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    IC: Consolized MV-1

    !SALE PENDING! Hello all, was wanting to see if anyone was intrested in a consolized MV-1? It's been laying around gathering dust so looking to clear up some space. S-Video, A/V inputs, Back-up Battery Coin mod, Pause button, and On/Off switch are installed. Comes with Universbios 3.0 and...
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    Great Deals on PS3 Games

    This is what's left of my PS3 games that need new homes. All games are complete and come with manual. Priced to sell fast. Paypal gift or add 4%. Resident Evil 5 SOLD Fallout 3 (8) Dante's Inferno (8) COD 4 MW SOLD Soul Caliber 4 (8) MW2 SOLD God of War (12) Infamous (14) Little Big Planet...
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    Great Deals on Playstation 1 RPG Games

    Updated with new prices! Threads of Fate 15 Sold Resident Evil 2 12 Sold Oddword Abe's Exoddus 8 Sold Hogs of War 35 Sold Treasures of the deep 10 Sold Parasite Eve 2 24 Sold Games Sold Grandia DEDALUSDEDALUS Legend of Mana DEDALUSDEDALUS Suikoden 2 GRANDMASTER Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo...
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    IC/WTS Playstation 1 Games

    These games don't get the playability they deserve, so if you are a collector or an avid PS1 game fan, here are some titles I am sure you will enjoy. All reasonable offers will not be turned down. Paypal gift, pm if you see anything you like. Lower 48 states only please. First come, First...
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    Looking for a MV1C in working order, LMK what you got :-J
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    WTB: Consolized 1 slot with pad

    Please delete this thread mods. Thank you
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    MV-1 Consolizing

    Okay, one more time, I have just procured a MV-1 and am ready to start consolizing. I don't have it yet but when I do I will be doing a "blog" on my first adventures into the Neo World. I will be inquiring from most of you so if you don't mind me asking noobish questions, First I was wondering...