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  1. Michael Yagami

    Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo & Street Fighter 2 the Animated Movie: 20th Anniversary

    Both Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie turn 20 this year. Where in the hell did all those years go?!
  2. Michael Yagami

    WTB: Mega Drive Double Dragon 2

    Looking for a complete Double Dragon 2 for the Mega Drive in good condition. Shoot me a PM. Mike
  3. Michael Yagami

    Duke Nukem Theme cover.

    Just finished this up. Lemmie know what ya think: UJIAVhmIwBg
  4. Michael Yagami

    WTB: Rival Schools US PS1 Complete

    I'm looking for a complete, US copy of Rival Schools for the PS1. Shoot me a PM if you have one and you'd like to trade it for money.
  5. Michael Yagami

    WTB/WTTF KOF 00/01 and KOF02/03 US PS2

    I'm looking for complete, good condition, US copies of KOF 00/01 and KOF 02/03 for the PS2. If you have one you'd be willing to part with, shoot me a PM. I have plenty of stuff to trade or I can just give you cash. Break a spine, M.
  6. Michael Yagami

    Have you played a Castlevania game today?

    Because you damn well should have! No, seriously, go load up the Castlevania title of your choice and kill some vampires.
  7. Michael Yagami

    2012's fresh Christmas jam: The First Leon (Somewhat Professional)

    Merry Christmas, ya bastards! Bbj0EuBQZGQ
  8. Michael Yagami

    Did a new Rob Zombie Halloween photo shoot this past Sunday

    With Halloween almost upon us I thought it was time to do another Rob Zombie photo shoot. This time my photographer friend and I actually put some thought into what we were doing. We found an amazing location, blocked out shots and generally did a much better job than we did last year. You can...
  9. Michael Yagami

    I got to hang out with Rocky George (Suicidal Tendencies/Fishbone) last night!

    I'm a HUGE fan of Suicidal Tendencies and Rocky George's guitar playing. I grew up listening to SxTx and Rocky's style was a huge influence on my guitar playing. When I found out that Fishbone was going to be playing in my hometown I picked up tickets as soon as I could. My friend, Jeff (who...
  10. Michael Yagami

    So, I've started selling Halloween-themed t-shirts.

    Last month I started work on a t-shirt design based on John Carpenter's Halloween. Originally, I was working on the design for myself, but when I showed the finished product to some fellow Halloween fans there was enough demand that I ended up setting up a cafepress shop. Right now, I have a...
  11. Michael Yagami

    Recommend to me some Shooters that I can pick up for the 360/PS3.

    I'm jonesing for some new shooters to play, and I'm years removed from having an arcade setup of any kind so I'm limited to the 360/PS3. Gimmie some recommendations so I can get back in the saddle.
  12. Michael Yagami

    IP ban New Zealand

    It's the only way to be sure.
  13. Michael Yagami

    Rodney King found dead at the bottom of his pool

    CNN just announced that Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his pool a few hours ago.
  14. Michael Yagami

    New Masterpiece Transformers announced: Sideswipe, Red Alert and Soundwave

    Masterpiece Sideswipe and Red Alert: More Info Masterpiece Soundwave: More Info
  15. Michael Yagami


    Happy birthday, Dan!
  16. Michael Yagami

    Just got back from seeing Rammstein live in Philadelphia.

    My wife and I spent 3 days in Philly for the Rammstein show at the Wells Fargo Center this past Thursday. We managed to get front row spots on stage left. It was the 3rd time we've seen them live and they never disappoint. Here are some of the videos I shot from our spot up front...
  17. Michael Yagami

    Punk Rock Fans, Get Your Asses In Here!

    Since we have multi page topics on heavy metal and '80s Retro Electro Music (which are 2 things I love), I figured we should have a Punk Rock thread. And don't bring that "this is punk, that is not punk" bullshit in here. What "punk" means to me might not be what it means to you. So, what bands...
  18. Michael Yagami

    Just realized that Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral" turned 18 on 3/4/2012

    Fantastic album, and it still sounds fresh today. If you haven't yet, pick up the Deluxe Edition 2 disc version and listen to the entire album in 5.1 surround. Hey pig, piggy, pig, pig, pig.
  19. Michael Yagami

    AES Snap Lock case dimensions

    I'm working on something right now and I need to know the dimensions of the cart tray on Snap Lock case, but I don't have one on hand to measure. Can someone measure one up and give me the dimensions? Thanks in advance.
  20. Michael Yagami

    T-Shirt collecting.

    Anyone else out there in to collecting T-Shirts? Personally, I never started out with the intent of collecting visually interesting and/or rare T-Shirts, I just started buying shirts I liked. Like anything I get in to, I quickly went from "just buying shirts" to seeking out rare and out of print...