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  1. Luciano

    World Heroes Perfect Stage select in VS mode?

    I played WHP a lot with friends in the last time having a total blast with it. The only bad side was that in VS mode the stages did not change. I checked the unibios for a cheat and the internet for a solution but could not even find a discussion about the problem. We always had the pyramid or...
  2. Luciano

    WTB: Neo Geo AES: Twinkle Star, Metal Slug, BTM & more

    I know, I know - please donエt give me a shitstorm... I am looking to complete my Neo Geo collection and am missing: Twinkle Star Sprites Metal Slug Metal Slug 2 Big Tournament Golf Andro Dunos Rage of Dragons Last Hope Pink Bullets Only Japan versions and original. I am not going to pay the...
  3. Luciano

    FS/FT: Spinmaster Neo Geo AES US/EU

    Prices in Euro including shipping wordlwide. I took time to clean the games, so a new start. Spinmaster 420 Games I am looking for to trade: Neo Geo Metal Slug Metal Slug 2 Big Tournament Golf Andro Dunos Twinkle Star Sprites PCB Night Slashers Double Dragon 2 Oriental Legends Captain...
  4. Luciano

    Lucianos 100 Mega Shock!

    I also join in showing off! Garou Densetsu complete! Samurai Spirits and the other weapon fighters complete! King of Fighters complete! Ryuko no Ken and Fuuin complete! World Heroes complete and other remaining fighters. Neo Geo brawlers complete! Horizontal shooters and Viewpoint...
  5. Luciano

    Ganryu red blood

    I received a Ganryu conversion and tried to enable red blood via the unibios (3.2). Somwhow it wont work for me. Is there a special timing when it needs to be enabled or some setting?
  6. Luciano

    Razion score mechanics

    I played some Razion and cleared it on novice Difficulty. It´s a really great game which gets better with every level and every time played. Anyway I am not sure about the score mechanics yet. With the beam you can make the cubes green, which increases the beam gauge. I think the score...
  7. Luciano

    WTB AES: Metal Slug, Big Tournament Golf, Andro Dunos, Soccer Brawl

    I am looking for the mentioned japanese AES games. Complete in good condition and no conversions.
  8. Luciano

    WTS: Samurai Shodown 5 Special US unfixed AES

    I sell the US unfixed version of Samurai Shodown 5 Special. The fatalies can be unlocked through the UniBios. It is very rare since most of the carts were fixed. No Conversion, original authentic SNK. The game is in great condition, Case is mint. The cart has same scars from the Slot, manual in...
  9. Luciano

    Sound problem with AES Cart

    Hi, I have a problem with my Thrash Rally homecart. One of the sound channels doesnt work, there is only a distorted noise instead. I cleaned it a lot and opened the cart, but no success. The neo geo logo jingle plays fine but the engine sound is totally broken. I checked the boards but...
  10. Luciano


    Metal Slug Metal Slug MVS Cart. 40,- Euro 3x Shockbox Only Shockbox. Each 12,- Euro. All 3 together: 30,- Euro. SOLD: Neo Super MVS SNK Convertor I have the original case in the cellar, so will be sold complete. Sold at NexGam Forum Blazing Star incl. Shockbox Original...
  11. Luciano

    Problem with Thrash Rally AES Cart

    Hi! I have a problem with my Thrash Rally AES Cart. It boots up nicely but the sound is ALWAYS distorted. I tried to clean the contacts with alcohol, but the sound is still strange. I used a Q-Tip and Isopropanol alcohol and took something off for sure since the Q-Tip got a little black. Some...
  12. Luciano

    Neo Geo in Köln / Germany

    Wenn jemand aus der Gegend Lust hat auf Neo Geo Sessions hat meldet Euch.
  13. Luciano

    WTB: Gan Gan / Agressors of Dark Kombat

    I am looking for a japanese AES cart of Gan Gan in good condition.
  14. Luciano

    WTB: Gan Gan / Agressors of Dark Kombat

    Sorry, wrong Forum. Please delete.