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  1. Decepticreep

    RIP Jedah Doma

    I am sad to report that my dear friend and fellow member Brian Castleberry, aka Jedah Doma died yesterday. I don’t know the cause yet, but he will be missed. He leaves behind 2 sons and a daughter.
  2. Decepticreep

    My Niece Died In Utero

    I really don't know why I am sharing on here... I think I just need to talk about it for my own sanity. This last Monday, my in-laws were scheduled to go to the hospital so that they could give birth. She felt major contractions then nothing... When they arrived, the ultra sound showed no...
  3. Decepticreep

    The Conners, anyone watch it?

    What are your guys' thoughts? I watched it. I am not a huge sitcom fan, but I rather enjoyed it. Rosanne Barr was one of the weaker actors on the show anyways. Seems to me her skills got worse the older she got.
  4. Decepticreep

    Ironclad MVS Story

    I was in Vegas over the weekend visiting my brother. He took me to a video game store and this guy was selling MVS games. The guy had Ironclad on MVS and my brother looks at him and states, "That's a boot." Owner goes, "No it's not." Bro - "Yes it is. That game was never released on MVS...
  5. Decepticreep

    TCG/Collectible Card Game Thread

    I saw that there was a Hearth Stone thread, but I didn't see a generic TCG/CCG thread. I am just curious what, if any, TCGs do you guys play? I started playing TCGs back in 95/96 with the Star Wars CCG. I learned how to play MTG in Jr. High, but my parents are super religious, and I wasn't...
  6. Decepticreep

    Game giveaway: Dragon Quest XI for PS4

    Just the first one. I haven't beaten the second one.
  7. Decepticreep

    Serious question- How many of you people have tattoos?

    I have a few, but this one is one of my favorites.
  8. Decepticreep

    Card Fighter Clash related - Give away

    Looks like it ends today. Entered, hopefully I met the cut off.
  9. Decepticreep

    Hydroponics and indoor gardening

    I indoor garden. The plants on the left are basil and broccoli. The bushy plant in the middle is a mango plant. The tall plants on the right are avocados and behind those are bell peppers. We grew all the plants from seeds except the vine, which was propagated from my wife's grandmother's plant.
  10. Decepticreep

    What's your favorite Foreign Slang or Insult?

    Mine is geseki. It's Korean and it means "son of a bitch." My mom calls me this all the time, hahaha!
  11. Decepticreep

    Game on Expo - Phoenix Aug 11th-13th

    Just wondering if anyone was attending?
  12. Decepticreep

    Do you have a NGPC now? Did you 15 years ago?

    The one on Alma School and Elliot. I also found Metal Slug 2nd Mission at the Fallout Games in Scottsdale. That was one of the last NGPC i was actively looking for.
  13. Decepticreep

    Google Chrome Deems N-G Dangerous

    I just thought it was funny.
  14. Decepticreep

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    I saw this last night and I said fuck it. Fucking flippers.
  15. Decepticreep

    So I got to go bowling with the Arizona Cardinals

    I got invited by Verizon for a charity event to go bowling with the Arizona Cardinals. I am not a huge Football fan, but it was fun none-the-less. I did get to meet Carson Palmer. He seemed like he didn't want to be there.
  16. Decepticreep

    Blue's Journey graphical glitches

    I just bought a copy of Riding Hero and its also doing this no matter how well I clean it. You guys suggest I tear apart the cart and clean it? Which part do I clean aside from the edge connector?
  17. Decepticreep

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got this on ebay for $75. Not to bad for the price.
  18. Decepticreep

    So my daughter's bus got delayed for 2 hours because of a toy gun...

    Yeah... I was pretty pissed off at that. The kid who brought the toy gun is a little shit and his dad is a big shit. I called the school yesterday and the principal didn't give me much info. Said that the kids were safe and that's all. My daughter's 10 year old friend texted my wife to give...