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    Toxic Crusaders Beat ‘Em Up

    No memory, though. Bargain basement version of the Steam Deck. Jon
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    Toxic Crusaders Beat ‘Em Up

    Steam only? Looks good, might be a pass if it's not on console, though. Jon
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    Skate or Die - Bad & Rad ... AKA "How did i beat this as a kid?!"

    There are several games I used to destroy as a kid for Gameboy. Navy Seals: Yes, I know the game is terrible. It's made by Ocean with the "plum plum, plum plum" music. For some reason, I just practiced at the game and became really good at it. The trick is to strategically use the Sniper...
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    The fingers you have used to dial are too fat...

    What are the numbers inside each episode mean? Neilson ratings? That many people watching it, still, is amazing. Jon
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    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    I think playing Metroid 2 now is a little rough. It's a great game, for sure. You definitely need about ten minutes to get used to how Samus moves in this game. (She moves like she's walking in syrup) Here's what I try to tell people about older games. It's a bit difficult to imagine but...
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    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    So, just my take on the Mega Man GB games. I owned all of them (all 5) growing up, still enjoy them. They are in that classic Capcom style that really makes you smile. They really show that the programmers and composers of the graphics and music were at the top of their game when it came to...
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    RIP Richard Belzer (Law & Order SVU Detective Munch)

    Genuinely sad about this. He and Ice T had some of the best episodes of SVU. Great character interactions and was a really good show when they were partnered up. NOW however, the show, after Chris Meloni leaves, is complete garbage and super woke. Not sure why I still watch it...maybe...
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    Like A Dragon: Ishin!

    Was this Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! for PS3 originally? Jon
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    Might any of you bitches be interested in this Neo Geo pin?

    "Games you can't play. Rugs you can't walk on. Welcome to the Neo Geo scene!!!" IIRC, it was Dr Shroom who made that post. Jon
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    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    Try out Lock 'n Chase also. Had a blast the other day beating both quests. It has an ending and you can credit feed until you beat each level. Jon @max 330 mega, there is an alternate Sunsoft variant for Burgertime Deluxe. Stick with the Data East one, should be cheaper.
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    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    There is a similar game for Gameboy where the computer "pretends" not to know what it's doing for a couple rounds before destroying you. (Very quickly, I might add.) Try playing Battleship. Set up your ships and watch as the computer (miraculously) finds every single one, in order, beating...
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    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    Pokemon is a terrible franchise. I collect Gameboy and have zero of the releases, on any system. If you're interested in the same thing, but much better, consider playing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne on PS2. Jon
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    ***NEW DATE***Philly Area Meat Up @ Jim’s Game Gym 3/5/2023

    Should have timed it with the 2nd week of Sumo tournament... i.e., hopefully, Takakeisho's second yusho in a row. Jon PS: Before you ask, I am down to selling Sailor Moon for a Splatterhouse pcb.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Not saying he was scamming anyone. His product looks solid. $1400 and 8-10 months lead time on a boutique product, with no communication, would make anyone nervous. Especially after the six months window expires. Jon
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I'll have to see if I can get @Ralfakick to chime in on this. It was AT LEAST that many. How many are crap? Not sure. I am waiting on good stuff like Castlevania Requiem, Contra Collection, A Boy and his Blob, Ninja Jajamaru Collection, Wonder Boy Ultimate Collection, among others. Jon
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    8 months is just outside the 6 six month window for cancelling a credit card charge, right? Meanwhile, still waiting on 30+ games from Limited Run and Strictly Limited. Jon
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    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    I have it CIB. Bought it years ago, definitely less than $90. I guess $90 loose is a deal now, though. I need to get Rolan's Curse 1 again. Had a sealed copy I sold to a collector for $1k and complete, nice condition, copies are about that now. Anyone attempting to buy Gameboy today better...
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    FS: US Sega CD Rarities, Keio, Snatcher etc PRICES REDUCED 2/1

    Friend of mine was asking $1800 for Keio not four years ago. I am amazed it has doubled in price, holy crap! Jon
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Did Karou hack your account? Jon