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    yeah that works
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    I'd say 1st is walmart, 2nd is starbucks, 3rd is ikea, and 4th is apple stores
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    I thought apple stores were the 4th horseman
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    Bear Stearns=Buying Opportunity

    It's specifically poking fun at Signature Bank (check the Bloomberg article in the tweet), which was under investigation for possible money laundering involving cryptocurrency just before it went under.
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    What the fuck is Raiden V’s problem?

    The core game is fine imho, and the music is pretty good. The side stuff can be distracting sometimes, but some of it (voices and cheer system) can be turned off.
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    Anyone play the Marathon Series?

    It was already known that they were working on something Marathon related for quite a while now. It was first made public about 10 years ago, but it might have begun development earlier than that. This was revealed back when Infinity Ward's founders (the creators of Call of Duty) sued...
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    Brexit (Godspeed UK)

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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Believe it. It wasn't much though, like 15 pounds. Going out less often means eating out less often. I didn't put on any of the appropriate wigs since I was just trying the outfits on to see how they fit. But even then, I can't sing for shit, so not quite a real Miku.
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    The Pussay Candle...

    A warning for anyone who is thinking about getting one:
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    I've lost weight during the pandemic, and I'm back to what I used to weigh like 15 years ago. As a result, my cosplay outfits fit better now than before.
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    The current forum upgrade seems to be going a lot smoother than the last major one. Though I do kinda miss the chaos that ensued as a result.
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    SNK Entertainment's New Mascot!
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    Gears Giveaway (1~3 + J)

    Bought Gears 4 recently, and since I already own all the other Gears games, I have no use for the game codes that came with it. I'll be handing them out on a "first post, first serve" basis. Just let me know which one you want. These are all for Xbox 360, but all of them are playable on Xbone...
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    Raiden V currenty on sale for $12.50

    It's part of the weekly deals on XBL, requires a Gold account. XBL Gold trial code will not work, unless said code is for 1 month minimum. Very good deal if you don't mind having it digital instead of physical.
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    FS: Quantum Break for PC (SOLD)

    I have a digital code for the PC version of Quantum Break available. The code is supposedly region free. Asking for $30 via PayPal. Edit: Code has been sold.