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  1. Scott

    Question for Framemeister users

    What's up guys. As a lon -time CRT-only user, I just purchased my first LED TV and I wanted to get a framemeister since everything looks like garbage through the TVs scaler. My question is about judder though. Are there any consoles specifically that have issues with smooth scrolling? I know...
  2. Scott

    Ultimate MK3 pcb - bad PIC chip

    What's up guys. Anyone here ever have an issue with the U64 rom going bad on a MK3 board? I'm assuming it was battery backed, because it worked just fine before I took the battery out...wish I knew earlier. Anyway I can't seem to find this chip anywhere. Anyone?
  3. Scott

    Changing the PSU in an EGRET II

    What's up guys. I need to replace the power supply in my Egret 2 and it was recommended that I just buy a Happ switching PSU. My only issue is the wiring...the Taito supply has three wires running to +5v, two going to +12v, and three to ground. The Happ only has one +12 and one +5, and two...
  4. Scott

    WTB: Supergun

    What's up guys. I've been looking around, but I can't seem to find anyone selling superguns anymore. Any members here still building them? Specifically, I'm looking for something with the Neobitz encoder, S-video, component, Neo controller ports, etc. Thanks everyone.
  5. Scott

    FS: X-Men COTA CPS-2

    What's up guys. I'm just selling off some of my extras. All B-boards had their batteries changed 2 weeks ago. X-Men: COTA - $90 shipped Marvel vs Capcom (blue, phoenixed) - SOLD Marvel vs Capcom (green) - SOLD
  6. Scott

    Vogatek supergun - black & white picture only

    Hey what's up guys. I just got a Vogatek MK V and I am getting a black and white picture through both S-video and composite. Does anyone know what could cause this? There's no other video issues other than the lack of color.
  7. Scott

    WTB: Vogatek MK V supergun

    Anyone have one of these or possibly know where I can get one? I haven't seen one for sale in ages.
  8. Scott

    Interest check: Sega Model 3 Drivers

    What's up guys. I'm thinking of selling off all of my Model 3 driving games as I don't have a cab anymore and don't plan on getting another one in the near-future. Just curious if anyone on here would be interested. Here's what I have: Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge SCUD Race LeMans 24...
  9. Scott

    Weird CPS3 issue

    What's up guys. I noticed a strange problem with my SF2: 2nd Impact. You can't select a character with the short kick button. No biggie really, but you can't get that costume color, and I don't remember ever having this problem. Just wondering if anyone else can confirm this issue. I'm...
  10. Scott

    WTB: Mark of the Wolves MVS

    What's up guys. This game is impossible to get, so I'll pay $180 for a clean US copy. And by clean, I mean I'd like a perfect label and a nice shell.
  11. Scott

    WTB: Garou: MOTW MVS

    Whats up guys. Looking for a clean Mark of the Wolves with a nice label - no peeling or scratched serials. I'd settle for Japanese if necessary. Thanks!
  12. Scott

    Please delete

    Edit: Whoops, wrong forum.
  13. Scott

    FS: Mint 3DS (black) w/RE:Revelations

    What's up guys. I've got a mint condition, damn-near new 3DS for sale with a mint copy of Resident Evil Revelations. The 3DS is complete with box and everything that came with it. I'm asking $140 shipped for everything, a little less if you don't want the game. PM me if you're interested...
  14. Scott

    WTB: English MVS (LB, SS 2-4, Garou, Slug 1-3)

    Whats up guys. I'm looking for a few carts to redo my collection. I'm looking only for English MVS carts with nice labels and serials intact. I'd prefer loose carts as I don't really collect kits anymore. Thanks! Last Blade Samurai Showdown 2,3,4 Garou: MOTW Metal Slug 1,2,X,3
  15. Scott


    No longer for sale
  16. Scott

    WTB: X-Men vs SF (Green)

    Whats up guys. I'm looking for a green X-Men vs SF in really clean condition. Something without any peeling or yellowing of the label. Either phoenixed or unphoenixed is fine. This is one of the last games I need for my collection before I send the rest of my games off to Raz to get fixed...
  17. Scott

    FS: Primal Rage pcb

    For sale is a working Primal Race pcb, complete with soundboard and heavy-ass metal plate. You rarely see these with the sound cables, so this one's pretty sweet. $80 shipped takes it. Don't forgot, the metal plate is heavy as hell so the shipping costs a pretty penny. PM me if you want it.
  18. Scott

    FS: Marvel Super Heroes CPS-2 kit

    Whats up guys. I've got a mint-condition MSH kit, blue version. I'll try to get some pics up sometime tommorrow. The only thing it doesn't have is a large marquee, but I bought it new and it never came with one. The cart has been phoenixed, so its good to go forever. I'm asking $200 shipped...
  19. Scott

    FS: God of War 3 (mint)

    Whats up guys. Selling my God of War 3. Still pretty much in new-condition. $40 shipped in the US