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  1. tomwaits

    Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    We had a massive ice storm in 2008. Trees and power poles down everywhere from the weight of the ice coatings. 12 days without power in mid/late December. I was burning fallen trees & branches in the fireplace to stay warm. Heating canned food along the edge of the fire. Most roads were blocked...
  2. tomwaits

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. tomwaits

    Google to shut down Stadia

    Sad that there are some Stadia exclusive games that may disappear forever when the service ends. Pac-man Tunnel Battle will probably resurface in a future compilation, but others like gylt or hello engineer will probably just vanish.
  4. tomwaits

    NBA season 21/22

    NBA players shouldn't be paid for games/practices missed due to 'mental health'.
  5. tomwaits

    Battle Garegga rev.2016 physical release from LRG today!

    Short notice, but LimitedRunGames is offering a physical release of Battle Garegga rev.2016 today for PS4. The Japanese release was just a download code and some 'collectibles', so this is the first real physical release...
  6. tomwaits

    All Williams/Bally pinball tables to be delisted from Pinball Arcade on June 30th

    Farsight's license for Williams/Bally pinball tables is set to expire on June 30th. About 2/3 of the Pinball Arcade tables will no longer be available for purchase on any platform. Any purchases will remain in your download list, but if there's any Williams/Bally tables that you want then you...
  7. tomwaits

    Playboy to feature trans-gender playmate as Miss November

    Playboy's 'Miss November' is going to be a she-male. Not sure if Playboy is just grasping for publicity to sell magazines or if they're actually trying to push social acceptance for transgenders. The internet has made Playboy magazine mostly irrelevant, but is this disrespecting their...
  8. tomwaits

    Caladrius Blaze (PS4) from Limited Run Games

    Anyone else getting Caladrius Blaze for the PS4 on Friday? I got the PS3 version when play-asia had it cheap, but will probably go for the PS4 version if I can checkout before it's gone... decent game and the LRG release will include a manual and artbook.
  9. tomwaits

    DariusBurst CS from Limited Run games

    Anyone getting DariusBurst CS from Limited Run games on Friday? I already have the Vita version from PSN but would like a physical copy for PS4. The Japanese retail release is slightly cheaper, but getting DLC from the Japanese PSN would be more expensive...
  10. tomwaits

    Japanese PSN exclusives for PS4?

    I'm going to link my Japanese PSN account to my PS4 to get Battle Garegga. Trying to decide how much PSN Yen to buy. Are there any other import-friendly Japanese PSN exclusives for PS4 that I should check out? Thanks!
  11. tomwaits


    SOLD. Selling my DDP 2 Bee Storm cart. Cart shell is clean with almost no scratches/scuffs. Ends of the label need to be re-glued and the label is a little scrunched at the top middle. $120 + exact online rate postage.
  12. tomwaits

    FS - MV1-FS mobo, MV-LED credit boards, MV-ELA

    I've got a few extra MVS hardware items for sale. $65 shipped - MV-1FS motherboard. * This MV-1FS shows a slight curl on the top few scanlines when I use it on my NEC XM-29. The curl doesn't happen with my MV-1C. I think the video sync is a little different on an MV-1FS and not fully...
  13. tomwaits

    FS/FT - Sega games for PCE, misc games.

    Spring cleaning. A few things for sale/trade. Mostly looking for MVS carts or Saturn imports as possible trades. Prices don't include postage. $40 - PCE Sega Ages bundle. Outrun CIB and loose HuCards of After Burner 2 and Space Harrier. (Space Harrier has some label wear) $25 - SNES...
  14. tomwaits

    FS - 2x VGA/RGB switchboxes - $20 shipped

    I bought these hoping to connect multiple RGB consoles to my NEC XM29 but I had issues with both of them. The 4-input blue video switcher seems fine with VGA or higher resolutions but 15kHz consoles display too dim. No idea if it's an issue with the switcher or my monitor. The full PC switcher...
  15. tomwaits

    FS/FT - Dreamcast Agetec stick, X2VGA2 compnt->VGA converter, PC88 games, misc cheap games

    FS/FT - Dreamcast Agetec stick, X2VGA2 compnt->VGA converter, PC88 games, misc cheap games Trying to clear out some extras. Pics at the bottom of the post. Mostly looking for MVS carts as possible trades. Prices don't include postage, but I only charge exact usps online rate. *SOLD* - $50 -...
  16. tomwaits

    MV-1F has wavy display in the upper corners?

    I've got an MV-1F that's showing wavy distortion in the upper corners of the display on my RGB monitor. My MV-1C doesn't distort at all on the same monitor. Here's a pic of the cross hatch pattern test from the MV-1F: Does this look like a PCB problem? Or are the sync timings a little...
  17. tomwaits

    Double Dragon 2 MVS?

    What is Double Dragon 2 MVS? It's obviously a bootleg cart, but is it a hack of Double Dragon? Or a hack of Rage of the Dragons? Is there something unique that justifies the $71 winning bid?
  18. tomwaits

    IC: Square Millennium Collection - PS1 imports

    I need more shelf space and getting sick of looking at these. I've got all 11 of the big box Square Millennium releases for PS1. 7 are still factory sealed... I carefully opened 4 that had fragile bonus items long ago to make sure they weren't broken. Figured I'd check interest here in case...
  19. tomwaits

    **SOLD**- Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) UK LE sealed - $30 + exact postage

    *** SOLD *** 2D girly fighter. Only released as a PSN download in the US. This is the UK LE box with the retail game, soundtrack, and artbook. Brand new and sealed. (all PS3 games are region free) Outer box has some minor dents... LE boxes are always flimsy. $30 + exact online rate postage.
  20. tomwaits

    SOLD - Hori Fighting Stick Neo 2 - $45 plus exact postage

    ** SOLD ** I've got an extra Hori Fighting Stick Neo 2 in average condition... some scratches on the faceplate, some rust on the bottom panel, missing a couple of the sticky feet. $45 plus exact online rate postage. (will also trade for MVS carts)