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  1. DaisyAge

    PS1 Steering Wheel Modification

    Yeah and then I had the idea to create a circuit using a potentiometer and some logic but life got busy and I moved on to other projects like my FDS stick mod
  2. DaisyAge

    PS1 Steering Wheel Modification

    I threw this away because I realized I was never gonna do it. RIP
  3. DaisyAge

    Scammer Alert

    I checked the Malta retro group I'm a part of and didn't see anyone using that alias. Hopefully someone calls him out and gets him banned in the group
  4. DaisyAge

    The only way to learn is to dive in deep

    99% done with gun 1, just need to collect some materials for measurements to make room for the arduino, batteries, switches etc
  5. DaisyAge

    The only way to learn is to dive in deep

    Did some more work, ran into some more problems. Getting close with the first one :D
  6. DaisyAge

    The only way to learn is to dive in deep

    I've been trying to improve my skills with CAD software like fusion 360 but I can't stand watching a yt lesson or series because I know a lot of the base material. My solution? Jump into a project that seems way over my head and learn as many new techniques as possible along the way. I decided...
  7. DaisyAge

    Sharp Twin Famicom Replacement cover Still haven't finished but I've also kind of moved on to bigger projects, here's what I have so far
  8. DaisyAge

    WTB: PC Engine Multitap

    I always try to avoid the Bay of thieves, but thank you Roker
  9. DaisyAge

    WTB: PC Engine Multitap

    Looking for a PC Engine multitap, can't be the Duo Tap or Turbo Tap as the connectors don't fit and I don't want to get adapters for all my controllers. Thanks!
  10. DaisyAge

    JAMMAfied Genesis, video too bright... pic inside

    You just need to solder a potentiometer to each of the positions on the edge. Usually they have 3 legs, you'll only need to solder 1 to the edge and the other leg to the wire going out to the monitor.
  11. DaisyAge

    JAMMAfied Genesis, video too bright... pic inside

    You could try adding like 2k pots to the RGB lines and turning the resistance up should lower the brightness. Could you get a voltage reading of RGB and sync off the JAMMA edge for us?
  12. DaisyAge

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Very nice Traveno (y)
  13. DaisyAge

    NeoSD/MVS sound issue

    You could try getting ahold of someone at TO on their discord (the only place to try and get help anymore) or by shooting Yodd a PM. It's gonna be painful but that's TO right now.
  14. DaisyAge

    NeoSD/MVS sound issue

    Ah well did you give it a shot? I don't remember if my Mv1B made the test tones but I sold it a year ago so I can't try it. I don't have a NeoSD but are there any setting you can play with?
  15. DaisyAge

    My phone just died.

    Nokia 3310 gang rise up
  16. DaisyAge

    WTB: Bannana Cart

    Aliexpress has them for cheap. Might as well get the latest one.
  17. DaisyAge

    FS MVS games Strikers kit, loose KOFs, Shogi, Bomberman

    Ah fuck didn't even see it lmao, thanks Digmac
  18. DaisyAge


    Happy birthday MM! Thank you for all the work you're putting in getting the new forum up and going!
  19. DaisyAge

    WTB MV1C

    Building an OMVS so it needs to be the MV1C