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  1. BBH

    The Super Spy 1CC video and webpage

    As some of you may know, I had an old webpage where I did reviews of some obscure arcade games. Then I got lazy and stopped updating it. Recently I decided to revive it and attempt to finish off some reviews I had started but never finished. One of them was for The Super Spy. Yes, I know the...
  2. BBH

    Outrun Online Arcade

    The best arcade racing game of the decade drops tomorrow (04/15) on XBLA at 2 AM PST for 800 Microsoft moneys. Who is down for some drifting?
  3. BBH

    KOF XII @ Portland, Oregon

    I'm not sure how or why, but the Tilt arcade in Lloyd Center Mall in downtown Portland has managed to get a KOF XII cabinet. I thought the game wasn't even out in Japan yet, so I'm not sure how this is possible! I'll be there tomorrow recording vids. (they're also holding a SF4 console...
  4. BBH

    Rez beta version dumped

    I know there are some Rez fans here so maybe you guys would be interested in this. Shameless copy-paste from the Lost Levels forums: Downloadable from Underground Gamer if you have an account, or Megaupload. It's a self-booting CDI file... haven't tried it yet, but I'm not really a huge Rez buff.
  5. BBH

    GGPO - Online lag-free NOW w/ KoF 98

    I thought there was already a topic here about it but I guess not... which surprises me considering how much love there is for Alpha 2 on this forum! GGPO is by far the best optimized netcode for fighting games, ever. It uses a modified Final Burn Alpha emulator and...
  6. BBH

    I broke the world record on Over Top.

    yeah. the Gamest/Arcadia world record, according to Gemant's Gamest/Arcadia database, is 3'14"72. Me and another player at MARP think that a time of around 3'11 could be done in an absolutely flawless run. Unfortunately, one of the keys to getting a good time is by doing a speed boost by...
  7. BBH

    Metal Slug 6 is actually pretty good.

    Yeah. I've been bashing the latest Metal Slug's here for a while now, mainly because they always felt exactly the same to me. It's the same shit every game, same engine, same identical characters, same overreliance on memorizing the game to avoid cheap deaths, etc. But when I read that one of...
  8. BBH

    NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOOUUUUUUUURRRRR! (another damn youtube link) kids are funny.
  9. BBH

    Total Carnage

    I've been playing this a lot lately in MAME. I've also managed to do what I always believed was impossible... finished it with one credit. Then with a little more work I managed to reach the Pleasure Dome on one credit too. I'm satisfied now, especially since I don't know of anybody else who's...
  10. BBH

    animated .gif avatars

    why are these not allowed any more? and why does it say the maximum space for an avatar now is 100x100?
  11. BBH

    I'm the Juggernaut bitch!

  12. BBH

    Tilt converting Final Furlong cabinets to KoF XI

    so I stopped by the Tilt in Vancouver, WA for the first time and saw a King of Fighters XI cabinet there. This wasn't any ordinary cabinet though, it had apparently been converted from Namco's Final Furlong (you know, the horse racing game where you practically hump the seat). Of course the...
  13. BBH

    Top Hunter moneybag items?

    this is probably a longshot to ask here these days, but oh well... I recently watched a MAME recording of some Japanese guy who finished Top Hunter with a score of 737k or so. I was wondering where all the extra points came from, and one such thing happened here on the Forest Planet (and again...
  14. BBH

    Ali G tackles Pamela Anderson at her dog's wedding... huh?

    Funny shit. I love that look of terror... serves her right for having a wedding for a friggin DOG.
  15. BBH

    Shock Troopers 2nd Squad OST

    wow, I didn't mean for this to get so long. But here goes. funny story - all this time I had held off on buying the Shock Troopers 2nd Squad Original Soundtrack. It annoyed me that 2nd Squad got an OST release while Shock Troopers 1 got the shaft yet again. I mean, 2nd Squad's music is pretty...
  16. BBH

    Neowave button layout

    an arcade around here actually managed to get KoF Neowave, totally didn't see that one coming. now I haven't really been following anything regarding Neowave, and for that matter I pretty much stopped playing KoF after '98. But please tell me that the vending company that got the game are a...
  17. BBH

    Official Neo Geo High Score Thread - Top Ranked Players Only

    UPDATE [May 2010] Neo Geo High Score Wiki! [EDIT: [Bobak] TonK handed this thread over to BBH so Tak and I inserted this "new" older post above TonK's original post and pasted in BBH's original post which is down at...
  18. BBH

    Has anybody ever finished The Super Spy on one credit?

    ...because if not, I think I may be the first. :D (well, I know somebody in Japan must've done it at least) yes, I know I'm pretty sick in the head to devote any time and effort to accomplishing something stupid like this. But I was working on a FAQ for it, and in the process I've learned a...
  19. BBH

    Spaceballs 2!!!

  20. BBH

    biggest sig ever? it's an amusing animated .gif, sure. but 1.6 megabytes? :oh_no: