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  1. Mike Shagohod

    What anime are you watching?

    I honestly thought my poster of THE KILLER was thrown out years ago, then came across it, Hard-Boiled, Hana-Bi, Sonatine, Kikujiro, (those three for Takeshi Kitano films) the theatrical double sided REPLACEMENT KILLERS poster, Silent Mobius/Neo Tokyo Summer 1992 Double Bill Streamline Pictures...
  2. Mike Shagohod

    What anime are you watching?

    Laser Disc is still Analog just like VHS though, only a slightly higher fidelity in playback and it's susceptible to laser rot at that due to the epoxy used in the biding of the discs that don't bode well over time with the fibers of what makes up the actual disc itself, if left in not "ideal"...
  3. Mike Shagohod

    What anime are you watching?

    I believe I mentioned this sometime back, but I think by then you'd already given me the axe on FB. :keke: I'm only posting there sporadically myself now these days too. In answer to your query: I've never been conventional in "anything" I do from about age 6 on, so this isn't surprising to...
  4. Mike Shagohod

    EAGLES OF DEATH METAL ***ZIPPER DOWN*** is cumming out soon!

    I don't know who else here is an EODM fan or not, but Goddammit I'm psyched! It's only taken seven fucking years since "Heart On" for them to make a new album. I'm just pissed their tour isn't coming anywhere in Texas... Not even Austin!??? Might have to travel to New Mexico to go see them...
  5. Mike Shagohod

    8===D ~ ~

  6. Mike Shagohod

    ANDY "fucking" GIBB was the man.

    mcHlL6PR5NU I want that grey and black striped shirt. And if you hate this song... FUCK YOU! ;)
  7. Mike Shagohod

    ***FINALLY on PS3/PSN*** (for those who give a damn and aren't on Facebook)

    Thread title says it all. Some of you I've been cool with for years aren't on Facebook with me, thus I'm just letting those who give a damn know. Add me bitches. :cool: GAMER TAG = Mike_Shagohod
  8. Mike Shagohod

    AYO, "Wassup' you magnificent bastids?"

    Gonna' be in and out of here for a few days just out of plain old curiosity, and wondering who that I might know is still posting in these parts. Just visiting for a bit, and then it's back to stormriding other parts of Cyberspace (mostly FaceBook) MERCENARY X99
  9. Mike Shagohod

    Flashback on YOUR 2012 with...

    wNWS4RTuFaQ Appropriate and sets the mood for all us reflecting back on this past year as we only have 4 1/2 hours till midnight (at least here Central Time) HAPPY FUCKIN' NEW YEAR! :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
  10. Mike Shagohod

    WOW... *STILL* No "10 YEARS!" tag? Really?

    :annoyed: I realize I only pass through town from time to time these days, but shit. I got here 10 years ago back in May. :oh_no:
  11. Mike Shagohod

    What I said ALL ALONG... (concerning Poison / Final Fight) the FINAL word!

    It's been decided that fans can decide for themselves officially. NOW THEN... as I said all along. LEGIT Biker Slut.
  12. Mike Shagohod

    If you loved *Trailer Park Boys*... then HOUSOS U must see (Australia) \m/

    iE7W8DzlGqQ& Friend of mine in Sydney sent me this trailer on my FB (already shared it with Heartless Ninny on his page) and I'm fucking roaring. Can't find anything other than clips so far, but it's in the vein of Trailer Park Boys and even takes place in "another" SunnyVale...
  13. Mike Shagohod

    Shagohod sings some Danzig (w. some cigarette induced probs) + Heatwave oldie & La Chela!

    Shagohod sings some Danzig (w. some cigarette induced probs) + Heatwave oldie & La Chela! As on my facebook: :tickled: ***At Dj Dragon's Final Karaoke Show @ London Sub & Pub. I DID the song "okay" but it's not best performance of it sadly. I even mention towards the end, "gotta' stop...
  14. Mike Shagohod

    Warriors of Goja! HOLY CRAP THIS IS HILARIOUS! (SRSLY Watch This shit!)

    as shared on my FB page a few minutes ago. Holy crap these doods are insane! :eek: uy09cXwsz6w Enjoy! Watch the whole damn thing.
  15. Mike Shagohod

    OH GAWD NO! Nooooooooooooo!

    5k0mo_oJfn4 sorry this is crap! :oh_no:
  16. Mike Shagohod

    Fans of *Streets of Fire* take heed... ROAD TO HELL is near (SOF II)

    My all time fave movie is... oJGo2rvfSuA and now the "unofficial" sequel is about to FINALLY be unleashed on DVD soon (after 3 freakin years!) Just as part 1 was a hybrid of genres and "different" So will the sequel be... uzBthXyzcgg some are already hating on it, cause it's (obviously) a...
  17. Mike Shagohod

    BATTLEZONE: Episode #2 ***VOTOMS EDITION*** Army Men Evolved|

    the sequel to this thread from 7 months ago...***BATTLEZONE-Army-Men-Evolved-amp-Historical-Coolness-with-toys-and-4-Ladguf-too.&highlight= :tickled: AND SO... Jake Ryan and I at war on the outskirts of Benam City. I'm controlling the...
  18. Mike Shagohod

    Is it just me or, is everyone else having a problem...

    logging into their Face Book accounts? I've tried several times over the last two hours, even using an older browser, but it's like it's not there. The mainpage is there but nothing else works. A friend of mine locally says he can't access his page either. WEIRD.
  19. Mike Shagohod

    I'm so fucking bored right now...

    I feel like a billion years has passed since yesterday morning, woke up to an awesome display of Roller Derby from a live feed in Australia where my chicas the TXRG Hot Rod Honeys spanked Victoria Roller Derby League HARD... slept... and worked... and now... NOTHING. Boredom setting in...