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  1. Tyranix95

    A Few MVS Carts.

    Hi Gang, Cleaning up again. Prices are basically Mike's guide + shipping. If the price is way off, feel free to MMAO. Please PM if interested. And, if you get a few carts, let me see if I can save you a few coins with combine shipping. All carts are original, working, and in ok shape, with...
  2. Tyranix95

    WTB / WTTF: Some MVS Carts, Sega Gun Parts.

    Hey Gang, Just thought I'd post up, and see if anybody is in the mood to trade or sell. My Wants: 1. Original, working, MVS carts, with English labels, in ok shape: ---Fight Fever, Pochi and Nyaa, and Ragnagard. 2. Original, working, MVS carts, with Japan labels, in ok shape: ---Money...
  3. Tyranix95

    FOUND: Ikaruga GD-Rom w/ security chip.

    Hey gang, (FOUND) In the mood to pick-up a original, working Naomi Ikaruga GD-Rom w/ security chip. (FOUND) Mike says $150 to $160 is about right. Anybody done with their copy?
  4. Tyranix95

    WTT for Arcade stuff I'm looking for.

    Hey Gang, Found some more extras on the shelf. I don't keep extras. Prefer to trade for arcade stuff I'm looking for. Can add kick in some cash if needed. Will post some pics as soon as I find the camera again. :eek: / :scratch: / :lolz: Will up date list if I find some more stuff laying...
  5. Tyranix95

    April 2015 SOTMC: ESP Ra. De.

    Welcome to Tokyo. Let's see if you can stop Ono's clone plan. 1. Tonk - 10,120,620 - Stage 5 - Irori - PCB 2. _rm_ - 06,772,770 - Stage 5 - Irori - PCB 3. skate323k137 - 05,572,760 - Stage 5 - Irori - PCB 4. Beelzebub - 05,170,430 - Stage 4 - Yuusuke - MAME 5. pipes...
  6. Tyranix95

    April 2015 B&POTM CLUB: METAL SLUG

    Ok, Your Orders: Defeat the evil General Morden and his rebel army. Save the World. Now go. :vik: / :glee: 1. lithy - 1,184,850 - Mission 6 (on a NGX) 2. aha2940 - 1,003,070 - Stage 6 3. Beelzebub - 479,380 - Stage 4 4. pulstar - 360,330 - Stage 4 5. Bill...
  7. Tyranix95

    April 2015 SOTMC Vote Thread.

    Ok, write in time. Nominate some games. Vote for any game or games you wanna play. Title with the most votes wins. 1. `ESP Ra De (bb, s7, ps, ji, rm ) 2. `Fire Shark (bb) 3. `Time Pilot (bb) 4. Raiden Fighters Jet (Gr, ji) 5. Guwange (Gr, s7) 6. Sky Shark (ea, 1p, ji) 7. Fire Shark (ea) 8...
  8. Tyranix95

    April 2015 B&POTMC Vote Thread.

    Ok, Write-In-Time. Nominate a couple non-shmup, non-puzzle games, and Vote for as many as you want to play. Game with the most votes wins. --- 1. Sengoku 3 (ao, pr) 2. The Gladiator (ps) 3. Alien Storm (bb) 4. Streets of Rage III (bb) 5. Golden Axe II (bb) 6. Knights of the Round (s2) 7...
  9. Tyranix95

    You Guys Ever See This Game Before?

    Hey, A buddy showed me a pic. last night. :glee: Got me wondering: You guys ever see this game inside or outside of JAPAN And just to be clear, I'm not talking about the console version. ---
  10. Tyranix95

    March 2015 B&POTM Club: DOUBLE DRAGON

    Ok, Keep it simple. Beat the Shadow Warriors. Save Marion. Score some points. :-J 1. 1up - arcade PCB(US/Europe?) - ALL – 102,470 2. Jeneki - Mame (Japan) - All - 97,580 3. Beelzebub - MAME(Japan) - ALL - 91,320 3. 4. 5.
  11. Tyranix95

    March 2015 B&POTM Vote Thread.

    Ok, Grab Bag / Write-in time. 1. Vote for as may games as you want to play. 2. Don't see a game you want to play: Nominate it. I just may add it to the list. 3. Game with the most votes wins. Vote List: 1. ROBO ARMY, (jo) 5. Double Dragon (arc), (ji, bb, ef, Tx) 6. TMNT (arc), (jo,) 7...
  12. Tyranix95

    SOLD: Sunset Riders PCB

    Hey gang, You know the drill. Please feel free to PM me if interested. Board is Original, Working, Repaired and in Ok shape. Comes with 2-Player Roms installed, and 4-Player roms uninstalled One bad mask roms at the back of the board has been replaced with an eprom. Prices includes...
  13. Tyranix95

    SOLD: MSX MVS Cart.

    Hi guys, Found an extra. You know the drill. Cart is original, working, and in ok shape. (SOLD.) Metal Slug X MVS Cart: $40 (shipped, insured, USA. Buyer covers paypal fee. (SOLD.) Shipping quotes for cool cats across the border. And can do cash 'n trade for NEO carts I don't have yet...
  14. Tyranix95

    mainman: Are you pimping your pcb collection out on YJA again!

    Mainman, Are you pimping your pcb collection out on YJA again! :p / :keke: Fuck that's a lot of PCB.
  15. Tyranix95


    Hi guys, Looking for a Working FATAL FURY MVS cart in OK shape. Bad/No-label, Gamer, Conversion, and Boot boards are fine. Just PM me and LMK what you've got. Thanks!
  16. Tyranix95


    Welcome to Yuria. These Are The Rules: 1 Credit, N0 Continues--Two Lives--Three Energy Bars--And Difficulty: Normal. Mame scores accepted. Now go beat Death Adder, get some revenge, and rescue the Princess. :vik:/ -------------- Golden Axe (Wiki) -------------- SEGA SYSTEM 16: 1...
  17. Tyranix95


    Welcome Back To GIGA. These Are The Rules: Three Lives--Difficulty: Level 4 (The JP Default)* --And NO Continues. (Someone double check this for me, I have to set my noami up.) Separate scoring tables for CPS2 and DC. MAME scores accepted. Now go try and stop the Rebellion...
  18. Tyranix95

    IC: 2015 SOTM and B&POTM Clubs.

    Checking interest for 2015 SHMUP and B&POTM Clubs. Yeah, I wrote B&POTM. "B" for SSBU and "P" for Platformer. So, Returning 2014 members: Post up and pick a spot. And when their done: Incoming 2015 members post up and pic a spot. Two spots for Alternates, again, just in case anybody wants...
  19. Tyranix95


    Multiple Choice Time. :) I. Vote for any game or games you want to play. 1. Captain Commando (asid,), 2. Double Dragon (ARC, NES) (a0, GD, ji, 1p), 3. Eight Man (wr, sm), 4. Golden Axe (Arc, Gen/Meg) (dv, bd, bb, be, g1), 5. King Of Dragons, 6. Magic Sword, 7. Three Wonders: Midnight...
  20. Tyranix95


    Multiple Choice Time. :) I. Vote for any game or games you want to play. 1. Chaos Field (dv), 2. Giga Wing 2 (ea, rm, s7, ck, Rr, bt, cp), 3. Gunbird 2 (rm, w3), 4. Three Wonders: Chariot Though The Sky, 5. Raiden Fighters Jet (ji), 6. Strikers 1945 II (sz,), 7. Twinkle Star Sprites (bk, ly...