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  1. Dack

    Puzzle Bobble Mini Not Saving High Scores (NGPC)

    I've just recently gotten back into playing/collecting Neo Geo Pocket Color games, but when I went to play Puzzle Bobble Mini (Bust a Move Pocket) today, I noticed that the high scores were scrambled. Instead of the time/initials, it has something like HO HO HO or NO NO NO and blocks and...
  2. Dack

    WTB: Legit Bust-a-Move with U.S. Label

    Looking for an authentic Bust-a-Move MVS cart with the U.S. "Bust-a-Move" label. PM if you got one!
  3. Dack

    WTB: Neo Geo Arcade Stick for CMVS/AES

    Found one. Thanks!
  4. Dack

    Best Way to Open MVS Cart?

    This is probably a stupid, or at least newbie, question, but what is the best way to go about opening an MVS cart to check the game boards without damaging the label? Is it just simply a matter of carefully lifting it open without opening it too wide?