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    Odriod GO the $32 8-bit wonder

    I'd like to know more about the Game and Watch roms you're talking about. At first I assumed you were talking about the machine recreations that retroarch supports. When I search, I see that people are running a port of Retro-Go on hacked stm32 (m7)-based Game and Watch handhelds. Have people...
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    Odriod GO the $32 8-bit wonder

    He has a multi-firmware that I haven't tried which might make it easier access those other standalone systems. I agree that the SNES and MD emulators (and Doom) feel like they're taking up space that could be better used. I screwed up my Arduboy trying to install the fx expansion, so I'm using...
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    Chat message

    Creating demand for and then offering corporate training is an asshole move. Otherwise, DiAngelo can say what she wants.
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    Chat message

    We all gotta get paid.
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    Chat message

    Ah fuck I guess Kingsley is half Indian. (Born Krishna Pandit Bhanji).
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    Chat message

    I'd like to imagine all his roles haunt him, though. Early Edition, Hackers.
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    Chat message

    Has Kingsley given back his Gandhi Oscar? Or the Padma Shri he was awarded by the Indian government? If not, Stevens shouldn't let it bother him.
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    Weekly Roundup

    Beat Metroid Prime yesterday. Years ago, on the Gamecube, I died a couple of times to the Omega Pirate, put the game down, and just never picked it up again. This time around, I was using PrimeHack (I think I started this run before the Switch version was released) with Keyboard + Mouse...
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    Odriod GO the $32 8-bit wonder

    I'm playing the OG system again with the current version (1.37) of Ducalex's Retro-Go. It's been a while since I've checked in, but Retro-Go currently supports four save state slots per game. PCE emulation seems to be further improved. I haven't tested the SNES or Genesis emulation on it. If...
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    Origins of covid

    "If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be." -Neil Breen The evidence should be followed wherever it leads, and this is probably the most useful time to start paying more attention to these questions. I'm not sure what good it would have done to focus on this in 2020. Force...
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    Elden Ring official discussion

    Oh shit I'm going to have to learn how to play again.
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    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    Kind of an asshole thing to say though.
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    Android and Linux Handhelds - Shield, GCW Zero, GP2X, Pandora, Pyra, JXD, etc.

    A week or so after I got my RG351p I figured out that it had a wonky headphone jack. It seems to be a rare issue and it never came up on my earlier two Anbernic devices, so I just made do with keeping the speakers low when I was playing around others. Today, I finally took it apart and re-flowed...
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    Most impressive AI shit (so far)

    I'm starting to hate these. There have been a couple of sets of this or that "in the style of" Alejandro Jodorowsky or David Cronenberg, etc. I kind of like the Frasier set, but none of these seem to actually capture the style that they're supposed to be emulating.
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    Most impressive AI shit (so far)

    That’s before we get to the fully voiced mods that let you fuck Joshua. Be careful about the choices you make on the date because some will make you gain infamy with all factions.
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    Most impressive AI shit (so far)

    Bethesda and other devs are definitely going to start having actors read for key scenes and then record some kind of template script that they can use to generate the rest. Lawyers are going to be busy.
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    Gaming magazine pseudonyms

    Are you a bum lad or a ??? lad
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    So the Ezra Miller Flash movie is finally coming out.

    The Flash disappeared into the speed force on the way to his home timeline.
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    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    Update: Hydrophobia: Prophecy kind of stinks. It's also freezing unpredictably. I'll try it out on my windows 10 desktop to see if this is a proton problem, or what. Pinball Arcade (DX11) continues to run well. Betrayer is marked as runs great, but the last time I tried it the skybox was...