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  1. Zenimus

    Lots of MVS games for sale - mostly full kits!

    Alright, so I bought a big collection from a guy, but I can't afford to keep all of it! There's two games in the set I wanted to keep for myself (Windjammers and Twinkle Star Sprites), the rest I have to offer back for sale. This is an amazing set. Almost all clean labels, complete kits, lots...
  2. Zenimus

    Anybody here collect watches?

    This is what I wear everyday. It's nearly invincible, it sets itself, and it even has a compass... :D what else do you want from a watch? Plus... "It's a Casio!"
  3. Zenimus

    Of all videogames to never get a movie treatment...

    That happened already. :) Although personally I'm one of the seeming few that actually loved it. It was creative and fun. People who moan that it has nothing to do with the games should really examine how little the game gave filmmakers to work with. Definitely doesn't get enough respect.
  4. Zenimus

    Sandy Sinks HMS Bounty

    The replica of the HMS Bounty just sank off the coast of North Carolina. It was built as a full-scale replica for the 1960's movie "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Marlon Brando. Apparently 2 people initially went missing, the Captain and Claudene Christian, who is related to Fletcher Christian...
  5. Zenimus

    Super Junk Sale: Lots of consoles, controllers, and other oddities

    Here's a mix of weird stuff I've accumulated. Prices posted are for within the USA, international might cost a bit more. Paypal gift preferred... blah blah (Not all the pictures are up, I'll get them when I can) Now then! SNES SFC scart cable $12 shipped Provides scart RGB output for a Super...
  6. Zenimus

    WTB: Colecovision with component video mods

    I'd like to find a nice Colecovision with component (YPbPr) video modifications. I know it can be done, but most people out there only seem to mod it with AV composite, which is unfortunate. Does anyone have one to spare, or can make one for me? :)
  7. Zenimus

    WTB: Viewpoint MVS

    I'm looking for a clean Viewpoint MVS cart. I don't keep mine in shockboxes, so I'd like to get one with an original English label. $100-$120 shipped?
  8. Zenimus

    A few MVS Games for Sale: Cyber Lip, King of the Monsters 1 + 2, etc

    Hey guys, I'm selling some of the duplicates I've picked up. No boots here, all English labels. Prices include shipping within the US. Cyber Lip $45 shipped Comes with original mini-marquee King of the Monsters $30 shipped King of the Monsters 2 $30 shipped I also have some kit...
  9. Zenimus

    This is it: The worst movie ever has been found!

    Titanic: The Legend Goes On I wish I could see your reactions to the first 60 seconds of this clip. CfA0XgFNx-4
  10. Zenimus

    Neo Geo AES games for sale! (Photos added!)

    Hey everybody, regretfully it's time for me to part with some of my Neo treasures. A collision of upcoming wedding and car repair bills are a lot to tackle on my own. So here's what's on offer at the moment: Shipping is free in the US! Everything is sold out! In the future I might update the...
  11. Zenimus

    What movie is this? (part 2)

    Seeing John Terry's thread reminded me that there's an unknown movie that I have vague memories of. I was a kid when I saw this, so it's probably from the early '90s. It was presumably about street gangs. Here's what I think I remember: A car is parked along a sidewalk. Inside are two men...
  12. Zenimus

    8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan

    Wow, there's some crazy footage on the news right now. An 8.8 is insane, I hope you guys are okay over there.
  13. Zenimus

    Online Hobos - Is this sort of thing legal?

    Seems kinda sneaky.
  14. Zenimus

    FT: PS2 Neo Geo Stick 2, Neo Geo Stick 3... want PS3 Hori RAP stick

    Let's do some trading! I want a PS3 Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA, or possibly one of those giant VLX sticks. My trade items: PS2 Neo Geo Stick 2 - original black style, works perfectly, near mint in box PS2 Neo Geo Stick 3 - white with red details, slightly heavier than the earlier stick. Near...
  15. Zenimus

    I found a gnarly spider today...

    I found it in a nature reserve area in Costa Mesa, near Newport Beach. It was pretty big, about 1.5" to maybe 2". I've never seen anything like it here. I don't know if it's venomous or not, so I tried to keep my distance.
  16. Zenimus

    Does anyone actually like those 120Hz & 240Hz TVs?

    You can see them displayed prominently in any electronics store now. They're the ones that look like they're stuck on fast-forward. I think they make everything seem too smooth and unnatural, kinda like how you can instantly tell the difference between a 24 FPS movie and footage from a 29.97 FPS...
  17. Zenimus

    Inverted Camera Controls: Do you?

    After stumbling through Ghostbusters and now the Mini Ninjas demo, I'm frustrated that not all 3D games allow you to fully invert the (X & Y axis) camera controls. Vertical inversion is usually included, but not horizontal. How do you guys play?
  18. Zenimus

    FS: Modded AES and Memory Card **Now on FeeBay**

    Hey everyone. I'm offering up a few extra pieces from my Neo collection. Modded Neo Geo AES This one has been enhanced with S-Video, stereo sound output, a red power-LED, and fitted with a UniBios 2.0. I've had this system for a few years now, and it has always worked perfectly. Even on an...
  19. Zenimus

    Your tax dollars at work: California might ban dark colored cars?

    So, apparently dark colored cars are destroying the environment. They heat up faster, so you'll be more likely to use your AC, which in turn destroys your gas mileage, and thus contributes to Earth's impending doom. I don't expect this will pass, but the fact that they're even considering it is...
  20. Zenimus

    Game & Watch games for iPhone For those of you who enjoy the old Nintendo Game & Watch games, someone has been making conversions of them for the iPhone. Chef Egg Fire Helmet Octopus Parachute They seem to be very faithful conversions of the original handhelds. The only original Game & Watch I...