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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Backstage before my community band's Spring concert at Broward College in Ft. Lauderdale: Hanging out with retrogamer at his store:
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    It's been a while Might as well be my OKCupid/POF profile pic.
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    Yet another teacher sex thread: 5-on-1 handicap match edition

    NORTH TEXAS, STAND UP!:multi_co: So this lady, an Army wife, English teacher, and girls' basketball coach gets a train ran on (or through) her by 5 students, all 18 and older and at her place. Although the students are of legal age, Texas still considers it a second degree-felony to have a...
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    A Thread About Absent and Estranged Fathers

    As some of you already know from over on FB, my biological father finally got in contact with my family earlier this week and my initial reaction was a mind clouded with angered, sadness, and confusion that affected me quite a bit at work on Thursday. Apparently, he was down here not too long...
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    The return of "So how've you been?" + my comeback.

    I'm back after going a month w/o my laptop due to repairs and am quite glad to be back on The Forum. As far as how I've been, really just dead tired from work, but I'm really happy to see the strides being made to rebuild my job's band program since last November and even had 14 students stay...
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    U.S. Government: 3 centuries in medical experimentation

    And these are just the ones we know of. http:// We all know of The Tuskegee Experiments and some of this isn't news to you history/conspiracy buffs on here, but here are some that stood out to me:
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    Happy birthday to zombiesara

    Hope you treated today like it was your own national holiday, She-sagwa, and here's to many more. :buttrock:
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    F/S: KOF '96 MVS and AES US FF, AOF, and JP Fire Suplex

    MVS KOF '96 (loose cart)--$10 AES US FF--$30 obo US AOF (loose cart)--$30 obo JP Fire Suplex (loose cart)-- $25 obo
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    Pro Wrestling and TMNT DVDs for sale

    DVDs are $3 each obo (try not to lowball, please) Blood Sport ECW: The Most Violent MatchesSold The Monday Night War Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story The Rise and Fall of ECW From The Vault: Shawn Michaels History of WrestleMania I-IX TNA: The Best of The X Division Teenage Mutant Ninja...
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    Happy birthday to Steve

    Haven't seen him around here in quite a while, but wherever you are, here's to a joyous birthday and wish you many more, fellow 4-headed Forum birthday dragon/monster. :vik::mr_t:
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    My grandfather has passed away.

    I was called by Grandma to rush to the hospital a little before 3 this afternoon as she said there was an emergency. Calling my aunt at work that I was on my way, I kept thinking how I was hoping from her to catch a break earlier in the week between her best friend already dead this week and now...
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    An April Fools' "prank" 2 weeks too early at a NJ Wal-Mart

    "Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now." I think this would've been one of the greatest April Fools' Day prank ever if whomever said it could've waited, but oh well.
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    Holiday blowout sale: Genesis carts for $1!!

    Yes, I have lost my damn mind, but more importantly, these Genny games deserve a good home as I'd hate to throw them out and someone else can have fun w/them: By 24 and get this 24-slot case for free: I only take cash, check, or MO and in the event that any game doesn't work for you...
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    AES Collection for sale

    Well, it's come to this as I haven't played the damn thing in over two years and really do need the money in order to clear up my already limited space as well as to start getting into the current-gen stuff w/the PS3 on Christmas Day. That said, pictured below are a mix of loose and complete...
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    Wal-Mart shoppers across America

    People of Wal-Mart Remember, no matter how bad things get for you in life, at least you're not one of these people and mark my day, Wal-Mart and Greyhound will join forces to form a monopoly on the lowest dregs and hopeless failures of society. Enjoy. I actually...
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    California damn near puts itself up for sale

    That's right, folks, you can own almost anything from prison uniforms and surfboards to squad cars and dental chairs. Everything Must Go!
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    The 2009 Official College Football Thread (post-season -- BIG 12 IMPLOSION!!!)

    Yassur, ladies and gents, it's almost about that time once again where campus gridiron is all the rage as we embark on the 2009 college football season. So many questions and stories about the upcoming season are swirling around the big cities and small towns like: Why did Spurrier snub Tebow...
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    FS--My SNES and Genesis Collections (SNES collection sold)

    NOTICE: ALL GAMES ARE BARE CARTS AND I ONLY DEAL W/CASH, CHECK, OR MONEY ORDER! Oookay, so I finally got around to sorting through my stuff in the garage and will now put up my old Genesis collection for sale. Here's what I have: Genesis: Bubsy Streets of Rage 2 Dick Tracy Earthworm Jim...
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    Former Titans/Ravens QB Steve McNair dead on the 4th at age 36

    The Story Edit: Found a more detailed story this evening. Sounds like it might be either a double murder or a murder suicide and he almost won a Super Bowl, too. Thanks for the memories, Air McNair. Godspeed.
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    Why Men Cheat--From a Male's Perspective Merc already gave me his take on cheating earlier today, so what say you? Agree, disagree, cheating on someone or multiple partners right now?