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  1. ChiefofSB

    Massive Lot of Arcade Cabs Found In Japan More on the story here and pics.
  2. ChiefofSB

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    FINALLY!! i'm part of the Omega CMVS Club and also picked up the MK48 Supergun from Jasenscustoms 2 guadlike consoles i'm happy to finally have. Neo-Geo the king of retro gaming.
  3. ChiefofSB

    New Shaq Fu Game Anyone

    What use to be a joke has now turned into a reality, i'm kinda interested in seeing how this turns out might even contribute to the kickstarter.
  4. ChiefofSB

    Eightarc Fusion Synthesis Fightstick

    I'm selling my fightstick collection i have 2 on Ebay Eightarc Fusion Synthesis Fightstick Injustice Gods Among Us Fightstick PS3...
  5. ChiefofSB

    SNK Playmore Updates Website

    SNK Playmore Updates Website with Image of 3D Haohmaru, Geese, and More; Official Twitter Account Opened Can't wait to see what they got going on
  6. ChiefofSB

    Large Marquees & Posters

    Large Marquees & Posters i got from ArcadeShock (NOS) the 2 posters was folded for shipping $15 each plus $12 for shipping or take them all for $80 shipped Paypal and US only thx Samurai Shodown 5 Poster
  7. ChiefofSB

    Madcatz Street Fighter X Tekken Fightpads

    Madcatz Street Fighter X Tekken Fightpads These are still like new only use a few times $40 shipped for both or $25 shipped for each pad Paypal and US only thx
  8. ChiefofSB

    AES Soft Cases Lot of 3

    Don't see these on Ebay to much not mine but thought i would post it i seen a few members looking for these
  9. ChiefofSB

    X360USB Pro V2 Ultimate Bundle

    I'm selling a X360USB Pro V2 Ultimate Bundle new never used only opened to check the contents $80 shipped paypal gift or pay the fees US only (SOLD)