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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

  2. DanAdamKOF

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    Might be Fatal Fury 3, BJ Love's hammy delivery and Geese doing his thing are too great
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Nice work.
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    New Nanao MS9 hacks to enable 31khz and improve sharpness

    Hi all, mikejmoffitt has written up a guide on the MS9 chassis, which includes modifications to enable 31khz and improve sharpness:
  5. DanAdamKOF

    WTT: Altered Beast (+ JAMMA adapter)

    Works fine, I'll get a PCB pic later if anyone wants (it's dusty). Interested in other PCBs in trade!
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    AIM screennames should be removed

    AIM has been discontinued, so the contact info for it should be removed from profiles.
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    DanAdamKOF's Arcade Cabs And More

    Hello, Neo-Geo Forums. I wrote a series of posts about my arcade cabs on another forum. I've included them here with minor revisions for formatting. Feel free to read all of this text, or just skip through to see photos. I plan to update this thread later with posts focusing on my Neo Geo stuff...
  8. DanAdamKOF

    [No longer needed] WTB: MS8 or MS9 tube or whole monitor

    No longer needed. Thank you! Looking for a 29”. I’m in the Bay Area of California. Let me know what you have. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Swan Song - Youtube series chronologically reviewing WonderSwan games w/ background info An online buddy of mine has been putting in some serious work creating Swan Song, a series of short videos reviewing WonderSwan games and going into detail on their history and reception in Japan. He knows Japanese so he's...
  10. DanAdamKOF

    Cool Neo Geo T-Shirts on Fangamer

    I might want that MVS shirt. Did anyone else who ordered the blue old logo shirt get pink discloration (possibly from deodorant)? I did after wearing mine indoors for a few hours. I got a refund, I'm not really upset (though I would liked to have actually worn the shirt around, IDK if I'll wear...
  11. DanAdamKOF

    WTB: PAL GameCube console within USA

    Looking for a PAL region GameCube console, preferably black but OK if not. Prefer to buy the system on its own, but if you want to get rid of other stuff with it (ie power brick or other stuff sitting around) I might be interested in those too. I want to avoid the cost of overseas shipping, I'm...
  12. DanAdamKOF

    BBH is streaming Neo-Geo games right now! (Yet again!)

    Edit 04/06: He's at it again! Whether you're an oldschooler who remembers ShockBBH from the mailing list days, or a newcomer who doesn't yet know the legend of the king of the 1cc, you should definitely tune in right now. BBH is a wealth of gameplay knowledge and...
  13. DanAdamKOF

    (Fixed.) KV25XBR, RGB, Audio, etc.

    This should be correct, I based it on the cable I made and currently use: I didn't verify every single pin, just used my multimeter a bit to find my bearings then hopped between the pinouts and made notes as I went along by eye. This is probably correct though. On the SCART side, I joined...
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    Stupid Supergun Question

    This is right, they were advertised in game magazines in the early 90s such as Gamefan.
  15. DanAdamKOF beatmania players thread

    Got the capture card I wanted at a price I wanted, worked out great. Bought a PC that runs Lincle and under really well. I hope to stream to twitch somewhat often after I can work through this busy time in my life (I'm fine just a lot is happening) and set up the cabs with splitters. I've...
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    Hori RAP V vs Mad Catz TE2 joysticks (PS4/XB1)

    Hey ResO :)
  17. DanAdamKOF beatmania players thread

    DDR Ace (USA version) is starting to ship to Round 1 and certain Dave & Busters stores: Also, IIDX 24 was announced: SINOBUZ...
  18. DanAdamKOF

    WTB: PSP Go bundle w/cradle (and more)

    Hi guys. I have a lead on a PSP Go in fair condition for $50. That's an OK price but I found out in order to leave it hooked up to a PVM like a console I need the PSP Go cradle, the cradle goes for around $30 and then add to that the Component cable, and it gets up there a bit. So before I...
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    Tam Tam or Cham Cham?

    Pretty tasty
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    What's the most you've ever spent on a single video game title?

    Well for a dedicated cabinet, I got my beatmania IIDX cabinet as part of a lot, and the seller valued it a bit north of $2500 on the tax records, so I guess that one. Not mine pictured but one like this: