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  1. Phyeir

    Lenovo pre-loads select laptops with now-hackable adware. YAY!

    The program is called Superfish, it was intended to display related ads in browser, but it acts as a middle man, similar to some malicious adware or trojan programs. Customers have been complaining for a few months, but now that word has leaked that it's been cracked, people are for some reason...
  2. Phyeir

    Good God...this weather is really taking its toll on everyone...

    Fallen snow with snow banks. Garages for scale.
  3. Phyeir

    WTB xbox Dreamx

  4. Phyeir

    PSN Flash Sale - Ends 02/16/15

    Pretty good sale going on here, dudes. About 40 indie titles, all knocked down to around $3. List is pretty sweet too... Resogun... Lumines... Dead Nation... I'm making my picks now ^_^
  5. Phyeir

    Weekly Gaming Roundup - 01/18/15

    PS4 Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos - Beat the game this weekend. The series seems to be getting better as it goes, though it is still very much a budget title. Where the old games tried to get gameplay by having large or long maps with far too much empty space, the games have started to have tighter...
  6. Phyeir

    Region breaking your 3DS (Sry, doesn't work for new 3ds)

    Looks like there is a way to region freeing your system now. I'm sure this gets updated away at some point, but for those with multiple systems, this may be a good thing to consider using one just for this purpose...
  7. Phyeir

    Zeljko Aksentijevic convicted in first defended anti-spam case in New Zealand

    Don't fuck with the forum owned & moderated by lawyers.
  8. Phyeir

    Happy Birthday BeefJerky

    HBD beff!
  9. Phyeir

    Weekly Gaming Roundup - 01/11/2015

    PS4 The Last of Us Remastered - Never played it on PS3, so got it here. I see why everyone praised this game. Deserves every accolate. Onechanbara Z2 - Fun as hell!
  10. Phyeir

    Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

  11. Phyeir

    SOLD: 3 Slugs and a Zupapa! - $200 shipped

    $200 shipped in the USA. Comes with the three blank shockboxes, all games are of course original hardware and legit. No trades, not interested in breaking up the bundle. Pay by Paypal gift or add the 4%.
  12. Phyeir

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Well, I just purchased this for myself, so maybe shame is a concept not best inquired of me... Spoilered as a bit NSFW..
  13. Phyeir

    Suda51 open to making No More Heroes 3

    Suda51 is currently working on Let It Die for the PS4, but unlike past statements where NMH2 was meant to be the last in the series, it looks like NMH3 may just be in the cards... Keeping my fingers crossed this comes together...
  14. Phyeir

    Weekly Gaming Round-up - 12/21/14

    Next week will be the big week for people I bet, but now is the best time for backloggery! WiiU Bayonetta Smash Bros PS3 Tales of Xillia PS4 Oneechanbara
  15. Phyeir

    $330 Wal-mart Pick-up in Store deal *Now with BestBuy dealz*

    Don't know how long this will run but PS4 is available from for in-store pick up for $330. This matches the best deal from the Xmas season, so if you've been holding out, now may be a good time (I know I did)
  16. Phyeir

    CIA torture report released - rectal feeding is a thing?