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  1. starscream615

    Had a baby and want to sell my collection. Tips?

    Hi everyone. It's been quite some time since I was active in the MVS buying scene and I have a respectable collection that I am looking to get off my hands along with other items in my gaming collection. The idea is sell enough for a down payment on a bigger house then get out of this one, fix...
  2. starscream615

    Max Payne 3 Justice Pack DLC Code 360

    $3 paypal gift I guess or if anyone has some Lolipop Chainsaw costume Dlc they want to trade I'd be up for that. Feel free and make an offer as I have a second code in my email for some reason and didn't even realize it.
  3. starscream615

    Anyone have a Diablo 3 guest pass?

    I would like to try out the game so I would be greatly appreciative.
  4. starscream615

    Kid Icurus 3d Classic code (SOLD!)

    Best Buy sent me another one today for some reason. I would like to trade it for some other DLC code or $5 gift paypal. Anyone interested?
  5. starscream615

    Uncharted 3 regeneration pack

    Preorder content from best buy. Code through email and paypal only, make me an offer as I'm not greedy.
  6. starscream615

    Keurig Coffee makers are pretty much the shit.

    I bought one on the recommendation of a coworker thinking I would end up just returning it but man, let me tell you, it's pretty awesome having so much variety. I mean, a different flavor every morning. Plus, when you register it on their website, you get two free boxes of k-cups (coffee and...
  7. starscream615

    Buying an iPad has really ruined my routine.

    I just don't visit much anymore. It's not that the website isn't very iPad friendly (it's just a bit slow) it's that the iPad has made other sites I would never have time to visit more convenient and I rarely find myself even using my desktop or laptop. Any other tablet owners noticed a change...
  8. starscream615

    Pricing question on a NEOGEO CD.

    I found a top loading neo geo cd system today complete with box in decent shape today in a game store that I frequent. It's been there for a while but I never gave it much thought due to the store wanting way too much for it. Today I was happened to be there when the stores owner was there and...
  9. starscream615

    Toshiaki "Shinkiro" Mori 20 Year Retrospective Feature
  10. starscream615

    So did anyone buy a 3DS?

    I did, got street fighter with it for 15 bux, then got ridge racer and nintendogs and cats for $10 off and a $10 giftcard. The games are ok, ridge racer is basic but fun and the graphics are ok (you can tell they made it quick) but the 3D is really well done. Street Fighter is pretty awesome...
  11. starscream615

    Happy Birthday Starscream615!

  12. starscream615

    All of the Gawker sites suck now!

    They changed two of the sites I visit most, Gizmodo and Kotaku and god does the layout suck now. I have been trying it all day and not only does the new layout suck really, really bad but the site itself is unusable half the time due to the site not loading correctly. I never thought a layout...
  13. starscream615

    There has been a three helicopter search going on near my house for over an hour.

    God, I gotta get out of this shit city. I can't even imagine what you would search for in the same few areas for that long and still think their was hope of finding it. Especially this late at night.
  14. starscream615

    So...How is this website paid for?

    I know Bobak is the server of "the Shawn" and all, but does Shawn just pay for this out of the kindness of his heart as I don't see any ads (aside from the one advertising fuck dolls and parties with alleged murders) and I was just wondering? Is he some kind of awesome rich guy that just does...
  15. starscream615

    So some asshole claims my wife ran over his foot.

    My backs been out so yesterday my wife went to the ghetto to get me some popeyes chicken. When she was leaving there was a car parked beside her that had a price tag on it and the hood open parked backwards with some guy looking in the engine and then a woman standing on the side that was near...
  16. starscream615

    Just bought a standard Xbox, what games should I get?

    I just bought a standard Xbox for $12.50 at a video game store that was closing. Until now, I had never had an Xbox and the only games that I already have for it are mostly ones that I either picked up randomly just because they were cheap or they were backwards compatible on the 360. Here is...
  17. starscream615

    Lost in Shadow I got good feelings about this game even though I have a fear it may be quite like Limbo (which isn't really a bad thing since I loved that game). I think I may...
  18. starscream615

    If anyone sees this doll, I need it.

    Specifically, the Scott Pilgrim one. I got the Ramona Flowers doll for Christmas which my wife found by sheer luck at an FYE in my city but the Scott doll seems to be hard to find. I can find it online for $25 to $50 but even at the low end that's more than double the list price of $10.99. If...
  19. starscream615

    1001 Videogames to play before you die.

    So I ordered this for myself from amazon in addition to some gifts for some other folks. Got it a few days ago and laid down to start reading it over last night. Read the forward by Peter M that was pretty good then go to read the introduction . Read the first two pages (8,9) and then turn...