it. I've looked at Whirlpool, GE, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore...pretty much you name...
  19. smokehouse

    Whitey Bulger killed in prison

    Live by the sword, die by the sword I guess. Either way, he was a fascinating individual, terrifying too. Ironic way for him to go.
  20. smokehouse

    Un-Boxing thread

    What's with these morons and those countless un-boxing videos? My 9 year old will watch them and it drives me nuts...fucking grown adults opening stupid toys and posting videos of it.